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 The Socialist Republics of Zeleniy. (WIP)

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The Socialist Republics of Zeleniy. (WIP) Empty
PostSubject: The Socialist Republics of Zeleniy. (WIP)   The Socialist Republics of Zeleniy. (WIP) I_icon_minitimeMon Dec 29, 2014 7:21 am


Formal Name: The Socialist Republics of Zeleniy.

Informal Names: The Zelenu, Zeleniyans, Deathbreathers, Masks, Proles.

Abbreviation: SRoZ.

Population: 3.5 billion Zelenu.

Technology Tags:

Cyborg Implants, Surgery, and Upgrades: The Zeleniyan's claim to fame is their superb augmentation technology, allowing to live more than a pitiful 15-20 years, and making them more than human.

Mass Production: Zeleniyans thrive on a massive factory world, and 47% of all jobs are in the production industry.

Ship Building: The Zeleniyans pride themselves on their orbital shipyards, which produces civillian, commercial, and military crafts for several races.

Espionage: Zeleniyans employ operatives, bribe corporate level officials of foreign nationalities, and use a network of signals listening posts to gather information.

Breweries: Zeleniyans are renown for their potent alcohols, such as Kutenzagrad Gutters, Monoxide Hangovers, and ofcourse, Zeleniyan Vodka.


The Zelenu are stocky creatures descended from humans, standing on average around 5’5’’. Their bone structure is much stronger than that of a human, and their skin is pale. They have little hair on their body, and if they have any it is usually dark and doesn’t grow very long. Their eyes are normal human colors but can be extravagantly different due to mutations in genes after the Volgograd Reactor incident. Their bodies can take large amounts of radiation. The mutations brought about by the Volgograd reactor destruction have greatly shortened the lifespan of a Zelenu, to around 20 to 30 years. To have a long, fufilling life, they must have implants to replace their quickly deteriorating body. Luckily, the government supplies this to them. Lastly, they breathe carbon monoxide/dioxide, and are usually seen with a full gasmask if associated with the military or a halfmask/transparent facemask if civilian, that is if they’re outside of any of their ships or their homeworld.

Culture: Fairly reminiscent of old slavic culture.

One devoted to hard work and dilligence, but also an appreciation in the arts. Art museums, opera houses, music stations are not uncommon in the home worlds and the colonies. There is a bonding with man and machine, and the higher integrated with cyborg technology you are, the higher your status is perceived.

Intelligent AIs and robots are shunned and outlawed, for they are feared they could make the Zeleniyan's cyborg upgrades obsolete.

Homeworld Name: Kuteznagrad.

Homeworld Location: 08E

Homeworld Description: A highly populated city world with dense black/brown clouds shielding the sun from the eyes of the inhabitants. A place where it seems there are only factories and assembly lines and government buildings. The people live in surprisingly clean, sterile environments undernearth the surface layer of the city or in towering apartment complexes. In orbit, the many orbital stations receive trade ships from around the galaxy each day, while they send out their own to empires known and well-received.

Political System: Democratic Socialism.



The Recent Years


2442 - 2467


Colonies Under Your Species Control:

Mirovka, 10D. - Mirovka is a lush planet of green plains, large oceans, and swamps. The Zeleniyans use this as a mass farming colony to support Kuteznagrad.

Military Specifications:

Zeleniyan Armory.

Zeleniyan Land Vehicles.

Zeleniyan Aircraft.


The Zeleniyan Navy.


Fleet Composition:

Patrul-Class Frigate



# Of Attack Types:

Base Attack Damage:

Crew Skills:


Racial Benefits:

Racial Benefit: The Red Armada.
+2 AC to all ships if there are more than 4 ships present in a system.

Hero Character:
Name: Lev Mashenko.
Race: Zelenu.
Age: 39.
Position: N/A.
Allegiance: Zeleniyan Government.
Appearance: Standing at 5'7'', a shaved head, cauliflower ears, crooked nose, and a strong jaw, and sunken in eyes, Lev is not much of a looker. He is heavily augmented.

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The Socialist Republics of Zeleniy. (WIP)
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