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 [07N] Tranquil Expanse

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PostSubject: [07N] Tranquil Expanse   Mon Feb 09, 2015 12:26 pm

The area commonly referred to in Imperial records as the 'Tranquil Expanse', which in itself is a rough translation from a local Tahari dialect to begin with, is a phenomenon of immense interest to the Intergalactic Community as within the system are two planets capable of supporting life. Not only that, but both of these planets are also home to two advanced alien civilizations the development of which has lead to immense speculation of tampering by far more advanced civilizations to make this unlikely occurrence a possibility and scientific enclaves are rife with speculation and rumor to this end. Outside of these two planets are a sparse variety of moons, barren rock planets and gas giants often utilized for the extraction of various resources.

The first major planet, Tahar, is the least populated planet of the two and is the home of the Tahari civilization itself. The planet is largely covered in jungles and other excessive outpourings of vegetation and other wildlife of which the Tahari themselves are rather neglectful in curtailing. The native population have historically preferred living amongst larger urban centers which is an aspect of culture that persists to the current day, especially considering the larger amount of dangerous wildlife present.

The second, Heraklios, is a much more dismal place despite it's larger population. It has just as much vegetation although with large patches of desert in between creating an interesting dynamic of lush and plentiful life alongside barren and desolate solitude. The population of the planet is much more sparse in comparison to Tahar and settlements both large and small dot the surface coinciding with the hundreds of ethnicities that reside within them.

Politically the system is a powderkeg waiting to explode, ethnic and racial tensions have been steadily growing since the Empire granted further autonomy to the indigenous peoples and this is only spurred on further by foreign interventions and Armistice bureaucratic red tape limiting New Terran military capabilities.
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PostSubject: Re: [07N] Tranquil Expanse   Wed Feb 11, 2015 10:20 am

Palace of the Ancients, Nāyakasam
New Terran Military Delegation Wing

Colonel Nawaz walked calmly through the wide corridors of the Palace, having left his anxieties far behind when he fully understood where his course would take him. Now, he was a satisfied yet empty man, his actions had seen him relieved of his command and put under arrest and now he was headed home. Officially he was a traitor, but his men knew otherwise, his authorization lead to one of the most severe defeats the Ghar Tushan had ever seen, many high profile terrorists previously wanted by the Empire but pardoned to satisfy the Tahari had met their bloody end at his mere signature. The Tahari and Heraklions called him a 'murderer', one of the rare moments they saw eye-to-eye on something and he was lucky to escape with his life as the New Terrans still had enough pride remaining to not execute one of their own at the behest of an alien, but their substitute was to murder his career instead.

Command had been wise to his intentions all along and he had to push up the time of the operation significantly to avoid their knowledge. By eleven o'clock his men had already been deploying on the two hills that overlooked the militia barracks some five hundred yards to their south. Never during the insurgency could his raiders have hoped for an easier target. The windows of the command post were ablaze and one could faintly hear the steady droves of electric generators. The barracks and the tents were dark but a series of external lamps illuminated the entire camp. Beyond the hill the town of Fitsahareza was blanketed in darkness. Clearly, only the militia had the privileges of working electricity whilst the population had to make do with oil lamps.

Faithfully following the teachings of their great leader, Heucha Nushub, the Heraklions kept a vigorous daily schedule in their army camps. At ten P.M. sharp, the troops had to be in their bunks, "Men who sleep well at night will march better the next day." this warlord said and for once, Heucha was wrong. At least at Fitsahareza, where his band of terrorists would march nowhere the next day, except into oblivion.

At precisely 11:10 P.M. his men opened fire on the camp with over thirty heavy machine guns and twenty mortars. The rest of his ground units fired at individuals targets with their rifles easily striking any who had the grave misfortune of silhouetting themselves. The effect of the unexpected attack was instantaneous. Screaming lines of tracer fire tore across the valley, peppering the barracks', ripping through the tents, piercing the parked trucks, mowing down men left and right. Some shells of the initial mortar salvo landed short but thereafter every projectile was on target. Instead of turning out the lights as would've been wise for the situation the bewildered militiamen turned on even those that had been out. Riflemen shot through the lighted windows. Groups of yelling, screaming aliens ran up and down in the compound futilely seeking refuge from the falling hail of steel.

