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 The Dominion of Tranquility

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PostSubject: The Dominion of Tranquility   The Dominion of Tranquility I_icon_minitimeMon Jan 19, 2015 1:34 pm

(( A little flavor here as I set up an RP situation.))

The Dominion of Tranquility 9n6dobd

Formal Name: The Tranquil Dominion (Heraklian: Luas Tenag, Tahari: Nem'madiya Dominiya, French: Dominion Tranquille)
Informal Names: The Dominion, Great Empire of Tahar, Heraklios
Abbreviation: N/A
Population: An estimated and highly diverse population of around twelve billion sentient beings, Heraklions make up the majority of the population whilst the Tahari provide the next largest population followed by Humans who make up a minority population on both planets.

Technology Tags: N/A

Species: Humans, Tahari and Heraklians makeup the population of the Dominion, for more information see the 'Second Empire' thread.
Culture: Many cultures exist within the Dominion and not just from differing species either both of the major races have various denominations within their own society that continues to divide them whether it's differing physical types or just different languages and practices.

The Tahari have historically been a very diplomatic and mercantile-centric peoples but in recent years they have grown increasingly proud and in some cases even militaristic. Discretion is highly valued throughout every Tahari culture and they don't find dishonor in lying and cheating to ensure an end-goal is achieved, which in their case is autonomy and perhaps even independence from New Terra. They've grown more imperialistic as well and it's not out of the ordinary to witness them looking down on Heraklians whom they've always viewed as a barbaric and primitive peoples.

The Heraklians are quite different, they take their name from the general who conquered their planet and oversaw their occupation and they certainly live up to the name. They are a historically martial people predominantly although many different ethnic groups and sects exist that focus on other aspects. For the past several hundred years they have been a marginalized group always occupied or conquered by one empire or another and in the Dominion this is no different as on paper both planets are to receive equal treatment but in reality political and military power is centralized on Tahar.

Humans settlers have been residing on Tahar and Heraklios since their annexation by the First Empire and they have attracted a mixed reaction of scorn, respect and fear by the native populations although with growing anti-colonial sentiment they may find their status as a privileged group under more scrutiny.

Homeworld Name: Tahar
Homeworld Location: 07N
Homeworld Description: Almost every major political decision is made on Tahar rather than the neighboring world of Heraklios and almost every decision is exclusively made by the Tahari themselves, with humans providing their own input.
Political System: Autonomous puppet state of the Second Empire of New Terra, operates as a Constitutional Monarchy under the Head of State and Cakranāyaka(Emperor) Xruapruasp XVII although most stately power is in the hands of the elected Prime Minister, the government is dominated by the Tahari with very little major Heraklian representation outside of puppet politicians.
History: The Tahari and Heraklians have inhabited the same system for thousands of years, it's realized to be almost the most insane of coincidences for two sentient races to develop in such close proximity and many historians and archaeologists theorize that the Tahari and Heraklians may be the result of tampering by a more advanced civilization, possibly the Alarei as a result of similar language systems between the two races as well as a very similar space-faring culture with many of the same technological processes found between the two civilizations.

Today, the Tranquil Expanse is a place of intense political upheaval as the growing injustices of the Tahari are pushing the Heraklians towards open defiance and possible rebellion, with the Second Empire reluctant to engage in another major conflict it's safe to say that the future will be very interesting indeed.

Colonies Under Your Species Control: N/A

Military Specifications: The Dominion Armed Forces is made up largely of Tahari and Humans with many loyalist paramilitaries of Heraklian heritage having been organized, in the end almost every command position is filled by a Tahari leaving the Heraklians vastly underrepresented in the High Command. As for equipment, the Dominion's military is made up of a massive variety of equipment from various nations including New Terra, the UCFP and Zeleniy.
Military Composition: Estimated to be in the tens of millions.
Fleet Composition: N/A
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The Dominion of Tranquility
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