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 The Nakar

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Formal Name: The Imperial Union of the Nakar and the Kajob
Informal Faction Name : The Nakar Empire
Informal Names: The Nakar

Abbreviation: NAK

4,000,000,000 (4 Billion) Nakar
18,000,000 (18 Million) Zarakian’s
70,000 (70 Thousand) Drathori
200,000 (200 Thousand) Maghara

The Nakar  29HR21a

"Chosen by fate, destined for greatness." - Phallrillion, Yakiran philosopher.


Who said power had to be vast? This race features some brilliant and some deadly creations based on technology smaller than what the mind can fathom. Damaging AI Swarm Grenades designed to destroy armour, micro-intelligence smart rounds or the civilian nano cables that run through the lower species' hives keep the Empire United and leading as a regional power.

Cross-Species Medical Specialisation
Having come across many species the Nakar Empire prides itself in being at the forefront in the galaxy in terms of medical science technology. Prosthetics, brain implants and customisable "smart tissue" are a large Nakar export sought the galaxy over.

Transport Stabilization Technology
Enhanced pressurised Gyroscopes allow Imperial pilots to of both ground and air vehicles to move with uncanny speed whilst maintaining a high degree of professional utility. Rapid jet building robots can quickly construct facilities for the Empire whilst scout walkers can maintain high speeds and accurate fire.

Legged Vertical Take off and Landing (LVTOL) technology ensure that Imperial ships can set down anywhere, even latch onto the sides of rock faces or buildings, this allows imperial vessels to lie in the most peculiar of places, it also ensures rough landings are never quite so rough!

Energy Shielding
With the mastery of Microtechnology, packing the vast power requirements of shields is simple enough to even mount dome-projectors to certain units in Nakar squads, allowing for example, medics to operate unhindered.

Smart Armour
The technology is a lightweight adhesive fluid inside a pattern of carbon nanotubes from which the aircraft, or spacecraft is constructed and is released when damaged to quickly ‘set’ mid-flight and heal any damage. This advanced use of materials have created a highly survivable jet, capable of entering even the most dangerous of scenarios to complete vital missions.

Tachyon Intelligence Network
Tachyon communication buoys, also known as breadcrumbs in local dialects, are a stable of imperial communication, cheap probes that each individually complicate an already advanced method of communication. The Nakar connection network allows for a continuous stream of data about the empire to be readily maintained and controlled.

(DIstance, Range, AXis) is a series of highly sensitive detection, identification, navigation and tracking systems used to determine the range, altitude, direction, or speed of objects. It can be used to detect aircraft, spacecraft, weapons ordinance, celestial bodies, and terrain.

Whilst all imperial ships are equipped with an individual DIRAX for detection however in order to assist with manoeuvres and to counter electronic warfare packages, each imperial interception vessel is equipped with the Dimentional Magnetic Interception Device (DIMAGNID) . This device allows pilots to have a three dimensional awareness towards other craft including those of a stealth variety.

Species within the Empire

Nakar are a naturally conflictive, arrogant, jealous and greedy race. Standardly build to be seven to eight feet tall, Nakar are borne through male and female exterior egg fertilisation, Nakar are humanoid in nature, with two arms, and two legs, knees, elbows and heels of the Nakar present retractable spines for stabbing and kicking. The Nakar respire using nitrogen, oxygen or, in some rare cases, carbon dioxide. The Nakar have a very proud liniage and the concept of family honor is a race-wide accepted trait, slow to embrace new ideas the Nakar turn to their Vanadaxiats (Benefactors) for guidance in times of dispute, dismay or peril.

Zarakians are curious by nature, often friendly. They feature a large head, curved back, with 6 large nostrils. These nostrils create smells by puffing at different rates and creating different smells for other Zarakians to sniff and perceive emotions from such smells. Above the 6 nostrels, which are the primary facial feature, are two antennae, which constantly emit small sounds, far too high in pitch to be heard, this is primarily a way for Zarakians to see, however this makes them in entirely quite crude visually. Their thorax is muscular, containing 6 small wings, double jointed and coated in a wax excretion. Their “mouth” as such exists in the centre of their thorax, they feed by capturing prey, or pre-prepared food as such by saturating a meal in their wax before consuming it entirely, their highly acidic stomach does all the work that chewing would be needed for. They have two sharp claw like talons on the bottom of their body, designed to pick up prey for eating in mid air. Very rarely are Zarakians lounging creatures, they enjoy the outdoors, flying high and hunting prey, they share a natural curiosity that led them to the stellar community, but not without their planetary  species. On the end of their excretion hole, they have a venomous stinger, that can be used any amount of times as long as the Zarakian eats, it is filled with a deadly, paralyzing neurotoxin. Zarakians have each, a lifespan of about 40 years, thus making them life extremely active and adventurous lifestyles.

