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 United Draz'iran Council *WIP*

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PostSubject: United Draz'iran Council *WIP*   Mon Jan 12, 2015 5:02 am

Super WIPy right now, will be adding more shortly.

The banner of the United Draz'iran Council

Formal Name: United Draz'iran Council
Informal Name: Half-breed
Abbreviation: UDC
Population: 8 Billion Draz'irans

Tech Tags:

  • Subterfuge: The Draz'irans have come to find their greatest strength lies not in their brawn, but in their cunning. Intelligence, infiltration, recon, sabotage, assassination, these are just a few of the skills that the Draz'iran military and navy have come to rely upon in order to gain the upper hand on their enemies. As such, they are never a big presence on the frontline but rule in the shadows.This makes them ideal for manoeuvres such as ambush, preemptive strikes, and hit and run guerilla tactics designed to either weaken or disable their opponents to allow them to finish them off swiftly, or destroy them in one fell swoop.

  • Enchanced Stealth Tech: In order to complement their use of subterfuge, the Draz'iran weapons and equipment manufacturer UMBRA was tasked with creating the first working stealth systems for both ground troops/vehicles, and DRAZOLAR for the fleet. With prototypes being so successful, UMBRA and DRAZOLAR became the leading figures into the research and development of the technology, thus making it widely commonplace. ┬áThis allows for military operations on the ground and in the stars to move quickly and quietly without disruption. The hidden enemy is always the most feared, the unknown the most terrifying.

  • Expansive Neural Network: Information and its communication is an essential function of any civilisation. The founding of the SERMO corporation brought about a huge change in the way that the Draz'iran would be able to interact with one another. The Expansive Neural Network [ENN] is a large scale matrix in which practically every Draz'iran is tapped into. Initially manufactured for civilian use, it was quickly repurposed for official government and military use after clear indication of its extremely useful possibilities. Whereas the civilian ENN is used for a variety of social and corporate functions, the military specced ENN is used to aid with intelligence and information gathering/relaying, meaning that the armed forces are well-ordered and well-informed.

  • Enviro Suits: The clothing for the Draz'iran is as predictable as the rising and setting of the sun. When not in their homes, a Draz'iran would never be caught without their envrio suit, which act not only as a practical barrier to the elements and hazards, but have become a staple of one's position in Draz'iran society. With the advent of lighter materials that still provide maximum protection versus the original designs, custom suits are a standard which can represent the expression of an individual or group. A military spec enviro suit is used by soldiers, the H.A.D.E.S. [Hazrad And Dangerous Enviro Suit], which is outfitted with an advanced UI which monitors vitals.

  • Particle-beam Weaponry: Draz'iran weaponry is a meld of Human design and Draz'irey machinations. With this, many of the arms of the Draz'iran bear a semblance of the old but are reinvigorated with their new ammunition to provide deadly results. The tech is not only used in Draz'iran small arms, but also in support vehicles and in the fleet, and various types can be found, each with their subtle nuances in function and appearance, in order to increase the Draz'iran's potential firepower.

Species: Draz'iran

A rare sight for those outside of their home system, the shadowy figure of a Draz'iran.

The Draz'iran are the cumulation of crossbreeding between the human colonists who arrived on Draz'on and the native Draz'irey aliens. As such, the Draz'iran share common characteristics from both species due to the similarities in their genotypes. They are a humanoid race, standing on average at 6 feet tall, and are much more muscular than their human counterparts as well as possessing much coarser, tougher skin, allowing them to withstand more punishment, thanks to the Draz'irey. The Draz'iran have male and female sexes, and reproductive organs that are exclusive to each gender, with an incubation period of 11 months, then a birth that can take up to 12 hours to come to completion. The Draz'iran are an oxygen respiring race, but lack the aerobic filtering that allowed for the Draz'irey to survive on their home planet, so must use their suits in lieu in order to prevent being poisoned by Draz'on's atmosphere, like their human parents who came before them. Terraforming of the planet has been slow, due to its size and the unwillingness to damage the ecosystems that are already present in favour allowing them time to adjust, but this means that for the foreseeable future, they must be patient and rely on their technology to keep them alive. Draz'irans also have noses that on first inspection appear to have 4 nostrils rather than just 2, but this wouldn't be exactly true. The extra 2 ''nostrils'' deal with pheromones, which are released by Draz'iran when communicating with others and allow for an added layer for expression. Nuances in the emotion of Draz'irans that otherwise wouldn't be adequately expressed through speech, are addressed by this, with some things able to be done without speech entirely.

Homeworld System Name: Phan're System

Homeworld Name: Draz'on

Homeworld Description:

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PostSubject: Re: United Draz'iran Council *WIP*   Wed Feb 11, 2015 8:39 pm

i know i don't really have any place to ask this but do you have an explanation as to why the aliens are capable of interbreeding with humans sucessfully
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PostSubject: Re: United Draz'iran Council *WIP*   Thu Feb 26, 2015 11:40 am

If you're still active please finish this! Your race looked very intriguing!
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PostSubject: Re: United Draz'iran Council *WIP*   

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United Draz'iran Council *WIP*
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