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 The Second Empire

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PostSubject: The Second Empire   The Second Empire I_icon_minitimeMon Dec 22, 2014 4:35 am

The Second Empire VlgWYZk
"It would be a joke if the conduct of the victor had to be justified to the vanquished." - Emperor William III speaking to his Generals during the capitulation of Hunsrück.

Formal Name: The Second Empire of New Terra or the Terran Second Empire
Informal Names: Reactionaries, Puff's
Abbreviation: NTE
Population: Census data has largely been ignored during the war, the previous and most recent population figure labeled the total New Terran population throughout all of it's dependencies and territories as being nearly 35 billion, but that was several years ago and current estimates put the Terran population as being well over 40 billion.

The Second Empire 0Jo1OJC
Above: Illustration depicting the Imperial Diet, the institution for much of New Terran history was responsible for major constitutional action and nomination of new Emperors.

Technology Tags: During William Talbot's reign New Terra moved to swiftly re-adjust it's negative cultural aspects and there was significant hope that this would lead to a major turnaround in the nation's technological deficit and whilst major improvements have been made there remains a significant lack of progress and major technological innovation.

Obstetrics - The one aspect that couldn't be changed was population control, New Terra has always been one of the most populous civilizations in the Galaxy. Priority remains amongst many New Terrans that having a large family is always more desirable to ensure economic security and potential politically valuable placements if a particular son or daughter married into a wealthy or prominent family and/or rose high in the security forces, nepotism is largely excused provided it doesn't become burdensome to the state as well which compounds this motivation.

Intrigue - The state of New Terra prior to the rise of Talbot set a perfect foundation to make New Terra one of the most effective practitioners of state intrigue in the Galaxy. Spurred on by a reformed Imperial Guard there was little that was able to put a damper on their abilities and they experienced an astounding degree of success during the Great War. Even in their weakened state, the Imperial Guard remains one of the most effective forces in the Galaxy and retains a small 'garrison' on nearly every planet the Imperial Guard has access to or has heard of.

Mobility - Imperial Admiral Kiselyov utilized his own personal 'Decisive Jump Battle Doctrine' to astounding success during the Great War, this impressed Talbot, who was then only a Marshal, so much that he promoted Kiselyov immediately and established the tactic as a fleet-wide doctrine, Kiselyov would later be appointed the position of Marshal during the 'Troubles' after Talbot's seizure of the Empire and later declaration of Emperor. The tactic revolves around rapid combat jumping to gain greater positioning and for purposes of harassment, although later in the war several nations managed to develop a somewhat efficient counter to the strategy they were never able to entirely overpower it.

Massive Fleet, Small Ships - Named after the official policy in regards to ship production, the New Terrans continue to retain their small ship focus and are often able to rally up impressive numbers within their fleets that wouldn't be possible for other conventional military powers. Although this is becoming increasingly burdensome as helium-3 sources have largely been destroyed in Tefeull forcing the Empire to resort to mining it's own domestic fields which are believed to be running out at quite a rapid pace.

Economic Might - Whilst New Terra maintains an average in both Political and Military power they are relatively unmatched when it comes to economic soft power, prior to the war at one point they were producing goods for nearly 60 percent of the civilized galaxy from their massive industrial complexes and engaging in lucrative trade contracts with other nations. This took a hit during the war and it's aftermath but with a recovering industry and large population to work in it the potential for New Terra to once-more overtake the Galaxy with it's economy remains, provided they are able to remain politically stable.

The Second Empire ZVk0eeT
"No matter if it is a white cat or a black cat; as long as it can catch mice, it is a good cat." - Etienne Gerard Lasalle, Imperial Guard Commander and renowned spymaster.

Species: The Empire retains only an ever so slight hold over it's 'kin' species that have been part of the nation for centuries and have only recently gained more autonomy and political power and they remain ever hungry for even more. Political analysts predict the Tahar to attain their near complete independence from New Terra within the next few decades, if not the coming few years.

The Tahar  - An ape-like race which inhabit the inner regions of 07N and also the ones responsible for the name 'Tranquil Expanse' before being annexed into the Empire the Tahar had always been a relatively peaceful peoples who excelled at trade and had a willingness to exchange resources for autonomy the learned Emperor Vukhym VI oversaw the peaceful annexation of their territories in the early High Period. They have their own long-standing history of dominating the Heraklians, having previously invaded the world in their early expansionist history before being pushed out.

The 'Heraklians'  - The actual name of this species is indecipherable so they are commonly referred to as the Heraklians after the General who conquered their first world, Heraklios. They are a lizard-like people who are rigidly tribal in nature and are extreme aggressive they killed the first diplomats which arrived from the Empire in the middle High Period resulting in a brutal war against their people which they lost.

Culture: New Terran culture is a rapidly changing and evolving series of adherence to social norms, family is highly revered by most New Terrans and there remains a prevalent fixation on authority wherein the most accomplished members of a family are seen as it's 'leaders' rather than strict adherence to elders. New Terrans themselves are extremely culturally diverse and there remains virtually no discrimination based on ethnicity, universally the population prefers to identify as New Terrans owing to a cultural focus of unity over division, their tumultuous history is often believed to be the cause of such unusual human unity. When it comes to outsiders New Terrans often view themselves as the most advanced human culture and it isn't uncommon to hear them speak publicly this way even to fellow humans even though discretion remains an important part of their society.