Drathori are the polar opposites of the Zarakians, the prefer to lounge and eat, they are extremely lazy, and often need to be tricked into giving away their greatest gift, extreme knowledge, by birth, most Drathori are exceedingly intelligent, and understand complex designs with great ease. However they are in decline, as recently their laziness has caused even a decline in reproduction among the species. Drathori are long, repulsive, fat and smelly snakelike creatures. They eat and eat, often causing great pains, and so they remove what seems to be a right of most races, sense to pain, while they can taste the rich food and drink the fine liquids, they can rupture their bladders, livers and stomachs and not even realise. Often what causes Drathori to die; is after banquets, they attempt to bath, but the heat of the bath causes their already stressed internal organs to rupture and explode. Drathori most commonly, apart from research, use their huge mental capacity to willingly fuse themselves with machines that harness their mental power and they become biological, hyper intelligent super-computers. Drathori live approximately over 400 years, however they simply become senile and lazy after 100 years and continue being useless till they die.

Magharans are crustacean creatures who live in underground hives. They have exoskeletons and a rough, black skin, they too emit severe amounts of bile if they want to, however Magharan bile hardens, and can be used to make structures. Magharans have 8, sharp, suction cup legs, they respire using high amounts of nitrogen. They are the builders, in flight repairers and commonly the crew of the Kajob. They are extremely poor in the ways of hand to hand combat in the space era, however when close they can easily rip a carbon based life form to pieces using their claws, however such is unlikely. Magharans have each, a lifespan of 51 years roughly, and biologically are at their fittest to have offspring at the age of 25.

Nakar Culture

Sects, the closest thing Nakar has to race, is based on scale-paint colour of the Nakar formed in their early tribal history. Red, Blue and Yellow were the primary paint-races. Red (Blood) reflected the ideology and race of Xylar; passion and vigour, love and death, danger and glory. Blue (Calm Oceans) reflected the ideology and race of Khark; order, command and control, care and proof, safety and organisation. Yellow (Light) reflected the ideology and race of Yakir; intelligence and reward, curiosity and beliefs, debate and intrigue. Green scales, and orange scales stood for the Merwo and Graktus respectfully, races that mixed the ideologies and were seen as the balancing board, Merwo was a mixture of Kharkan and Yakirian Ideologies, whilst Graktus was a mixture of Yakirian and Xylarian ideologies. Recent Nakar historians have suggested that at some stage a sixth tribe, the Xharki, a mixture of both Kharkan and Xylarian ideologies might have, at some stage been created, but this theory is refuted by many.

Life is routine, populations get up, work for the state, and they receive their pay in mineral wealth of choice; weather that be gold to buy food, or marble to build their homes. Society is brutally efficient, the hair of the dead is harvested, skin is taken for leathers and with the inclusion of new races, civilian clothing becomes even cheaper as the means to produce high quality goods improve.


Kharkum: Nakari Homeworld, World of the Native Khark

A world of beautiful flora and fauna, untouched by the taint of nuclear fire. It is a lush jungle planet, with 4 continents and 8 oceans between them. The Jungles, and oceans are dotted by huge cities of metal and marble, constructed to house the ever-expanding Nakar citizens, and accommodate their new Imperial sub races.

The Nakar  591423c34d

The Nakar Empire is located in the Far Reaches of the Galaxy, North West of SOL on the Galactic Compass.

Colonial Information

The Nakar Empire keeps itself in close ties with its two neighbouring states. To its "East" it has the Tal-Nagari Autocracy, which it maintains a defensive pact, but not a full blown military alliance. And to the North it maintains links to the Solar Trade Confederacy, which it maintains no military treaties with, however is joint in regular trade with. Below is a map of all the colonies in the Nakar's empire. Each dot on the map in Nakar Space represents a colony in a system owned by the Nakar. The lines between the systems represent a network of hyperspace gates. The Hyperspace gates interface with the FTL drives of ships on the Far Reaches, so their technology includes TNA, STC and NAK ships, to allow inter-imperial traffic and extra-imperial traffic to go much faster.

The Nakar  7f47b65851

Planet Name: Kharkum
Planet Ownership: Nakar Empire
Planet Caste: Khark
Purpose: Capital
Governor: Declamatorius

Kharkum is a blue world of beautiful flora and fauna, untouched by the taint of nuclear fire. It is a lush jungle planet, with 4 continents and 8 oceans between them. The Jungles, and oceans are dotted by huge cities of metal and marble, constructed to house the ever-expanding Nakar citizens, and accommodate their new Imperial sub races. Kharkum has its own military academies, star ports, space elevators, industrial centres, both civil and military and huge stretches of agricultural output. Kharkum relies on foreign imports from other parts of the empire to sustain itself.

Planet Name: Nakar
Planet Ownership: Nakar Empire
Planet Caste: Khark, Xylar, Yakir
Purpose: Religious, Research
Governor: Declamatorius

Nakar is a bleak nuclear wasteland of a planet without any real resource on it apart from minor artefacts and historical items to research. The planet has become associated with holy pilgrimages to pay respects to the fallen peoples of the Nakar.