Two minutes after the first volley almost a dozen mortar shells hit a pile of ammunition crates which exploded in a blinding flash of fire. The blast demolished both the command post and the mess hall, along with the barracks immediately behind it. Seconds later the dumps began to blow up one after the other sending up massive plums of fire high above the hills. The lights had gone out but by then the area shone like the rim of a volcano, it would later be confirmed that only a very small double-digit number of people actually escaped the ensuing fire and multiple explosions.

The camp had turned from a passable display of military discipline into a sea of flames. The drums containing fuel began to burn and burst, leaking oil into the underground depots which then, too, began to explode ripping hundred-foot-wide gaps into the hillside.

Soon after a cease-fire was ordered, the troops assembled and marched away as they bled back into the darkness of night. The mission was accomplished. The time: 11:23 PM.

Now he was being led inconspicuously under guard to the entrance of the old and decrepit building to receive a dishonorable discharge for what a year ago would've yielded him an onslaught of medals and commendations. How politics muddies the waters, he thought to himself as one of the native guardsmen opened a side gate for him and his entourage, a military vehicle sat down a series of steps ready to drive him to a military drop pad where he would swiftly be packed away and shipped off to a nearby transport craft headed directly for the capital.

Somewhere in the distance within the city he heard an unmistakeable song sung in a common Tahari dialect, he understood the words well enough but the meaning they carried unnerved him greatly:

'The righteous wind is blowing, the war drums are sounding,
Who fears who in today's world?
It's not the people who fear Terran imperialism,
But Terran imperialism who fears the people!
A just cause enjoys great support, an unjust cause enjoys none!
The laws of history can't be broken, can't be broken, can't be broken!
Terran imperialism will certainly perish,
And the people of the world will surely be victorious,
The people of the world will surely be victorious!'

How the times change, he sat submissively in the vehicle and it rapidly departed down the road, never to be seen again.
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PostSubject: Re: [07N] Tranquil Expanse   Wed Feb 18, 2015 8:25 pm

Heraklios - Khūman
Heritage Square, Lyallapur
Rakyat League Political Rally

The cultural flag of Nushub fluttered in the heavy desert winds, it's symbolism having been outlawed long ago by the Terrans during the war, but now it was a defiant source of pride for the young Suman as a nearby contingent of marines peered down from nearby rooftops to observe the rally. The view from the stage was quite impressive, thousands of people had gathered to hear Heaucha speak. Whilst during the war he had to make do with impromptu broadcasts and brief appearances in outlying rebel-aligned villages he had swiftly become accustomed to the political value in mass rallies, especially within urban centers.

Suman was indeed young, but he had been a member of the Ghar Tushan for as long as he could remember. Being born in a rebel camp his path in life was clear from the onset, his father died when he was only seven, having been horrifically maimed in a Terran airstrike, leaving his mother to care for him through to his young adulthood, by age twelve he knew how to disassemble and clean most common firearms and he was making a name for himself as a proficient marksman. By fifteen he was eagerly put to work infiltrating urban centers, spying on Human and Tahari positions and smuggling improvised bombs as well as other equipment to his fellow warriors. By eighteen he was out fighting and skirmishing with New Terran soldiers in the deep jungles and swamplands of his homeland. He was only twenty-one when a surprise raid by Jamīnuett tribesmen destroyed his camp, killing his mother and scores of his comrades. The tribals were equipped and backed by the Tahari who were authorized and advised by New Terran anti-insurgency experts, it was then he found his hate.

It wasn't long before he found a new unit, his ferocity and fanaticism quickly gained him the favor of his superiors and especially his dear leader who, in time, took him under his wing, eventually establishing him as a leading member of his personal force of bodyguards. He stood now, a Type-112 SMG resting firmly in his grasp, staring out amongst the crowd as they all eagerly awaited the arrival of their leader. Normally he would've been vigilant, on watch for potential assassins, but he knew there wasn't a single Tahari or Human on the Planet that would dare let themselves be seen near this rally today.

