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 Heritage of Salvanar

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PostSubject: Heritage of Salvanar   Heritage of Salvanar I_icon_minitimeTue Jan 13, 2015 2:12 pm

Heritage of Salvanar Stafford_flag

Formal Name: The Heritage of Salnavar
Informal Names: The 1% Kingdom, The Holy Kingdom, Clam Kingdom.
Abbreviation: HOS
Population: 76 Billion

Technology Tags:

Medical Science – Advances in medical science from this human nation allows them to keep their population maintained. However some scholars believe that this is a bad thing due to the now over-population problems facing many of the cities.

Tactical Arson – Fire, and its uses to burn and create death is something the Heritage specialises in. Flammable materials and instantly corrosive flame weaponry is the mainstay and bulk of Heritage forces.

Extremely Heavy Armour – Thick, micro-weave compound armour plating, accompanied with under-suit power jacks ensure that Merek workers, soldiers and engineers could have a steel girder fall on them that would normally crush a man, but their suits of armour would keep them preserved.

Guass Weaponry – The magnetic upgrades of both the ballista and the crossbow allow the peasants to operate crossbows and the aforementioned siegeweapons the same way, however, when they pull the trigger they activate energy unknown which can rip a man in half.

Species And Culture:


Politics and Religion:

History: In the beginning mankind landed on the Planet of Jaheel, a planet of pine forests, cold winds and barren, lifeless deserts. Jaheel had no major oceans, but a complete formation of mountain lakes and smaller swamps and rivers, all over the planet. Men knew that all ties with Earth had been lost on their journey to this planet. Due to a break in the ships FTL system half way through jumping, the ship’s crew had to learn to make do with what they had. Not only that, but also learn to cultivate soil samples, and for two hundred years the ships life devolved into a smaller society, warring amongst themselves. On the hulking colony ship they travelled on, life became savage, the vast ship became over crowed. The ship had no leadership or any plan laid out for continuing such a venture, so the planet of Jaheel was seen as a miracle when they landed. They did however, land inside the territory of a vast empire at the time, the empire of Salnavar. The Salnavar twisted man’s knowledge of aliens to their advantage, portraying themselves as gods, convincing mankind to abandon its technologies and forfeit to the alien lifestyles. This was later seen as a great betrayal, due to the fact that the Salnavar never delivered on their promises, and left Mankind alone on Jaheel for 80 years. With their systems failed, and what was left of their ship carved out to form a settlement, the people of the ship spread wide and formed hovels and towns using key parts of the ship to defend themselves.

Heritage of Salvanar Long_ouyang_01
The remains of the ship on Jaheel

The arrival of the Kranluthar on the planet of Jaheel presented many problems for man. The people on the furthest settlements found it extremely difficult to fight them, using swords and spear weaponry against terrifying weaponry that spat fire and shot beams of light. It was only when man brutally took the fight to the Kranluthar, attacking their camps in the night, proving themselves useful that they began to turn the heads of the Salnavar back to man. Man was seen at the time as useless to the Salnavar, however when reports came back that man was also a ruthless race, with foolish bravery, the Salnavar saw their use; cannon fodder. The Salnavar came back to Jaheel, now losing their war to the Kranluthar’s raids, and gave man the best in maintenance technology. Utilising hidden implants and abducting men on Jaheel; they were able to fake men having visions of technology. Man advanced its technology to learn how to create flammable explosives and heavy armour technology to openly combat the Kranluthar.

The Salnavar, in their desperate attempt to survive the brutal Kranluthar, sent man across their planets to fight their wars desperately. The Wooden Wars, where men battled across the star-kingdoms, on beaches, snow, alien jungles and against all odds, had begun. The name, Wooden Wars, came from the Salnavar, who were amazed that man was able to incorporate the most rudimentary supplies into their weapons of war that the aliens had given them. Plasma-dipped crossbow fire, burning starship fuel oil pots, alien power-cell catapults. The mere individual rabble tactics of the Kranluthar that had beaten the conventional armies of the Salnavar had caved to the brutal, unrelenting force of man.

Heritage of Salvanar Of_knights_and_kinetic_shields_by_leonwoon-d5511ob
Man fought for his right to survive, adapting in the face of certain defeat.

Man had been cast amongst the worlds of the Salnavar, which annoyed the aliens. The aliens however, too few in number, could not fight man; and still needed man to keep the Kranluthar at bay. This was described as “pestus adversum pestus” by human scholars. In the current age, only Barons are lucky enough to be contacted by the Salnavar. Barons are also the only ones educated enough by the Salnavar as to not see them as higher beings.