Planet Name: Krayn
Planet Ownership: Nakar Empire
Planet Caste: Yakir
Purpose: Trade World
Governor: Governor Auxia

Krayn is a hard desert planet orbited by space stations and ship yards. Krayn’s major cities on the surface serve as cargo exported. The Krayn gate is the crowning achievement of Krayn and is one of the most high powered jump gates. Regular traffic goes through the Krayn gate from Nakar to Nagari space and Krayn is seen as an extremely large, extremely affluent space port. Krayn is home to every race in the Security Pact, and is also a corporate hive. The Krayn Arms expo is a large, yearly arms fair event in which most security companies host their weapons systems in front of the leadership of the Security Pact.

Planet Name: Gargant Baol
Planet Ownership: Nakar Empire
Planet Caste: Xylar
Purpose: Industrial, Trade
Governor: Governor Kratatum

Baol is an industrial magma planet which specializes in military production vehicles, particularly ground based units. Baol however exports their products they have no corporate presence, and their planet is mainly a labour planet, thus the people are less well-to-do than in other systems. Most people that live on Baol complain about the planets darkness. Its unique atmosphere gives it heavy ash storms and thick black clouds from the constant bellowing volcanoes. Baolians live underground away from the refineries and factories of the surface, using the planets intense heat to power their machines. Baol has a Guass technology space elevator used to send its products up to space. Baol is also an area in which the Kajob attempt desperately to artificially control the climate with mass exports and imports of products from other planets. Baol is highly valued by military-orientated Nakar and as such as become a hot topic due to its poor living conditions.

Planet Name: Kaljuba
Planet Ownership: Nakar Empire
Planet Caste: Khark
Purpose: Industrial, Research
Governor: Governor Mordeca

A planet of extreme variation, it has a mountain range carving the planet, even the oceans in half, this unknown mountain range, possibly crafted by aliens, separates one side of the planet from the other, both sides of the planet have lush jungles of red, far stretches of flat rock, and stone, and generally a very tropical climate, with lots of rain. The two continents, on each side of the mountain are Keb and Klo, they are separated by the Ytek-tuk peaks. The ocean that goes under, surrounds and accommodates the planet is known as The Sorrow. It is red, as it reflects the sky of the planet.
Many natives to Kaljuba believe it to be the blood of those lost at sea. Creatures that roam Kaljuba are highly dangerous, and are kept domesticated by the Zarakian defence force on the planet. The planet itself is kept in check by a constant field of space stations. These space stations manage the asteroid defence of the planet. The Ytek-Tuk peaks are the product of a regular yearly asteroid shower, that if went unchecked would annihilate the people of Kaljuba and force them to live underground again. So each space station is armed with anti-asteroid weaponry. This is not as daunting a task as it seems however; the asteroids are broken apart and used as vital construction tools for the empire. However these stations also act as natural peace keeper stations, as they map the whole planet out on DIRAX, this allows them to interface with ground units for accuracy untold in surveying, monitoring planetary activity and providing data for imperial pioneers.

Kaljuba has 4 moons Kraenar, Kolwaja, Quintallitoopias, and Seruvya, all of which are inhabited, some Drathori scholars argue that these moons are in fact planets themselves, as whilst they orbit Kaljuba, they contain trees, light amounts of habitable gasses, and were extremely easy to begin fully terraforming. The moons are mostly used to keep the asteroid defence of Kaljuba intact, but they are also armed with a contingent of space fighters should the need to defend against a raiding party arise.

Planet Name: Mahji-Makma
Planet Ownership: Nakar Empire
Planet Caste: Khark
Purpose: Leisure, Industrial
Governor: Governor Apollax

Mahji-Makma is a very small planet. The planet serves many functions, the cold north is a harsh landscape, being torn apart for its resources, while the fertile and lush mainland continent is used by the finest game hunters and aristocrats of the Empire, to kill and prize the wild beasts that lurk on the surface. Its vast oceans are used for the production of hydro-electricity for the Empire. It is seen as a mainly industrial planet, while its use may be important, it’s often neglected as it has no permanent populace. Whilst it is an industrial planet it is also seen as a holiday getaway for those less affluent in the empire. It’s tropical climate and hot temperature are nothing to be sneered at by the industrial miners on the soot infested industrial worlds of the Far Reaches.

Planet Name: Makola
Planet Ownership: Nakar Empire
Planet Caste: Xylar
Purpose: Military, Research
Governor: Governor Nakantrius

On the Nakar side of the border with the Solar Trade Confederacy is the planet of Makola. Makola is a naval training planet. Ships practise on huge planetary targets, pilots practise fighter and ship to ship combat here regularly and there is a small living hive with many prestigious naval academies. The planet itself is a rather chilly coniferous planet, covered in ever green trees that only really show their green in the height of the summer. It has a huge micro-insect fauna and as such Imperial scientists are driven to discover the bio-science behind these fascinating creations.

