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  United Federation of Red Sun Systems

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 United Federation of Red Sun Systems We_are_the_federation_by_wilji1090-d50o32v

Formal Name: United Federation of Red Sun Systems
Informal Names: The Red Federation.
Abbreviation: UFS
Population: 10 Billion Humans (1 Billion are genetically enhanced natives of the Red Sun)
900,000,00 Identified as Not Human

Technology Tags:
Robotics:  Drones apart of the UFS function mainly on the menial level on Olympus. Large amounts of unmanned personnel manufacture the UFS economic and war machine on the home planet of Olympus. However, on the colony worlds drones have very limited use, usually restricted to working in dangerous factories or mines, and as assistance to security forces. Droids function on the military level, capable of repairing and running a ship with the assistance of the on-board AI, and on the ground level different droids can function to fit almost any role on the battlefield, from grunt to artillery. The UFS is capable of producing a great deal of more drones and droids very quickly in order to keep their society extremely efficient. However, due to the low amount of droids in the much bigger colonies, the Red Sun nationals view themselves sometimes as better because their jobs may seem more important.

Elite Forces: With the increase of population of the Federation, the military has grown exponentially, and has had to revisit and completely overhaul the old traditions of the Red Sun Imperium. However, what didn’t change was the superior training and equipment given to the Special Forces groups of the old empire, alongside the rigorous training given to any soldier who joins the Federation Military Soldiers born on Olympus go through a rigorous training starting at a young age and are given the best augments the Federation can provide. This special training and elongated service means that the Federation Special Forces are often unrivaled in terms of training and sheer physical capabilities. Most Olympus born soldiers are usually the best the Federation has to offer.

Cybernetics: The obsession of cybernetics has persisted through the horrors of the war many decades passed. With the exponential growth of the population, the only group guaranteed superior augmentation are those born of the Red Sun (Olympus born-natives). The more augmentation you are able to afford/endure, the higher in society you are viewed. Many social elites in the colonies or the system of Olympus often endure more ascetically hidden procedures to look more human. Joining the military is one way you can get garunteed augmentation, and the higher rank you are the more extensive modification you can receive, with special forces being the pinnacle of cybernetic enhancement.

Gauss Weapons: The United Federation has invested a great deal of money and time into developing high-powered gauss weapons distributed throughout the Military’s ranks. These weapons use coils of magnets to fire rounds at extremely high speeds. “The best defense is a good offense.”
Military Industrial Complex: The United Federation of Systems profits off of war. The biggest export of the Federation is weapons, armor, warships and combat capable drones. A large portion of the GDP the Federation rakes in goes directly to the Military and developing new military technologies. With the new introduction of capitalist ideas into the society, coupled with lack of restriction, the war industry has exploded, generating heavy revenues for the Federation.

Military Industrial Complex: The United Federation of Systems profits off of war. The biggest export of the Federation is weapons, armor, warships and combat capable drones. A large portion of the GDP the Federation rakes in goes directly to the Military and developing new military technologies. With the new introduction of capitalist ideas into the society, coupled with lack of restriction, the war industry has exploded, generating heavy revenues for the Federation.


Human: Mostly human, many of the people within the Federation, especially those who served find themselves easily able to get augmentation.

Citizens of the Red Sun: Those that are born within the dominion of the Red Sun (Olympus and it’s moon Aeaea)  are engineered to be genetically superior, and they are also augmented with neural and muscular cybernetics, making them, on average, smarter and more capable than the rest of humanity.
Shawktae: A reptilian species much stronger and faster than your average human, the Shawktae were discovered already living on the planet Olympus when the Imperium first colonized it. Their technological advances had just begun to reach space faring status, and they had colonized their moon, known to the RSI as Aeaea. Extremely violent, and short-sighted, the Shawktae are now welcome into the Federation as lower class citizens. Many serve in the Foreign Service in the military as a brutish assault force. They are still not allowed to return to their home planet.

