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 K-10; The Un' System

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PostSubject: K-10; The Un' System   Thu Feb 19, 2015 8:45 pm

The Un System, home to the Kal'Bavakorian people and their Hegemony; born from the flames that ended their once great Alliance. The solar system, during it's creation, was gifted with a single, small star, and the six planets that orbit it. The silvery blue glow that warms the white skies of Kal'Bavakor is named Un, the star of the Un System. Due to the great distance in which these worlds are displaced from Un, they are consumed by ice and snow at almost all times of the Un year, yet somehow retain oceans upon some of their surfaces. This phenomenon consumes these worlds in a strange blue and white color. This phenomenon is supported by a strange, unknown element in these planets crust and atmosphere; an element that is known only to reside in the Un System. A large asteroid belt surrounds the outer perimeter of the large planetary system, coated with massive amounts of minerals, rock, and ice.

The first planet's name is Kullueorth, a massive gas giant orbiting closely to the small yellow sun. It is a prime center of important, live-giving gasses, such as oxygen and nitrogen. Around Kulleuorth are two orbiting moons which are around the size of Earth's moon. These moons are home to multiple research and mining installations that watch over Kullueorth, as well as a series of early warning military outposts for a quick response to unknown craft deep in the system.

Beufot is the second planet in the system and the only other gas giant; much smaller than it's sister Kullueorth at around the size of Earth. It is almost entirely composed of a gas called Beufota; a resource that can be refined into a fuel that can propel atmospheric and orbital spacecraft, and can also be used in missile propellant and other weaponry. This gas giant has no moons, but has dozens upon dozens of bubble-shaped craft orbiting it; suckling away the precious Beufot gas for use in Kal'Bavakorian weapons and starcraft.

The third planet of Oasis, smack dab in the center of Un's habitable zone, has been turned into a planetary nature reserve. It holds only simple research stations and small tribal settlements for Kals not yet adapted to modern life, while the entire planet is devoted to supporting and protecting endangered life from almost every known Kal'Bavakorian controlled world. If you want to see the entire local cluster on one planet, Oasis is definitely the world you want to visit.. If you can manage to get a travel pass to the heavily protected world.

The fourth planet from the sun, much farther off from the sun than Beufot or the third planet of Oasis, is Kal'Bavakor. The planet is over three times the size of Earth, and has over double the gravity of the human home world. One might notice the large moon that slowly orbits the planet of Kal'Bavakor, orbiting just above the worlds luminous, reflective ice-rings. Close inspection of the rings reveals they are heavy with activity, as the native species uses large chunks of the rings to lock their space elevators into orbit. The rings are the epicenter of spacecraft activity both civilian and military. Even more interesting is the space around the planet itself. Spacecraft, from small civilian craft to massive war frigates orbit the planet in clouds of military combat craft. Massive space elevators branch out into the stars from the worlds icy plains, and a large military construction foundry orbits the planet. It continues to pump out new starcraft every few months, as well as act as a home for small businesses, rest stops, and the Kal'Bavakorian commercial and military travel regulator for orbital craft.

The fifth and six planets are Ruthor, and Nalla respectively. For many years their cold and hostile surfaces were only home to ancient Kal'Bavakorian rovers and crashed satellites from previous exploration attempts. Now, they are firmly under the control of the Hegemony and hold large, specialized populations. Ruthor is an icy husk of a word, and is mainly used for mining by the various corporate powers that inhabit it under the watchful eyes of the Hegemony government, and Nalla is a massive trade and military hub. Nalla handles all incoming ships into the Un System, both military and civilian, handles trade, and is a quick rest stop for all who enter the system. Beyond these worlds lies Expansion Belt; an asteroid belt that orbits around the entire system. Within' this belts grasp are thousands of asteroids, ranging from the size of a golf ball to the size of a small moon.