Planet Name: Barbadon
Planet Ownership: Nakar Empire
Planet Caste: Yakir
Purpose: Industrial, Leisure, Research
Governor: Governor Stratus

Close to Makola is Barbadon. Barbadon is the natural home of the Maghara, it has an extremely pleasant climate in most areas. The planet is pocked with tropical islands. It has clear, blue skies and it has mainly oxygen in the air. The main features are the vast, underwater tunnels that stretch across the planet, large sea worms bore into the bedrock of the ocean. It the biggest supplier of Imperial Civic machinery as well as being the biggest tourist attraction and getaway spot. However, sadly for the holiday makers, the most beautiful islands are unstable ones formed by continuous volcanic fire. Inland from some of the bigger islands, are large volcanoes. Whilst they can be harvested for their geothermal power, and tungsten plated droids can work around them, they continue to be a hassle for the planet. The droids however farm using the rich volcanic soil, making Barbadon an extremely useful crop asset to the empire. Barbadon however has other, Pact wide uses inside its space, with a constant rotating protection, deep below Barbadon in under water laboratories lies the Imperials research into their interstellar nuclear weapons program.

Planet Name: Gargant Nirr
Planet Ownership: Nakar Empire
Planet Caste: Xylar
Purpose: Religion, Military, Industrial
Governor: Governor Venax

Nirr is a pilgrimage planet deep in the middle west of the Nakar Empire. It is run by stout Xylarian Loyalists who turn out superior cadres of workers for the empire. Nirrians are known to be actively scattered around the empire and Nirr itself has a highly small population. However Nirrian traditions dictate that all Nirrian families birthing a litter should allow them to grow on the Planet Nirr. Nirr as such export Nakar culture around the empire and are seen as the most out-going and progressive Nakar. Nirr prides itself on turning out highly adaptive colonists who see themselves as able to fill any roll. The Planet itself hosts a small ship yard and a military base for the defence of the holy planet of Nakar. On the Surface it is a coniferous planet trapped in a state of ever-summer, originally locked in a draught, planetary imports of sea water are slowly restoring this planet.

Planet Name: Zvarot
Planet Ownership: Nakar Empire
Planet Caste: Khark
Purpose: Industrial, Military
Governor: Governor Bok

Zvarot is an industrial production planet, dedicated to building Mangoteks, large mining drills for planetary operations.  Zvarot is a large ice planet, Imperial Citizens living on Zvarot do so out of contract demands and the planet has no permanent personnel. The planet is surrounded by large gas clouds that confuse the systems of permanently staying ships, however this makes it the perfect place for an armoury to be placed above the planet’s atmosphere. As such, Zvarot mainly mines away at its planet and is seen as the worst place a soldier can land himself for R&R whilst his ship refuels.

Planet Name: Khoork
Planet Ownership: Nakar Empire
Planet Caste: Yakir
Purpose: Research
Governor: Governor Vulkan

Khoork is a rich jungle planet, where the rich ever-growing green vines and palms are cut by the pristine white of research labs. The research on this planet includes scripture, medical research and enhancing already advanced systems, such as Gyroscope Stabilization. Drones sweep the buildings clean and stop the spread of the forest. Other DIRAX drones map the forests and Zarakians and Magharans work with the Nakar to capture beats of the forest for constant study. Khoork is a high-science planet, and is arguably the birthplace of the new wave Yakir ideology.

Planet Name: Narakosh
Planet Ownership: Nakar Empire
Planet Caste: Yakir
Purpose: Research, Trade
Governor: Governor Yathrit

At the edge of the southern empire, exists a highly advanced colony, this is very much where traffic in and out of the huge system begins and ends. A large gate network goes through the established trade routes through the systems, culminating in a large exterior gate that can be activated for deep space jumps outside the gate network. This is also where most other races are attracted to the Empire, as the gate gives off jump signals almost daily. The Gate is situated between two heavily built upon asteroids, covered in weaponry to intercept anyone who would try and destroy the gate. The gate itself has a far reaching interdictor as well, so escape from the Narakosh illegally is near enough impossible.

Planet Name: Garrensor
Planet Ownership: Nakar Empire
Planet Caste: Xylar
Purpose: Industrial, Military, Research
Governor: Governor Korrok

Garrensor is an entirely water planet, ranging in depth but still covered in vast green oceans, with thick, slimy water. Its population, dominated by Magharans, live under the slime in isolated bunks and small underwater hives. Garrensor houses a huge water filtration plant however that is nearly 16 square miles large. This filters the Garrensorian slime into drinking water for the other colonies, however it has recently caused uprisings on the diplomatic council of the Nakar due to the fact that the further extraction of the fluid for the planet and the dumping of the residue creates an even more difficult water solution.
Above the green planet of Garrensor is a Naval Dock for building and repairs, nothing is particularly special about this Naval dock other than its strategic placement and links to the Narakosh gate in terms of a repair, re-arm and response station. It houses the quick reaction force for the Southern Section of Nakar Space.

Planet Name: Koj
Planet Ownership: Nakar Empire
Planet Caste: Khark
Purpose: Industrial
Governor: Governor Mallu

Koj is an industrial stockpile planet designed for the mining colonies of the east to dump their products for distribution at Koj, Koj is run by the efficient caste of Khark. Just as Kaljuba is the beating heart of the west, Koj is the beating heart of the East. Koj is also the primary weapons production planet of the Nakar, and as such the planet is protected by a huge amount of planetary defence weapons and the civilian population are trained for attacks on their empire. Koj has its own wing of secret police dedicated to routing out spies. Kojians, as such, are naturally suspicious, but extremely hard working. The nature of their work however makes them a very unsocial class of citizens in the empire.