Algrion: The Algion were one of the first interstellar nations to actively seek being absolved into the Imperium. Sharing their fascination with cybernetics and genetic engineering, and desiring the economic and security benefits from a larger nation, they willingly allowed themselves to become a colony of the Imperium. Due to this, they were allowed more freedoms to practice what they wished on their own planet, and Algion were placed on a higher pedestal than new colonists. After the introduction of the Federation, the Algion's military has completely assimilated into the Federation's, and they usually provide a support roll to the Federation's main forces. Highly intelligent, Algion seek profession in most scientific fields. They are of amphibian origin and many of their cities lie deep below the ocean beneath the super continents of their homeworld. They are bipedal with webbed feet and semi-webbed fingers. While they are able to breath both in and out of the water, extended periods of time removed from their amphibious homes and they develop extremely life-threatening diseases, thus you do not find many Algion's far from their own system.  

Culture:  With the collapse of the Imperium and the institution of the Federation, the culture of the society has changed massively. The population, increasing exponentially since the inclusion of the Mojave and Garden systems into their ranks. Culture has turned into a melting pot on the colonies while the dominion of the Red Sun has remained mostly isolated from its colonies. Red Sun born are able to travel freely, but colonists who have not achieved full citizenship are only allowed to travel between colonies.

 United Federation of Red Sun Systems MegastructureHideyoshi
Capital of the United Federation.

Full citizenship is only achieved by a lengthy military service of 10 years, and there is no guarantee that your military contract will last that long. Many colonists achieve what is known as partial citizenship, and that means they can hold office, vote, receive more government issued cybernetics and receive permits for all manner of economic advantages. To achieve partial military service, one must serve for four years or more, excluding any time spent training. The culture follows the military industrial complex ideal, with many supporting an aggressive form of expansion both in territory and politically. Many colonists flock towards the Federation for safety and the socialist benefits the UFS provides to its citizens and partial citizens. Civilians are often only given menial jobs on the colonies as part of the merchant navy or as asteroid miners and shaft miners.

Due to the complete dominance and favoritism of those who are born in the Red Sun System, there is a certain political tension constanly hanging over the colonies. The blatant unequal treatment of citizens has led to extremely active protest groups and resistance groups. These groups are often crack down on by The Inquisition. The Inquisition is a group of domestic law enforcement agents tasked with taking care of the larger and more prominent usurpers in the Federation. However, while the political protestors may be the loudest, the crime syndicates and drug rings are by far the most dangerous. The Inquisition also handles these large criminal organizations with brutal efficiency. However, despite the criminal activity and blatant political corruption, the Federation’s population remains mostly content. Many of the United Federation’s population live in great comfort and security. With a booming weapons funded economy, socialist benefits such as free health care and housing, a growing arts scene, and secure borders, the population has little to complain about. Political strife exists towards the feudal state of the Federation, but overall most of the population is happy with the government.

One of the best ways to gain status as a colonist in the Federation is by achieving a rank of an Officer in the armed services. This is either attained by attending one of the colonist service academies or by a military service rank with high amounts of merit.

 United Federation of Red Sun Systems Codex_Illusive_Man
Federal Chancellor of Foreign Affairs and Exploration.

Political System: Free market Republic with a high level of socialism.

Homeworld Name: Olympus

 United Federation of Red Sun Systems 324587

Homeworld Location: 03M

Homeworld Description:   A planet slightly smaller than Earth, consisting temperate climates and covered with about 45% water at the surface, Olympus is thriving with fauna and animal life. However, the local animal and plant life is extremely hostile and aggressive. The singular moon, Aeaea, was also a capable of life, and had the environment of a thick rain forest. Most of the population is concentrated around very large megacities. Most of the cities have a large system of safety bunkers, capable of housing the entire population deep underground.

Colonies Under Your Species Control:

Mojave: 04N

The Barren Crest, known for the desert world Mojave, the only planet in the sector that holds anything of value. It was named Mojave after the Mojave Mining Corporation that initially colonized it. They had discovered large reserves of untapped metals below the planets surface and began extracting the resources. However, due to its remote nature, and the lack of investment made in protection, constant assaults from drug cartels and piracy had caused the company to lose a majority of its investments. It wasn't long before the company went bankrupt and decided to just pack up and leave the system altogether. When they, left, the scum of the universe took its place. For the last few decades the planet served as home to pirates, drug cartels, illegal arms dealers, terrorists, and criminals on the run. If you lived on Mojave and weren't apart of one of the huge criminal elements, you were probably an illegal slave for them.

