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 Deck B1 - Living Quarters and the Galactic Mall

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PostSubject: Deck B1 - Living Quarters and the Galactic Mall   Wed Jan 07, 2015 6:06 am

The grinding gears of Armistice Station are here in the Living Quarters and Galactic Mall. The size of this part of the station is mindboggling, as it allows for over ten thousand people to be housed, as well as allowing for the development of the Galactic Mall. The Galactic Mall is the self proclaimed center of interspecies commerce and culture exchange in the known galaxy, as commercial and industrial giants from all known governments and races come to exchange cuisines, drinks, toys, instruments, services, and many other sorts of products. Individuals can trade their respective nation's currency for the Galactic Credit, which depends on the strength of the respective nation's economy in comparison to other known species. 

While still small, the Galactic Mall grows with each new species willing to exchange items and currency on the galactic market. It is host to multiple restaurants, stores, respectable clubs and brand names from across the Orion Arm. Any government willing to sponsor a shop in the Mall, or any individual withe coin to do it themselves, can easily apply for a license to open up shop in the Mall. Diplomats and deziens from all walks of life frequent the Galactic Mall, so only the most basic and respectable stores are allowed.
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Deck B1 - Living Quarters and the Galactic Mall
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