A loud cry erupted from the crowd, the stomping and cheering easily shaking the frame of the makeshift stage, the cause of which was obvious. Heaucha looked glorious as he ascended the steps, he wore the traditional armor of his clan combined with the spiritual garments of the Kaura Phreṭar, or 'Solar Order'. He slowly approached the podium itself, a raised hand causing the people to engage in another bout of uproarious praise which he basked in for several moments before resting his hands by his sides, patiently waiting for silence.

In time it came and he lowered his head solemnly as he began his speech, his familiar yet raspy voice echoing through the open area with ease,

"Brothers, my words for you today are brief but they carry with them great meaning,"

He raised his head, now staring out towards his people.

"On this day, we of the Rakyat make it clear and say that truth can never become false, regardless of how far in the past it may be and falsehoods can never become truth regardless of the passing of time. As this is known, it shall also be known that Tahar is a den of falsehoods." he stared up at the soldiers looking down at him now, before returning his gaze back to the crowds as if making it clear who he was truly about to address.

"Tahar is a forceful entity, a bringer of calamity, an occupier, a terrorizer, it is cancerous. It has no true legislative or constitutional power over us whatsoever and it never will. No single Tahari or fellow Khūmani holds the right of resignation over our sacred land, no single man or woman shall ever hold the right of resignation of any single grain of sand from our land."

The emotion grew in his voice.

"For we, before and after the Dominion Treaty, before the colonial doors were opened, before the war of resistance began, before we were put on and off terrorist watch lists, we are those who do not accept submission, neither to Tahar nor the largest devil of them all, the arrogant and the manipulative force that seeks it's domination over the whole Galaxy. To them I say this: our banner shall remain! The one crafted and held high by the followers of Nushub and we will repeat the old and sacred words, strong and loudly, 'Death to Terra!"

The dire words sent the crowd into a frenzy, cries of 'Death to Terra!' were repeated loud and high. For a moment it seemed the crowd would be lost in their anger, possibly becoming riotous but a raised hand from Heucha calmed them down as they eagerly awaited his words.

"As for that entity, Terra, a land of the void, a land of corruption, a land of oppression, a Galaxy-wide terrorist and a cancer on all life they shall remain a rejected nation whether they make peace with their enemies or not, whether they confess their great sin and whether or not they surrender. This principle belief shall be inherited by our children and grandchildren, we will not compromise and we will not submit! I believe that we shall, god willing, be the victorious generation on Khūman and we will be the generation which will conduct a vast prayer of victory in the heartlands of our enemies! This is a belief that carries no doubts and brings forth from us  a duty without hesitation! Our stronghold and our people with our heroic resistance, rifles and bullets in our hands, shall never submit! We will never forget the blood of our freedom fighters and all of us, united as one, cry out together: Death to Tahar!" he stepped back from the podium as the crowd went ballistic, once-more chanting for the deaths of their new enemies.

Heaucha himself quickly departed from where he came, an alleyway behind the stage, and much of his staff including Suman flanked him as the crowd continued their shouts, without their leader maintaining discipline they quickly turned their anger towards the Tahari Police Forces and their Heraklion collaborators who had been slowly encroaching on the assembly. Lines of riot police clashed with civilians and tear gas as well as many other means of suppression were deployed in a desperate attempt to disperse the angry crowds to no avail, before long gunshots rang out and the police were forced to retreat.

The crowds would occupy the streets for some time before the security forces arrived, a small urban war erupted as armed civilians fired potshots at the soldiers from balconies and windows and before long hundreds were dead or severely wounded, many of them unarmed civilians.