That was until the Imperium arrived. Being a close, metal rich system made Mojave an ideal grab for the Imperium's first expansion, and they wiped the planet clean of the illegal rings occupying the planet. Hard Crackdowns on criminal activity and blatant abuse of human rights caused for outcry in the interstellar realm, but many could not argue with the results. Within years of the economic expansion caused by the combined efforts of the Imperium and Commonwealth the colony of Mojave boomed with new immigrants and big business. Megacities seemed to spring up out of nowhere housing tens of millions of people in the desert wasteland.

When the Imperium dissolved and the Federation was created the government of Mojave was quickly on board with the new government. Factories and huge mining shafts scatter the planet and it has turned into a melting pot of all types of aliens and those seeking a fresh start. The planet has once again become a cesspool of crime, however the Federation Military keeps a strong presence on the planet, keeping it mostly from expanding too large. Foreign Militias formed of alien species and humans alike fight with the Federation's army in order to secure their economic benefits of being a full or half-citizen in the new Mojave.

Mojave sits in the Goldilocks zone, however only about 2% of the planet is water, leaving most of the planet a barren desert. With a combination of rock formations and desert sand, Mojave expieriences heavy sandstorms on a regular daily basis, and to survive on the planet you must be living in a proper facility.

 United Federation of Red Sun Systems Tatooine

Garden: 03K

 United Federation of Red Sun Systems BoldVisionsCityDocks
The Human Capital of the Garden world.
Located within the Maelstrom system, the planet known as Garden was home to the Algrion a quickly developing amphibious species that called the lush planet home. When the Imperium arrived the Algrion had slowly established themselves on nearby, planets, but were severly limited to their own system. The Imperium helped them grow and develop and soon colonists flocked to the lush tropical planet known as Garden. When the Federation was established the Algrion monarch quickly requested entry into the Federation, and the planet soon became a trading hub of luxury goods. Soon the Federation had grown and the planet held large cities on the small continents all over the planet, home to a more scientific set of pursuits. The Algrion live deep below the sea however many have joined with the Federation's research or military departments in order to see more of the galaxy.

 United Federation of Red Sun Systems 1170


History of the Imperium:

Fomation of the Federation:

Military Specifications: The Great War proved the extreme efficacy of the Imperium’s super soldiers against the enemies they faced, however the lack of a sizable military meant any systems they had conquered were quickly undermanned and shower the Imperium expanded much too quickly without the man power. After most of the Imperium government collapsed, and the Federation took charge, the military received a complete overhaul.
The force focuses on using surgical strikes made by elite special forces divisions to cripple and weaken the enemy where they can.  Using larger conventional forces to eventually secure the weakened sector. The Navy however suffered exponentially. Experienced and extensively augmented fighter pilots proved must more efficient and much cheaper than the Imperium’s unmanned craft. Thus the Navy received a Star Corps division and an exponential boost in numbers. However the Navy still uses advanced AI and a large amount of drones to maintain the larger ships of the fleet.
With the inclusion of Colonist forces, the military had to change rapidly. Soon the idea of Planetary Armies developed. With the military needing extra manpower, the Federation allowed colonists who served to achieve partial-citizenship or full citizenship. These volunteers quickly were organized in to respective planetary forces, depending on where they are from, with the Dominion being at the top of the chain, putting elite forces into each division. The Federation Navy was also organized into three planetary fleets. The United Federation military is organized into three main branches. The Federation Navy, The Federation Ground, and the Federation Intelligence Division.

Military Composition:

United Federation Navy:

United Federation Ground Force::


Infantry Weapons:

Infantry Armor:

Naval Units:


Ground Vehicles:


Fleet Composition:  WIP

Hero Character: WIP

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I like it. As soon as your hero is done and the fleet composition is as well, go ahead and start.
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United Federation of Red Sun Systems
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