Planet Name: Urkandor
Planet Ownership: Nakar Empire
Planet Caste: Xylar
Purpose: Industrial, Military
Governor: Governor Brekuk

Urkandor is a planet wracked by intense weather activity, the planet is mostly rock and desert where land does prevail over the crashing waves of water and the large electrical storms. A large sea-stead city is where one of the Empires most prestigious land warfare academies exists. PRAXIUS exosuits are utilised here against the array of harsh environments and their users are subjected to the harshest of trials. Urkandorian soldiers are said to be the best out of a new bunch of recruits. Urkandorian Guard are hand-picked shock troops from each New Year of galactic recruits. Urkandor features many large sea steading cities, and is a hub for Xylarian culture. Urkandor produces its own produce as well, and its rare delicacies include a large array of high quality sea food produce. It is the only planet in the empire that actively builds surface ships that go on water, and this proves to be a major export for the luxury markets.

Planet Name: Zvuren
Planet Ownership: Nakar Empire
Planet Caste: Yakir
Purpose: Industrial, Leisure, Research, Medical
Governor: Governor Yutu

Zvuren is a resort planet with tropical climates and a 50% ocean mass on the planet. It features 3 continents each divided by the Oceans and many smaller cities. Zvuren houses a lot of luxury industries and universities. It also contains Yakir scientific laboratories to study the local wild life, and the interspecies nano-medical clinic, the most advanced medical facility on the Imperial Fringe of the galaxy. Due to this, it is where many top Nakar officials spend their retirement, however more recently it has become a more common ground to find Magharan hives and Zarakian explorers.

Planet Name: Suuur
Planet Ownership: Nakar Empire
Planet Caste: Yakir
Purpose: Research
Governor: Governor Sarron

Suuur is a highly colourful research planet that has a highly toxic atmosphere, making permanent habitation nearly impossible. Many undocumented beasts roam the strange landscape, it is surrounded by a highly concentrated acid ocean. On top of the ocean form small island that serve as sleeping areas for the beasts that swim in the highly caustic oceans. Yakir scientists on surface vessels and space stations are constantly perplexed by these beasts and their evolutionary cycle that led to their creation of the planet. The planets dangerous atmosphere also makes it a testing ground for storing munitions and prototype testing of weapons and craft in the eroding atmosphere.

Planet Name: Spanak
Planet Ownership: Nakar Empire
Planet Caste: Khark
Purpose: Industrial, Military
Governor: Governor Geggan

Spanak is a desert planet, ships are crashed into Spanak at the end of their service life to service the Empire as a bone yard for their ships, and on the surface of Spanak, many aspects of life orbit around prospectors from the surrounding planets collecting precious resources that the Empire haven’t already picked clean.
In orbit however is a military base designed to respond to any threats on the far East fringes of the Empire. This is the host of the Far Eastern Quick Reaction Force.

Planet Name: Horijwe
Planet Ownership: Nakar Empire
Planet Caste: Khark
Purpose: Industrial, Incarceration
Governor: Governor Welkor

Horijwe is a fringe mining planet and penal colony on a volcanic world. Run by the tight order of the Khark Caste, Horijwe serves as a maximum security prison and biological recycling facility for maximum penalty criminals. Horijwe is cut off from the rest of the empire via a one way gate activated from Spanak.

Planet Name: Jarh
Planet Ownership: Nakar Empire
Planet Caste: Khark
Purpose: Industrial, Trade
Governor: Governor Turott

Jarh is a hub world, full of Far East Commerce and it has a diverse population. It has integrated well with its Saphrithids across the border and many Saphrithid companies have been established on Jarh. Jarh serves therefore as a main trade vein between the empire of the Nakar and the Solar Trade Confederacy. Jarh is an industrial giant in the region, with a vast City that covers a large majority of the planet, simply named Jarh. Jarh’s populace is monitored by Zarakian Secret Police, and they employ data satellite interfacing to keep the population controlled.

Planet Name: Zlanadkorg
Planet Ownership: Nakar Empire
Planet Caste: Khark
Purpose: Industrial, Research
Governor: Governor Golamk

Zlanadkorg is a large, inhospitable barren desert planet, wracked by storms, surrounded by a large asteroid field and kept in a constant state of night by its thick clouds and 3 moons which are very poor at reflecting the light from the dying star in the system. Zlanadkorg is monitored via Zarakian space stations which have a difficult time monitoring the planet. Mining takes place on Zlanadkorg with specifically designed armoured mining rigs due to the extremely harsh sandstorms and dark conditions. Work fatality rates on Zlanadkorg despite this continue to rise even with all the necessary precautions. Zlanadkorg has very little in the way of life, apart from a few toxic limpets attaching themselves to rock faces.

