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 [E2] Nargosa System

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PostSubject: [E2] Nargosa System   [E2] Nargosa System I_icon_minitimeThu Jan 08, 2015 1:31 am

In the Nagarian political conference hall , many issues arise. Tal and his whole political advisory team of 60. amongst many diplomatic staff sit around a massive semi circular table with Tal himself in the middle of the flat side. The hall is filled with screens and numbers of stock exchanges, force counts and messages from other delegates from the planet. With processions being discussed and even loudly argued the news of the Nakar invitations silenced the room. The council members didn't know what to think immediately . There were whispers of a discerning tone throughout the hall. This had interrupted the councilman's updates on mining and logging technology reform but he proceeded to go on with his speech.

Councilman Craw: "with new tech research we will be able to skyrocket resource ratios before the-"
Tal: "Enough of this."
Craw: "Boss, the numbers show-"
Tal: "Leave, Councilman!"
Craw swiftly leaves the hall in fear of angering Tal any further. Tal stands up in full view of the hall.
Tal: "We must answer quickly to this, what does my council think?"

The council whisper and babble however Horus, an older Nagarian, speaks out in protest.
"You cannot let these Nakar pathetically lead our entire race astray, many great Nagarians before you have trusted them and they fell short of your greatness, Tal." he sighs "Do not trust them."

Many replies and arguments are shot across the hall. Advisors give their points to Tal and say what they would have him do. The majority however were quite positive towards the Nakar invitation for diplomacy and made their point that friendship status with them could be quite lucrative. It was predominantly the older generation of Nagarians objected to the invitations and made their point clear that the Nakar are not a race to associated with, reasoned with or trusted.
Tal replies sternly to his council after hours of deliberation.

"I understand their ways . However  I will run this entire planet how I see it. They are not harmful, Horus. There commander Declamatorious is a baby rumper with its teeth too big for its face. I think they can prove useful to us. ( he adjusts his focus to the diplomats) you will go to the Nakar and you will be grateful for this (saying with hesitation) opportunity and show them that we as a people and as a planet will seek not to disappoint them. However do not make me seem week."
With this new order the  chief diplomat replied in form of voice message to the Nakar sending signal.

++"On behalf of Tal and the glorious people of Nargosa we accept your somewhat brief and informal invitation. You can imagine our worries and scepticism with the like of you but like many children they should always be given a second chance. Our mobile embassy staff will be despatched soon.

With honourable thanks

Grandum Salaney, Chief of Diplomatic staff."++
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PostSubject: Re: [E2] Nargosa System   [E2] Nargosa System I_icon_minitimeThu Feb 26, 2015 12:43 am

The council room in Nargosa was flooded with shouting, orders, information and urgency from the recent hostilities from the Coalition. Generals, admirals, diplomats, government advisors, tactical aids and many others grovelled ideas and information to each other of the recent events. Tal, looked over the council. discerned and silent he broke his quiet behaviour.

Seeing Tal standing the yeoman calls for order: "Quiet in the hall!"
Tal looked among his eager crowd. All maintaining eye contact to Tal, the councilmen awaited his solution.

He almost shouted with crisp authority:

"Be ready to evacuate the miners and assets. I want everything that doesn't  need to be destroyed to be ready to leave if this human decides to seal their fate. Have the fleets and armies on active standby. I want everything. Consult the Nakar with our actions. Set a course for directives set by Gaskas. If the human comes with closed fists, our retaliation will be swift, fatal and without mercy."

As orders from the great Tal passed down the networks of the armed forces of army, navy and air and space forces were beginning to be mustered all around the planet.
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[E2] Nargosa System
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