The next day every news source in the Galaxy would feature front-page articles of Tahari brutality and Terran negligence in the face of Heraklion defiance.
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PostSubject: Re: [07N] Tranquil Expanse   Thu Feb 26, 2015 11:17 am

Nāyakasam - The Capital City
Tahari Centralized Command Headquarters

The situation on Heraklios, now commonly being referred to by Natives as it's historical name 'Khūman', was rapidly deteriorating. The Tahari maintained a monopoly on political and economic power whilst the New Terrans stood idle, reluctant to engage in another conflict over the planet due to rapidly shifting opinions towards an anti-war stance since the end of the Great War. The Tahari Military started becoming heavily involved in the political process of the Dominion. This situation came to a climax during the administration of the Prime Minister K'Tavinau t'ar Kahanua who, after losing confidence in running the government, resigned therefore overseeing a collapse of the national cabinet. With support from both the Rakyat League as well as the Tahari Solar Peoples Party the Minister of Foreign Intelligence, Ksautokh t'un Tahar, appointed a new cabinet essentially forming his own government.

This new alliance undermined the reigning President of the Dominion, Araksaurava Taupan, because Ksautokh and his colleagues had already been plotting to seize control of Tahar and the Dominion in the upcoming general elections by campaigning for both the positions of Prime Minister and President together. On a cold night only a month later President Taupan suddenly ordered a mass mobilization of the Tahari Defense Forces whilst simultaneously declaring the Dominion's constitution to be void. The Ksautokh administration was dissolved and the Tahari Chief of Staff, Murnaquo Kesau, was appointed to the newly established position of 'Chief Martial Law Administrator'. In a mere two weeks, Kesau ousted President Taupan in a bloodless coup d'etat after suspecting the President of attempting to undermine his authority through the bribery of military officers. The former president was sent into exile to New Terra and Kesau cemented his authority through a confidence vote where various Tahari sources claim he won 95.6% of the vote. The heads of every branch of the Dominion's military were involved in the process that brought Kesau to power.

Elite Tahari 'Guards' Detachment securing the National Assembly building during the Kesau Coup.

Kesau's administration was marked by extreme conservatism and isolationist stances towards other galactic powers, including New Terra. This continued through to the present day, extreme traditionalist and nationalist sentiments are continued to be supported whilst the Khūmani continued to become isolated in their own country. Economic policies always favored Tahar and a vast majority of the states budget was focused on Tahar rather than Khūman. His most recent edicts involve the expulsion of New Terran military officers from the leading Tahari military facilities and the 'two units' system meant to legally increase Tahar's power in the two nation Dominion of Tahar and Khūman. The noose was closing on the Tahari-dominated Government as recent elections have shown the largest turnout in years and it was clear who would win, if the Khūmani won a significant majority they would have the authority to form a government therefore creating an impossible situation for the Dictator Kesau. As a result, several high profile meetings began happening involving highly ranked public officials, except instead of the Palace these were taking place in the barracks.

Vladimíra was anxious. Her days seemed to be following a growing pattern, she was used to being shut out by the Tahari but not to this extent. Whereas she would often find herself being invited as a courtesy to many Tahari military procedural meetings she now found herself not invited to a single one, in-fact on the one occasion in which she attempted to enter on a whim she found herself barred by an extra layer of security. It was clear that the Tahari were planning something, but she didn't know what. This brought with it great concern, she theorized to herself day-by-day what the plan could be all the while attempting to deduce what she could through interactions with the few naval and ground officers she managed to get a hold of, it was her duty as an intelligence officer after all.

Before long it became impossible to meet with officers above even a lieutenant grade, there was serious operational security happening and it only served to pique her interest and that of her commanders. She was authorized to conduct a 'miniscule' level of probing and what she found greatly unnerved her; logistics centralization efforts, concentrations of military resources on Heraklios, flight records detailing 'political advisers' leaving for Heraklios which further inspection revealed were actually Tahari soldiers and officers in plainclothes. All of this she sent back to her Commanders only to receive silence in return, there was no further instruction and seemingly no effort being made to preempt potential hostilities towards either New Terra or the Heraklians themselves.

Now, Vladimíra sat in-front of her personal console, awestruck by the latest piece of information to be leaked into her grasp.It was in a popular Tahari dialect but had been further translated into English for the spreading of the document to higher level officials throughout Tahar and Heraklios that may not have understood the original dialect very well. Although it was only a roughly taken screenshot of a printed document it still read clearly through the lens:


Things were certainly going to get interesting.
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[07N] Tranquil Expanse
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