Political System

Democratic Federation
The Imperial Citizens each elect a local representatives in their area to represent them in their planets devolved assembly. From this assembly these representatives then themselves vote on a planetary leader, usually based on the ideological school that prevails, be it Khark, Xylar or Yakir. These elected planetary governers then sit on a ruling council on the planets home world and make Imperial-level decisions.

Nakar History

In the origins of Nakar Ideology and recorded history, dating back billions of years, all that existed before the Nakar were mere microbes, the Nakar are a race that has been around for millions, if not, billions of years. What Nakari historians can recover about their empire is vast, tokens of their fallen civilisation are lost on countless amounts of other worlds.

The Nakar trace their origins to their long lost Planet named affectionately after their Race, the Planet Nakar. Nakar was home to beautiful flora and fauna, a planet of peace and lush vegetation. Nakar society was nomadic until it entered its hunter-gatherer stage. Nakar society was evenly divided by sect-societies, seeking comfort in agreement of ways, therefore forming almost crime-free hovels.
Recorded pithy tribal and quaesi-national wars took place between the Age of Minority and the Age of Superiority, the Sekts hosted various wars against each-other as they carved their home planet apart, believing that there was only one view to unite everyone under. The wars were ignored by most, and became an almost tradition of fighting between the sects. Great battle lines carved the planet up, neither side maintaining any sense of victory or defeat; until the weapons advanced.

The age of mobilised warfare collapsed under the almighty destruction of nuclear fire and total nuclear war, the planet was scorched in nuclear fire, and although the Nakar themselves were highly immune, the concentrated nuclear cannon fire from their Nakar-held radcannons wiped out all other life on the planet Nakar, scorching its surface, instantly levelling cities and reducing the capability and fertility of the race to ash. However this changed when The Great Nakkrash, the most dominant alpha male Nakar systemically called to combat and killed the tribal leaders of the 5 factions, referred to as “The White one” he bleached his own scales and claimed to be of multi-belief, choosing to believe what he wanted, when he wanted to believe it, and that the Nakar as a race must all consistently change who they are as people to evolve and survive, and that Nakari stubbiness would not go unpunished.  He forced the sects to work together for 5000 years until it become normal to work together and the sectism of old was gone.

And such ushered forth a great era of expansion, the Nakar had landed and conquered hundreds of races, enslaving the early Cohaji Hive Fleet, putting them to work, the Vankriegorian Diplomats also fell horrificially to the Nakar and their disgusting use of nuclear energy. The Khark clan was against the use of nuclear fire, as was Yakir, claiming while it was indeed effective, it was wasteful on the environments around it, killing and reducing valuable and studyable (Yakir) flora and fauna to nothing. Xylar had remained quiet on this issue, wholefully disgusted by the destruction of their planet, but also vividly venomous at the fact the Nakar as a race were to kneel to one man. The Xylar put their trust into one being, Rekorious, who was later to be known as the Deciever of Billions. Rekorious was the spawn of Blarkrut, Leader of the Xylar when the Great Nakkrash pulled his head from his shoulders and fertilised his mothers seed.

Rekorious questioned himself, and his race as a whole, and became disillusioned with the idea of a future, and with his peoples hope, funding, and secrecy, he utilised on the great planetary mining drills left on the home planet of Nakar, and drilled to the core of the planet Nakar, activating a nuclear device known as the Kragantum. The Kragantum ripped Nakar apart, killing multiple billions of Nakar. The Nakar as a people were outraged, and The Nakkrash was killed by his own advisors in a bloody power grab, the races of the planets were then launched into a bloody, galactic, second civil war. The war has since ended with Nakar being scattered wide across the universe, but the only real control ending up in the Nova-Nakari system, with Khark as a sect being the dominant ruler in-place. Rule is autocratic and harsh, shows of force are necessary, and peace has been kept for 3000 years.

Kajob History

It began with Zarakians, they began furthering themselves in ways their intelligence limited them, they loved the feel of wind in their antennae, on their skin, they were always pushing the boundaries of what was normal further and further.

They had established what was possible, and they always felt that you had only achieved something when you broke the impossible. The Zarakians discovered the extremely lazy Drathori on their planet, and immediately they knew the Drathori were smarter, their way of life was simpler, but it was more intelligent. The Zarakians didn’t understand the Drathori, and failed to communicate. The Drathori won several tribal wars against the Zarakians simply because they hid in the underbrush of forests they knew the Zarakians would not fly into. However soon old racial hatred broke down, and ideas flourished, the Drathori were very much the shoulder on which the Zarakians stood. The Zarakians developed a deep sense of respect when the Drathori developed jetpacks for them, jetpacks, explosive weapons,  and whilst vehicles were suggested only a very few were successful. Unlike much history, nothing apart from the pure love of exploration influenced what was forming Kajob society, years upon years advanced, remarkable, but nothing to the calibre of famous individuals struck a cord, until Hrebap the Tinkerer was born, Hrebap was a Drathori, that was reported to not be lazy, but hard working. In a few years he had got his head around a serious amount of technological advances, and the understanding of physics, his bloodline from there stemmed a very rare but biologically dominant creatures, who were able to put their great understanding to good use, and as such, created vast leaps in technological advances in the last few millennia.

