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 Socialist Republics of Zeleniy.

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Socialist Republics of Zeleniy. Empty
PostSubject: Socialist Republics of Zeleniy.   Socialist Republics of Zeleniy. I_icon_minitimeSun Jan 05, 2014 5:25 am

Socialist Republics of Zeleniy. U_e_s_s__flag_by_acfierro-d2drbge

”Za Zelenu, Za Czari, Za mne Rhg’zenoy!”
“For Zeleniy, For the Czar, for my people!”

Formal Name: The Republic of Zeleniy

Informal Names: The Zelenu, the Zeleniyans, the Proles.

Abbreviation: SRoZ

Population: 3.5 billion humans, 70 million indoctrinated Aranek.
Size of Domain - Colonies:
The Homeworld, Kuteznagrad - 08E
Colony, Mirovka - 10D
Occupied Territory, Zaa'nabar - 12H

Technology Tags: Ship building, mass production, resource refinery, farming, cybernetic implants and augmentation.

Homeworld Name: Kuteznagrad

Homeworld Type: City world.

Homeworld Geological Analysis: Little to no remaining useful geological assets.

Homeworld Atmosphere: Mostly carbon dioxide/monoxide.

Homeworld Description: A highly populated city world with dense black/brown clouds shielding the sun from the eyes of the inhabitants. A place where it seems there are only factories and assembly lines and government buildings. The people live in surprisingly clean, sterile environments undernearth the surface layer of the city or in towering apartment complexes. In orbit, the many orbital stations receive trade ships from around the galaxy each day, while they send out their own to empires known and well-received.

Socialist Republics of Zeleniy. Tumblr_m11us74WMU1qaujag
The modern day Kuteznagrad.

Political System: Democratic socialists.

Economical System: Free economy with socialist restraints.

Language: Slavnok, an evolution and merging of many Slavic languages.

Culture: One devoted to hard work and dilligence, but also an appreciation in the arts. Art museums, opera houses, music stations are not uncommon in the home worlds and the colonies. There is a bonding with man and machine, and the higher integrated with cyborg technology you are, the higher your status is.

Intelligent AIs and robots are shunned and outlawed, for they are feared they could make the Zeleniyan's cyborg upgrades obsolete.


Modern History


Important People:



Hero Character:

Zeleniyan military, overview.

The Zeleniyan military does not focus on supreme equipment, hundreds of different variants of vehicles and weapons and elite special forces units, but supreme strategical efficiency, adaptability, and speed. Its high command holds onto old and conventional military tactics and procedures, bragging a higher efficiency than foreign countries and a large mission success margin. The Zeleniyans hold onto their Slavic roots even in the military, as their uniforms, weapons, and vehicles are all upgraded versions of their ancestor's Earth-age weaponry. Such as the rifles bearing the name Kalishnikov and jets manufactured under the company Zeleno Mikoyan-i-Gurevich.

Zeleniyan Infantry forces.


Ranks of the Zeleniy Army/Marines.

Zeleniyan Armory.

Zeleniyan Land Vehicles.

Zeleniyan Aircraft.


The Zeleniyan Navy.

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Socialist Republics of Zeleniy.
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