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 Important Locations

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PostSubject: Important Locations   Sat Dec 20, 2014 11:33 pm

Armistice Station.

The many powers now leaving their homeworlds needed a place to discuss matters of grave importance. It must be safe, secure, and not owned by any specific nation. Thus, it was decided to construct the station deep in space; far beyond the borders of the current known empires. The station is heavily guarded by a joint fleet effort, and is one of the most well defended space stations known of. The Council of Planets was created mere days after the stations construction was finished, with the first meeting to take place the following galactic week.

It is the center of regulated trade and diplomatic relations for those involved in the Council, and home to the most diverse population of human and non-human species in the known galaxy. The station is large enough to hold large populations from multiple species, and is largely self sufficient.


The Great First Contact War destroyed both the Alarei, and most of humankind. With Earth left in nuclear ruins, it remains as a warning for future generations. Few people live there, and while no human nation claims Sol as home anymore, they are known to be fiercely protective of their ancestor's home planet.

Talarin, homeworld of the Alarei.

The Alarei's homeworld, much like Sol, has been turned into a wasteland. Once a vast city-planet holding a technological monopoly over the civilizations of Amongst the Stars, it is now reduced to ash. The Alarei were masters of many sciences and technologies, and thusly have attracted the attention of many tech hunters. One would notice that the majority of Talarin's hunters are of Zelenu origin, the stocky slavic cyborgs inhabit every nook and cranny of the capital. Living like rats, they scavenge what few pieces of unknown tech and scraps of machinery to whatever company offers the highest price for it.

Why they are attracted to Talarin is actually quite a simple answer: The Alarei were known for their near perfect integration with the machines they used in every day life, and this has a great pull on the cybernetically driven Zelenu culture. With the Zelenu crime families and gangs getting involved in Talarin, the government followed. Now Socialist Republic's forces patrol the decrepit streets and orbit the system, unofficially claiming it. All who enter Talarin must have a special permit identifying they are an official tech hunter, scientist, or official from their respective government.

This planet is highly dangerous even without the trigger happy Zelenu grunts and the cut throat gang members. There are heavy windstorms that could blow a 18 wheeler onto its side, pockets of radiation, and mutated animals. But, those who bring back something from the depths of Talarin are usually greatly rewarded for it.

The Tefeull Mining Field.

Known as the Tefeull Mining Field by the humans, this place goes by several names. The gold filled void, the rocks of power, the generator belt. It is an asteroid field that once contained the largest known deposit of helium-3 in the known galaxy. Unfortunately, it contains only a few asteroids still rich in minerals and helium-3. This is partially due to an immense over-reliance upon the field, as well as multiple large scale conflicts in the region between naval warships. While Tefeull is nowhere as great as it once was, it remains heavily disputed.

Kakna Ruins Excavation Site

The planet of Kakna is site of an ancient alien city once owned by a warrior species of great power. Recent excavations by sentients have discovered pockets of untouched technologies and databanks which bestow the knowledge of advanced armor systems and basic energy weapons. Just like Talarin, it is rumored that the planets previous inhabitants had also stored information on revolutionary energy sources which could spare a species from turmoil. Helium-3 is limited, afterall.  

The ability to survey this site is highly sought after. And just like Talarin, it is host to multiple small scale skirmishes between a few of the more powerful empires.

Klub Navadniy.

The party center of the galaxy, backed by a cold blooded Zelenu mob boss. It discriminates against no race, follows no government's laws, and is a prime place for doing crime. It is a space station orbiting a gas giant, protected by old, hijacked Zeleniyan naval ships, and houses several compartments and decks. Patrons can park their personal transportation in one of the many hangar decks, go party on one of several club decks, or go to specialized rooms with the environment catered to a specific race. Or they can participate in the death matches for everyone's entertainment, which pay out in several million Zeleniyan rubles.

Regardless of the crime influence, the good food, good drinks, and good drugs draws in individuals of several different racial backgrounds to party like its 2399.


A backwater world comparable to Klub Navadniy, but if it was complete anarchy with no rules, no laws, mindless violence, and across an entire planet. Those born upon Kotunga live painful lives without money, food, or morals. The only positive items about Kotunga are those in place for the powerful and lawless. Bounty hunters and criminals from other worlds frequent this dastardly place for it's eccentric racing tracks, violent sports, human and alien prostitution, and some of the stronger spice drugs this side of the Milky Way Galaxy. Council authority is not recognized here, so watch your back.
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Important Locations
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