Military Doctrine

The Imperial Military serves as a mainly peace keeping force in the Empire and seeks to defend against its enemies. Its fleets use a strong combined arms and fighter based doctrine and its ground forces rely heavily on orbital support to win its battles. The Nakar spearhead the Imperial Military doctrine. However more specialized military warfare methods are championed by the Kajob. The Kajob wing of the military specialises in asymmetrical warfare, black operations and counter intelligence.

Military Composition

Two Armed Forces exist in the Empire. The Imperial Army, an entity open for all to join as the fighting backbone of the defence force of the empire, and the Kajobian Corps a second army that relies on more specialised methods of warfare to achieve victory.

Fleet Deployed Naval Units:

Renvir-Nimbo Type-A112 Skirmish Bomber BVTOL

Description: Serving as a ground support craft and also a light-ship destroyer the Type-A112 has a variety of combat packages, however it makes its name feared with its 4000 r/pm, plasma charged, 9 korbit cannon.

Hankur Forepi HVAA (High Velocity Anti Armor) 9kPlas “Plague Runner”
HEAPASC Sureshot Guided Missile x2
HEAPASC Penguin Guided Vector Bombs x12
(AI-N) Anti Interception Nanite Burst Warhead X2
(AI-C) Anti Interception Chaff Burst Warhead X2

Renvir-Nimbo Type-F10 Space Superiority Fighter BVTOL
The F-10 is a worthy and proven space fighter. The F-10 is equipped with a medium velocity rapid fire plasma-enfused cannon and an array of long and short range missiles. The F-10 is the most widely used interceptor and is capable of high speeds.

Hanker Forepi HCAP(High Corrosive Anti-Personel)  5kPlas
Jerst Defence AAM-T9T Missile x8
Jesrt Defence AAM-950 Missile x4

Renvir-Nimbo Type-A1 Tactical Bomber
Description: The Type-A1 Anti Ship tactical bomber is designed for one thing, heavy duty damaging of enemy ships. These squadrons are feared the galaxy over, and more so their ships, A1s are protected by crack pilots who aren't afraid to see off a critical missile hit right to their untimely end.

HEAPSC Harpoon Missile X2

Renvir-Nimbo Type-F5(#) Multi Role Fighter BVTOL
Hanker Forepi HCAP(High Corrosive Anti-Personel)  5kPlas
(5D) ARNM Nanite Repair Missile x24
(5A) (AI-N) Anti Interception Nanite Burst Warhead X2
(5C) Jerst Defence AAM-T9T Missile x16

Salchjan Solutions Type-B5V8 Strategic Bomber BVTOL FTLE
X8 Nuclear Missiles
X18 100 Tonne Guided Rockets

Salchjan Solutions Type-B9W1 Stealth Strategic Bomber BVTOL FTLE
X8 Nuclear Missiles
X18 100 Tonne Guided Rockets

Salchjan Solutions Type-E4J7 Electronic Interference BVTOL
Hanker Forepi HCAP(High Corrosive Anti-Personel)  5kPlas
Electronic Warfare Disruption Package
Jerse Defence AAM-XKX BVRS Missile x1 (Beyond Visual Range Suppression)
Jerst Defence AAM-T9T Missile x4
Jesrt Defence AAM-950 Missile x2

Sauvaunt-Vanaka Indigo Type-R6 SWACS BVTOL FTLE
Sauvaunt-Vanaka Indigo Type-O7 Planetary ISR BVTOL FTLE
Hankur-Forepi C-2 Transport Wire Guided Pod
Hankur-Forepi UD-1Y “Duey” BVTOL Dropship
Praktus Armaments Q-2 Spy Drone BVTOL
Praktus Armaments Q-1 Battle BVTOL
Praktus Armaments, Jerst Defence, Sauvant Vanaka Q-26 Optimal Fuel Pod Switchdrone
Praktus Armaments Q-6 Guided Missile Drone

(AI-N) Anti Interception Nanite Burst Warhead X2
Renvir-Nimbo C-530 Hauler VTOL
Renvir-Nimbo AC-530 Gunship VTOL
Renvir-Nimbo C-CCV Command Carrier VTOL

Ground Deployed Units:

The Nakar  Kriz_v_01

All the below utilise the Praktus Armaments and PRAXIUS Systems Battlesuit, the PRAXIUS VIII with the following modules:

AH1D - Napalm Flamethrower and 50MM Heavy Cannon
H1A1 - Hankur-Forepi 180mm Artillery Installation Trigun
M5US - Hankur-Forepi M5US Bulwark Shield
M5TV - Hankur-Forepi M5TV GWACS
TD-55 - Hankur-Forepi TD-55 450mm Stealth Tank Destroyer
HE-ML - Ground Based HE Missile Launcher
NA-ML - Ground Based Nanite Missile Launcher
AN-ML - Ground Based Acidic Nerve Gas Launcher
SD-ML - Ground Based SEAD Launcher
MU-SV - Munitions FTL support Vehicle
CIWS - 30MM Chaingun CIWS Bot

Other Support Vehicles:

Nakari-Havolus Tracked Maintenance Factory

This factory repairs, builds and dismantles drones depending on the course of a ground campaign, it is fired down via a re-entry pod, and comes with the parts to shoot the essential parts of the factory back up to its ships in space.