The Roule System: 9I

The Roule System is the primary production and trade facility of the Heritage. Most travel and trade representative of the kingdom will come through the Roule System, due to the proximity with the other, big, known places in the universe.

Snow dominates the north and south poles of Roule I, what is known as an ice planet in every area but its equator, the planet is small, taking a measly 4 weeks by carthorse to travel from one snow to the next. Roule I is a Salnavan source of energy, and most peasants not living at the equator are supplied cold weather farming machinery to dig deep under the ice, farming crops all year around. Roule I, like its sibling planets, has 4 space ports on its equator to maximise trading on the star ships in the province. There are four large hovel cities build on the equator, around the space ports. This is due to the ease of use and lack of travel expense transporting food to the markets and the transport shipping. Roule I is a machinery planet, hosting foundries that do not rely on the cold weather. As such, knights and levies from Roule I are never in short supply of fine, thick armour and a well forged plasma crossbow.

Heritage of Salvanar Medieval-landscape1

Roule II, its cousin closer to the Roule Star is an arid, jungle planet, and home to the Kranluthar. Known to humans as a “game world” it has thick, betraying jungles and vicious carnivores the likes of which to make a man cower in fear. For lords and Barons however, it is the perfect planet to find trophies and riches, not only that, but to honour the Salnavar, Barons will launch crusades on Roule II, hoping to finally rid the planet of its Kranlutharian population, to no avail. What outposts that do exist on Roule II are fortified space ports, surrounded by lumber mills which saw into the jungles to fuel the fires of war.

Heritage of Salvanar Alien_jungle_copy_by_jonone-d5ytd6m

Roule III, even closer to the sun is an odd planet, only inhabited by the hardiest of men. High cliff plateaus separate kingdoms, high mountain ranges make for huge natural fortification realms, with some kingdoms only having one set of stairs up or down. Wracked by furious electromagnetic storms, sailing is dangerous, but rewarding for those who do. The planet has very few large continents, but rather hundreds of small islands with high peaked mountain castles, each operating as a fiefdom. A series of ferries connects the islands on this small planet. The ferries all lead to two, huge space ports, on the north and south poles, where the water currents are the most stable. Tsunamis can cause havoc on smaller kingdoms, but the men from Roule III are seen as hardy, active and keen to explore due to the constant search for new islands and riches. Some kingdoms in Roule III have become so over populated they have dug under their islands, deep into the crust of the planet, creating labyrinths of catacombs under the mountains they defend.

Heritage of Salvanar Sea_storm_by_manoledesign-d62m8ui

Military Specifications: Conscripted Anarchy. The tactics of the Heritage military differs severely depending on the army controlled by the lord or the baron. Mainly fighting consists of spreading as wide and far as possible, and doing as much damage to civilian areas as possible in order to turn public order against the faction they may or may not be fighting.

Military Composition: Forces in the Heritage are not required unless the Heritage is at war, when war is declared, all peasants under a lordship are injected with mind-alerting “war drugs” and given rapid gene therapy by night bots. Night bots are stealth drones used by the Salnavar to make man believe they are actively watched over and protected by god. These bots are responsible for changing man how they see fit with rapid memory-inception (visions and dreams).

Heritage of Salvanar Futuristic_knight_by_gregmks
A heritage cavalryman

Fleet Composition:
Kings Toast - Arkangel-Class Supercarrier
Grinsly - Userper-Class Battleship
Groderick - Userper-Class Battleship
Cranwell - Deliberator-Class Carrier
Ruplock - Deliberator-Class Carrier
Marrow - Peacekeeper-Class Gauss Frigate
Victoria - Peacekeeper-Class Gauss Frigate
George - Peacekeeper-Class Gauss Frigate
Harold - Peacekeeper-Class Gauss Frigate

Hero Character:
Name: Lord Lukas Lockslybane the 17th
Race: Human
Age: 54
Position: Baron of the Salnavar Elective
Allegiance: Salnavar
Lord Lukas was a staff officer on the colonial ship carrying the men to the planet Jaheel. He was an extremely charismatic figure, loved by all, however he was kept in stasis upon arrival to Jaheel and kidnapped by the Salnavar, to lead man and keep them controlled in the event of a human uprising against the Salnavar.

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PostSubject: Re: Heritage of Salvanar   Heritage of Salvanar I_icon_minitimeTue Jan 13, 2015 9:25 pm

Beautiful. As soon as you finish it, you can post.
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Heritage of Salvanar
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