Homeworld Name: New Terra
Homeworld Location: 08N
Homeworld Description: The planet is nearly an Ecumenopolis heavily segregated by region with economic and politically linked areas usually being seen as the most cleanly and presentable and the residential and industrial sectors being heavily overpopulated and filled with squalor.
Other Systems:
08M - Called the 'Northern March' this area is often also ascribed the informal label of 'Heart of the Empire' owing to the large industry and massive military shipyards present in the sector. Previously the center-point of the landed elite there has been a significant shift in regional power structures where military officials have begun assuming many of the old social importance of these once-powerful Estates.
07N - Called the 'Tranquil Expanse' by the Tahar, this sector of space is the location of the home planets of both major non-human populations within the Empire, this relatively small area of space has been the site of various battles since before humanity first embarked into the stars and the peace brought by the Empire seems like a dream to many of the older veterans of these past racial struggles.
09N - Nicknamed 'Merchants Folly' in the early days of the Republic this area of the space gradually became one of the most populated regions in the Empire owing to it's vastly expanding economic infrastructure. Foreign corporations often make their homes in the rich capital of the region 'Ambrosia' and billionaires from all across the Galaxy come to do business with the many banks and state industries littering the surface.

Political System: Whilst New Terra seems an absolute monarchy there remains a seemingly complex series of political and legal jurisdictions that are adhered to. Legally, the Emperor rules at the invitation of the Imperial Diet to adhere to policies that comply with the Imperial Constitution which specifically define the powers of the Emperor. Whilst this implies the Emperor rules at the behest of the Diet as is commonly proscribed in Imperial Charter the reality is that the Emperor rules largely through his own personal support base which serves to properly signify the limits on his power. Frequently this includes a variety of political, judicial and military officials to maintain the authority of the Emperor who is expected to adhere very stringently to developing political and social issues during his rule. This sort of authoritarian regime based entirely within popular opinion is labeled within New Terra as the 'Peoples Mandate' where rulers who perform unfavorably are seen as having lost the People's Mandate and therefore forfeiting their right to rule, New Terran history is filled with Emperors deemed tyrannical many of whom ended their reigns in bloody usurpation as a result of losing the Mandate.

During the First Empire the Diet consisted of appointed members of the Nobility who qualified through ownership of specific land areas which also determined their personal voting power. Members of the current Diet are elected in a semi-democratic process in which only individuals who own land are permitted to vote, this system was established by the New Guard Movement lead by Hyeon Taejo who rapidly gained power in the wake of the military coup against Sigismund IV.

Imperial Succession remains unclear, legally the Imperial Diet still has the authority to elect a new Autocrat upon the resignation or death of the reigning Emperor but growing sentiment within certain royalist sects believes that a more direct line of succession based around the Talbot Dynasty should be established, suggested heirs for this project centers around either William's Nephew, Son or younger Brother.

The Second Empire DEiNSCh

History: Imperial history is often categorized as an unending struggle for power from all aspects of political and military life in a structure that often personifies the worst traits of humanity.

Old Imperial History:

Current Events

Important People

Hero Character:
The Second Empire QbBPr1I
Name: Grand Prince Alexander Douglas Talbot
Race: Human
Age: 28
Position: Major, Special Operations Force
Allegiance: The Imperial Family
Story: Being the younger brother of William Talbot he swiftly made his way through the ranks and although he was eager to prove himself he was largely kept away from any significant action during the Great War. Even now his post largely consists of aiding scout ships in the surveying of new worlds and potential colonies for the Empire where hostile contact is largely unexpected and easy to avoid. Even though he lacks the ambition of his elder brother he still remains patient and devoted to his nation, awaiting the right time to show his worth.

The Second Empire 47cpQbD

Military Information

Overview: The Imperial Military proved itself during the Great War that it was more than capable of conducting large scale warfare against more advanced opponents, but the primary enemy it couldn't conquer was logistics. Formations and Fleets often outran their supply lines only to become stalled as a result of mismanagement and general lack of logistical capabilities in enemy territory, this lead to unfortunate incidents where the Imperial Fleet would engage in piracy to re-supply itself in the field earning itself a less than stellar reputation. The Imperial Navy is still one of the most capable forces in the Galaxy but has found itself stymied by fuel shortages and general apprehension towards armed conflict by the Empire's political leadership.

Although commanding the largest army in the known galaxy Imperial Doctrine focused on the 'skillful and virtuous' use of troops as opposed to overwhelming numbers and massed charges at enemy positions in an attempt to overrun them. Specialized contingents of disciplined Imperial soldiers perform mobile warfare tactics to outflank and destroy enemy positions as lesser trained units defend and maintained a frontline, doctrines such as defense-in-depth and mobile warfare played a big part in Imperial strategy.

General Headquarters of the Military includes four departments: The General Staff Department, the General Political Department, the General Logistics Department, and the General Armaments Department all working towards keeping the military running as efficiently as possible with such a large amount of manpower.

Military Organization:

Imperial Ground Force:

Imperial Skirmisher Corps:

Imperial Space Force:

Imperial Guard:

Interstellar Artillery Command:

Auxiliary Forces:

Ship Composition: WIP

Racial Benefit: Imperial Glory
Ship costs cut in half at the expense of -10 HP per ship.

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Once you finish that hero section you are A-Okay. Very nice.
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Already done champ no problemo.

Also I edited and touched up on a bunch of other areas too so if you even give any form of a shit go ahead and take another look, otherwise fucka you.
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The Second Empire
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