Fleet Composition

The Imperial Fleet:
UIV Alienum Consilium - Deus-Class Dreadnought
UIV Erekelties - Anatum-Class Battlecruiser
UIV Magmadar - Venedor-Class Cruiser
UIV Corrusrot - Yatagow-Class Cruiser
UIV Margon- Madolum Anatum-Class Battlecruiser
UIV Vagyar - Venedor-Class Cruiser
UIV Wantarnum - Venedor-Class Cruiser
UIV Kruketor - Venedor-Class Cruiser
UIV Kekar - Nartrisa-Class Frigate
UIV Koorus - Nartrisa-Class Frigate
UIV Natar - Nartrisa-Class Frigate
UIV Delarto - Nartrisa-Class Frigate
UIV Hiikor - Venedor-Class Cruiser [Under Construction]
UIV Declar - Venedor-Class Cruiser [Planned]
UIV Janux - Venedor-Class Cruiser [Planned]
UIV Retor - Nartrisa-Class Frigate [Under Construction]
UIV Jugar - Nartrisa-Class Frigate [Under Construction]
UIV Kelto - Nartrisa-Class Frigate [Planned]
UIV Erak - Nartrisa-Class Frigate [Planned]

Heavy Vessels: Battleships, Carriers and Flagships

- Deus-Class Dreadnought - UIV Alienum Consilium

Class: Deus
Type: Dreadnought
Manufacturer: Renvir-Niymbo
Home Base: Kharkum, Kharaki System
Carlin: 10500m
Beam: 4500m

Medium Vessels: Cruisers and Destroyers

Nasartus-Class Battlecruiser-Anatum
Class: Nasartus
Type: Cruiser-Anatum
Manufacturer: Renvir-Niymbo
Home Base: Kharkia, Kharaki System
Carlin: 7500m
Beam: 3500m

Nasartuis-Class Cruiser-Venedor
Class: Nasartuis
Type: Cruiser-Venedor
Manufacturer: Renvir-Niymbo
Home Base: Kharkia, Kharaki System
Carlin: 5500m
Beam: 2500m

Nasartras-Class Cruiser-Yatagow
Class: Nasartras
Type: Cruiser-Yatagow
Manufacturer: Renvir-Niymbo
Home Base: Kharkia, Kharaki System
Carlin: 5500m
Beam: 2500m

Nasartrias-Class Cruiser-Navatum
Class: Nasartrias
Type: Cruiser-Navatum
Manufacturer: Renvir-Niymbo
Home Base: Kharkia, Kharaki System
Carlin: 5500m
Beam: 2500m

Racial Bonus:
Terrifying Zeal: +3 AC to the fleet when five or more ships accompany the flagship into battle.

Hero Unit

Name: Declamatorius Ranakara
Race: Nakar, Xylarian at birth, Kharkian reborn
Age: 153
Position Held: Grand Speaker for the Nakari Council
Allegiance: Khark
Appearance: A standard Nakar male, old and withered, wearing the robe of the combine peoples, bald, with black bone spikes, and darkened, multi-coloured scales to show an allegiance to all the factions.
Declamatorius was an elite fighter in the armies of the Nakar during the enslavement of the Kajob, and acts against the wishes of other council members to openly oppose opinions of great Nakar Generals like Graddax Banion and Gorran Lethalum. He humbles himself to the people as a mere foot-soldier in the eyes of the army, who has become a foot-soldier in politics, he presents himself as understandable, but he is nothing of the sort.
Declamatorius is a fantastic speaker, riling the people up and is always capable of resorting order, he controls the council, even though the council is supposed to be primus inter pares he leads with the utmost of imperial strength. He is a keen ambassador to the Kajob, and openly invites their representatives to sit in his council, he holds a keen ear to the peoples voice, for as he said in his council election speech;

“Aliens are all but flesh and blood, but a lone Nakar? Nakar can pick a 5 gronlength, 90 korbitgram beast up and rip it apart using its Fractum Dorsae muscles alone! Any one of you could kill me, but you won’t because you know that everything we have ever done is faced with consequence! Consequence is our safety, our guidance, every decision ever made is weighed and assessed with consequence and outcomes, without consequence, we would be nothing. Having a Kroan stamped through your hand and the hand of your lover, that is a consequence of civil bonding. Spawning children is a further consequence of love. Feeling your tractums fill with air and your blatan beat to the return of our heroes from battle with pride is a consequence of loving this empire. Wiping the Xylar from Nekonar Seventeen, that is a consequence of defying the empire! It takes one man to defy! But it takes hundreds to follow. It takes only one spark to destroy a civilisation, which is why we must always be weary, always be vigilant, always be proud and always be one! United in victory!”

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