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 [J8] KOTPERI Racing Central

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PostSubject: [J8] KOTPERI Racing Central   Fri Dec 26, 2014 2:15 am

Team's Racing Today & Results:

El Manar Savannah
Cyclops Flat's
Annual Deathrace Opening
Televisions across Kotunga tune into the weekly Kotungan racing cup, but today marks the first race of the new annum.

Crowds cheer in the stands as the hulking racers sit on the scalding tarmac, heat haze hits the horizon as all 16 identified Kotungan and foreign racing companies sit on the tarmac, the crowds cheering is cut into by the two crowd commentators, Jonathan Freedom and Harry Oruto

The camera pans over the crowds then zooms in on a commentators box as they sit in two fold out deck chairs, the window behind them

"Harry would you look at the crowds today, it is an electrifying atmosphere out here in the Savannah."
"Mister Freedom you have got that right, all sixteen racers are here, everyone is gonna be trying to win a little bit of honor for their side in his one, but there's only one thing we do know."
"And what's that Harry?"
"One person is going home with 2 Million Kotokwatchas, and one person is going home with a shattered femur."
Their hearty chuckles erupted as the camera panned back over the cheering crowd. As men and alien alike dived into their respective racers, a keen eye would observe the showmanship of some, cheering atop their car, others, sabotaging vehicles and injecting themselves with drugs in order to deal with the high speeds.
*KZK* "40 seconds to ignition."
"Look at those pilots, all of them don't know how today is going to go down, fantastic."
"Thats right Jonny, we'll be getting to know these guys, and hopefully more after todays race, SILAS has made a return we see, same with Tek-No, but there are a few new faces. Kusimus contracts can be seen, pretty advanced looking craft there."
"Who are Kusimus contracts Harry?"
"Foreign I do believe, showed up on the outer fringes and since then, have been sponsoring a lot of underground activity."
"Who's the racer?"
"A one, Yasa Koobiku, I do believe."
"Yasa is quite the day-wrecker, recently transferred from Neoprime for 2 Million, so that's where he ended up huh?"
"Indeed he did, oh look, the race is staring!"

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Posts : 140
Join date : 2014-01-12
Age : 103
Location : Ur mothers house, dork.

PostSubject: Re: [J8] KOTPERI Racing Central   Sat Dec 27, 2014 12:27 am

El Manar Savannah
Cyclops Flat's
Annual Deathrace Opening


“And they’re off!”

The 16 racers sped toward the first turn, the ramming and foul play already taking place, a few engines shadily spluttering away, hinting sabotage, a Kotungan Army jet flies with them at low ceiling, operating a chase cam as they snake their way towards turn one.

“This is an interesting pack Harry, as we can see the Malverdian is trying to inch it ontop of the SILAS racer, the question is who’s going home!”
As the racers enter turn one the Malverdian racer edges up the ranks alongside the Silas racer, ramming him, the Silas racer darts right, in a ramming motion, but boosts off the ground, barrel rolling over him and using his anti-gravity engines as a weapon on the Malverdian craft, crushing it into the ground and ejecting the Malverdian.
“And there’s your question, Silas bring that heat every time, and they are tried and tested, fantastic performance from the Silas team!”
Neoprime Technologies rolled through the corner diagonally, shooting missiles at everyone, appearing to soften the pack up. Agrimar dropped mines just before weapons cut out, but the mines had no effect on target.
“No luck for Neoprime or Agrimar it seems! Looks like the chase cams show some rivalry huh!”
As the cars headed between turn one and turn two, Agrimar pulled up alongside Neoprime, running his index finger across his neck and pointing at Neoprime. The driver of Neoprime rolled down his window and withdrew a revolver and started shooting illegally at Agrimar, causing an uproar in the stands.
“Cheeky cheeky Neoprime, lets see who gets their just deserts, Agrimar goes for Neoprime!”
As they turned the corner, Agrimar rammed Neoprime, who in turn sailed toward Tribal Destruction, smashing up against the track, rupturing Tribal’s Fuel lines and turning it into a massive fireball.
“What the hell? Holy shit!”
Which, admirably attempted to keep up with the pack despite being the scary image to all around it, after 5 seconds, which felt like an eternity, the pilot ejected and the craft exploded, landing shrapnel in Korsakov, Short’s and Cobrafang RX’s vehicles.
“Korsakov is not going to like that at 2 million a paintjob!”
On the lead up to turn 4 KL Systems was brutally kept to the back of the back by Kosakov, keenly “ass tipping” utilising his anti-grav systems to stop KL getting past due to the fear of getting pulled in and crushed like the Malverdian.
“Korsakov is taking up some screen time, I have no doubt Dimitri is going to be pleased at this poster-splashing his driver is doing, gotta love showmanship in this sport!”
A blast of thrusters propels the YDG jet around the sharp fourth turn. A hail of twenty millimetre high velocity rounds pounds the jet’s hull as the YDG pilot tries in vain to escape the hail of death snapping at his heels. FrikShun had its grip on YDG as the craft bailed out its pilot and exploded, taking out Washout and Tek-No with the upclose shrapnel.
“Lucky break for Frik-Shun there, but he’s taken his eye off the ball, and broken Korsakov’s defence, KL Systems got through!”
Neoprime Technolgies turned Agrimar’s thrusters into scrap metal with VK-44 Missile and Agrimar spun out violently. W.M.D. Ruined Trident with an Acidic Missile, not doing much damage at first, but on the 5th to 6th Straight it was obvious Trident wasn’t going to make it, abruptly crashed, and burned up on the track.
Neoprime Technologies had the end in sight as he led the back darting through the 6th Corner, however KL systems came at him with a last missile that followed Neoprime round the corner and exploded the ship violently before KL seized the win, the other craft merely seconds behind it.

“KL SNATCHES THE WIN, The Tingi Communist Guard are gonna be happy about this!”
So the race is over, lets go to the replay zone!”

Action replays of the gritty craft explosions would commence, with slowmo and statistics flashing past screens.
“Malverdians got Hardlined on the first turn!, The Tribals face Destruction on turn 2, then on turn 3, YDG stopped racing, Washout got washed out and it was definitely a NO day for Tek, in Turn 4 Agrimar bought the farm and Trident went down hard!”
An explosion casts on the scene with an announcer shouting “BURNOUT!”
“Neoprime throught they had it all, but this afternoon we were shown that KL Systems is out infront of this year, tune in later on this week for driver interviews, and the incorporation of new drivers before we split out into leagues!”
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[J8] KOTPERI Racing Central
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