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 The Union of the Commonwealth

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PostSubject: The Union of the Commonwealth   The Union of the Commonwealth I_icon_minitimeMon Jan 19, 2015 1:04 am

(Still subject to WIP)

Formal Name: The Union of the Commonwealth.
Informal Names: Commonwealth,
Abbreviation: UoC

Aprox. 1,920,193,913 Humans at last count
Aprox. 6,812,403,742 Native Rakhan at last count (Not inc. isolated clans)

Technology Tags:


Starship Engines:

Scientific Research:


Descendants of Earth’s exiles, the Humans of the UoC vary in ethnicity with origins dating back to countries formerly under the Commonwealth Charter such as Britain, Australia, Canada, India and so on. The lifespan of the average human living under the UoC is 185 years.

Many social and cultural elements from the 20th and 21st centuries have survived the passing ages and have remained as a core component of society, from popular sporting events such as football or cricket to seasonal festivities such as Christmas, Easter Sunday and Saint George's Day. Whilst largely intact, most religious faiths such as the CoE have rapidly declined in favor of an agnostic-realist view of affairs and it is often an unspoken rule in political and military affairs that such matters are left undiscussed on official channels. In addition to this, the Monarchy remains in effect; albeit with effectively zero power beyond ceremonial matters, yet this has not prevented past monarchs from playing a role in national affairs. As of present, Queen Elizabeth III is the current monarch.

Attitudes towards issues which were once controversial in the early 21st century, such as homosexuality, transgenderism and abortion have essentially become entirely relaxed and forgotten about save for the most conservative and isolated of social castes, and instead modern issues have been focussed towards the matters of xenophobia, transhumanism and a revived era of expansionism. With Earth decimated as a direct consequence of supporting a motion to directly attack the Alarei homeworld, most prefer to advocate the defence of one's own territories and the exhibition of caution towards potential threats as opposed to funneling resources into total war.

It is also due to this somewhat withdrawn attitude towards war that scientific progress has taken precedent in modern society, and the UoC is oft regarded as one of the leading nations in technological and scientific discovery, with many organisations proudly displaying their roots back to the Darwin Research Facility on Europa before its evacuation in the wake of Black Friday, and the subsequent Darwin Institute of Science and Technology founded within the UoC’s in 2207.

Robust in nature, the Rakhan are a semi-bipedal species of vertebrates with an anatomy well-suited to Sanctuary’s climate and terrain, with two pairs of arms and a single pair of powerful legs that possess prehensile feet. Their bone and muscular structure are slightly denser than that of the average human’s in a natural response to their planet’s slightly higher gravity and in order to support their weight and movements.

When fully upright, their average height is typically about 6’5 though this is typically counteracted by the fact that when moving rapidly they use both their legs and their lower arms to quickly cross distances. Consequently, they possess three lungs and a pair of hearts in order to better deliver oxygen and blood to their system and whilst this has the advantage of allowing them to perform better in comparison to humans it also means their oxygen intake is greater; making low-oxygen environments often fatal for unequipped individuals (Studies have shown that Earth’s conditions would be deemed markedly uncomfortable for the species due to this) and making them more susceptible to unfiltered air supplies.

Meanwhile, their heads consist of strong pair of eyes (With eyesight approximately 6 times stronger than that of a human) guarded by two sets of eyelids, four nostril-like orifices which serve as a breathing passage, a set of mandibles covered by three lips and two horn-like appendages near the back of the skull that serve as ears.

Additionally, due to the hotter climate of their native homeworld, the Rakhan have a natural form of heat dissipation yet this comes at a cost of being unsuited to colder climates, forcing them to wear suitable apparatus when exploring such regions. They also give birth to live infants - though pregnancies typically last approximately seventeen months. Whilst the introduction of advanced technology over the past few centuries has greatly improved their lifespan, few Rakhan live beyond the age of 130 years.

Culture: The Rakhan have a heavily clan-based society where so called 'clanmates' are united under a shared identity, history and cultural values in addition to an intense loyalty towards each other. Unlike humans, Rakhan do not place an emphasis on familial biological ties, instead regarding their respective clans as the closest analog to human families - a concept which some Rakhan also confuse with their own clan-based ties. To be named 'clanless' is to be distrusted, and is considered an insult in Rakhan society; one who lacks a permanent tie to a respective clan can only be trusted to keep their own interests in mind.

These clans can range in populations from fifteen to fifty thousand and are presided over by a chief elected to power by their respective clanmates. Once elected, the chief's power is absolute, their word deemed to carry the greatest weight and is often the final say when matters of debate remain contested. This reign lasts until either the chief chooses to step down or under unusual circumstances in which is the chief is removed from power after a majority agreement of clanmates.

In turn, Rakhan government is ruled over by a council of chiefs hailing from dominant clans whilst a single unifying authority known as the high chief, whose position is elected by the council, is considered the greatest power. Again, these figures may step down upon choosing to do so or when their peers determine their removal is necessary.

As expected, clanmates are loyal to one another but that does not necessarily mean they will automatically regard each other as friends. Rather, it is their duty to protect their own. Likewise, inter-clan relationships are not uncommon and in the best circumstances close friends may regard each other as honorary clanmate whilst bondmates from differing clans offer the potential for an alliance between clans.

Home System: Darwin

Homeworld Name: Sanctuary
Homeworld Location: 14 I
Homeworld Description:
The Union of the Commonwealth RhZyRQU

Sanctuary sits towards the inner edge of it’s system’s habitable region with an average temperature of 23°C, giving it an arid and dryer quality in comparison to Earth. The day-night cycle lasts 26.4 hours while it takes just over six months for the planet to fully orbit its parent star. Its mass is also 1.43 times that of Earth’s with a radius approximately 7402km. To add to this, the planet's atmospheric composition is largely similar to Earth's with the a notable exception being a larger concentration of oxygen; 30.63% in comparison to Earth's 20.95, just a little under levels that would be otherwise overwhelming for human anatomy.

That said, Sanctuary is far from a wasteland; a diverse variety of biota can be found across the planet. Coastal and island-based regions enjoy a warm but pleasant climate with conditions comparable to the Mediterranean or Caribbean and this is where a majority of population centers are located (Sanctum is currently the capital). Bands of fertile soil suitable for agriculture are found inland in regions which are wetter or otherwise closer to the coast along with tropical regions where rainforest is in abundance (A contributing factor to the large oxygen content), yet further from these wetter regions on the central continents the landscape transitions towards an open expanse of desert with major settlements few and far between; often causing locals to colloquially refer to such areas as the Outback. Snow, ice and other phenomena found in cold-weather conditions are are practically non-existent outside of the polar regions and tend to occur only during extreme seasonal conditions seen only once over the course of several decades, if ever in a century.

Political System: Unitary Constitutional Monarchy. The Union's territories are divided up into separate provinces with names such as Ontario and South Wales; namesakes of the old nations which originally formed the Commonwealth in addition to existing Rakhan nations.

Colonies Under Your Species Control:


Military Composition:

Armed Forces of the Commonwealth

The Royal Air Force of the Commonwealth

The Royal Navy of the Commonwealth

Total Personnel

Service Equipment




Fleet Composition:


Hero Character: (Limit: 1) Name, race, age, position, allegiance, appearance and backstory of said character.

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PostSubject: Re: The Union of the Commonwealth   The Union of the Commonwealth I_icon_minitimeTue Jan 20, 2015 12:26 am

Good! I'll add your stuff in a minute
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The Union of the Commonwealth
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