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 Outline for Applications

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PostSubject: Outline for Applications   Sat Dec 20, 2014 11:50 pm


Applications are gonna be posted in this thread, when they're accepted they'll be moved into their own thread on this board. Ya'll should take your time and understand the rules and back-story before posting, have fun.

[b]Formal Name:[/b] The formal name of your race.
[b]Informal Names:[/b] Any shortened, informal names of your race.
[b]Abbreviation:[/b] A three-letter abbreviation or initials of your race's government.
[b]Population:[/b] The population of your race. Be reasonable.

[b]Technology Tags:[/b] Five technologies/methods that your civilization is exceedingly good at. Include one item UNIQUE to your species. You can choose either laser or guns and missiles, and either advanced armor or shielding tech.

[b]Species:[/b] The name of your species, or the names if your empire has more than one, and descriptions thereof. Include biological details.
[b]Culture:[/b] The culture of your species: their ways of life, important parts of society, etc.

[b]Homeworld Name:[/b] The name of your race's capital planet.
[b]Homeworld Location:[/b] The homeworld system's location in the local grid.
[b]Homeworld Description:[/b] A description of the home world.
[b]Political System:[/b] The political system of your race.
[b]History:[/b] A brief history of your race.

[b]Colonies Under Your Species Control:[/b] (Starting Limit: 1) The name, location, status and backstory of a colony controlled by your species. You are allowed one that is closest to your homeworld by default. New additions must be updated here over the course of the RP.

[b]Military Specifications:[/b]Such as standard operating procedure, and TTPs (Tactics Techniques and Procedures).
[b]Military Composition:[/b] Size of active duty and reserve components of the nation/race’s armed forces.
[b]Fleet Composition:[/b] The name and type of ships in your current fleet. Keep in mind the lack of resources; small fleets should be considered.

[b]Hero Character:[/b] (Limit: 1) Name, race, age, position, allegiance, appearance and backstory of said character.


Feel free to expand on your information!

credits to alien for this stuff, most of it

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Posts : 259
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PostSubject: Re: Outline for Applications   Mon Dec 22, 2014 3:30 am

Added Culture, Fleet Composition, and Colonies to app requirements.
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Outline for Applications
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