Anthem of the Hegemony

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PostSubject: Re: K-10; The Un' System   Mon Feb 23, 2015 11:56 pm

K-10, the Un System
Planet of Kal'Bavakor, Capital City of Mel
Downtown City Center 001

"My Empress, the report was been filed many units ago. A joint Sentinel and Stellar Guardian strike group under the commands of the Lord General Sashir Ni'Kut and the Ship Master Jun Har'Gak have routed the last of Hugresh resistance on Oasis. All survivors were executed."

A pause, before a voice more luminous than the stars, and more threatening than death itself, responded.

"And what of their main force here on Kal'Bavakor...? Are they not the more pressing threat?"

The young aid would respond quickly; careful to use gentle language towards the most powerful being on Kal'Bavakor, and possibly in the known galaxy.

"A Svu'Kavsi intelligence report heralded their base on Oasis as a retreat to be used in light of defeat here. With their base on Oasis lost, they have nowhere to go. The Fleet of Unyielding Retribution will be streaming to orbit to initiate the last push against the rebels within' the next day, M’Lady."

The short, yet looming figure slowly arose from her chair. Her luminous armor of black, gold and red glimmered gently in the bright sunlight that shined through the skylight of the Throne’s central tower into the private observation desk. Dim holograms floated all about, displaying information that ranged from three dimensional figures on troop placements to population increase records and colonial charters from now heavily regulated private corporations. With a gentle wave of her three-fingered armored hand, these holograms gave way; allowing the Empress of the Kal’Bavakorian Hegemony to march towards the nearby window. Her helmet’s red eyes caste their gaze upon the city below, and she watched as thousands of civilian craft flew high above the streets of Downtown Mel. Farther down, thousands of dots filled the streets.. Kals. They were active in their markets, eateries, supermarkets and other stores as they opened for another active day in the bustling Hegemony’s re-empowered economy.

The Empress’ aid, a young Kal’Bavakorian woman dressed in an elegant enviro-suit of wondrous purple and silver shades, merely watched in silence as her Empress looked over her newly invigorated kingdom. She spoke only when spoken to..

“What of the food riots in Olva’Zar? Of the kaska lines in Mel? In the empire itself? Has the Great Hunger left the minds of my people?” Asked the Empress; her hands clasped behind her back.

“The last food lines are planning to shut down in the next few cycles, M’Lady. The Imperial and Amarath System’s have re-invigorated their trading routes to the home system, and we’re seeing imports skyrocketing to Pre-War levels,” The aid said quite happily. “The economy is doing the same. The Hegemony should be returning to Pre-War Alliance levels in the next few months.”

The Empress paused as she looked down at the streets so far below. The war had been drastic, and her people had lived such a rough, rough life in the decades since the Genocide of Ballo’Krechka and Hallo’Wai. The food riots, the loss of communication with the colonies, the attempted coup by the Hugresh… The Kal’Bavakorian species had held on by a thread. Elena had forced her people back onto the path, and it had not been easy. The Alliance government had collapsed, the people’s trust in their Goddess and in their government lost.

Her people had needed new guidance. And Empress Elena Ru’Shia had brought it through the fiery fist of the Goddess, the Sentinel Corps, and her own judgement. It had taken hundreds of arrests of Alliance officials and black operations through the Svu’Kavsi, not to mention the collapse of the once-active Legion into private armies for warlords on Kal’Bavakor, but the Empress had maintained control through her new empire. The Hegemony would lead Kal’Bavakor, and it would start now.

“Cakali, please alert the Council of Advisors that we are to have a meeting within’ the hour.”

The aid would pause, looking up from her Holo-Tool to eye the Empress,”What for, M’Lady? What should I say the reason?”

The Empress would smile a sharp tooth’d smile beneath her wondrous mask, her eyes still glaring out into the wondrous Kal'Bavakorian morning. Un was rising in the east; it's vibrant rays reflecting off the planet's visible ice rings in high orbit, mixed with the orbital traffic. A sign of the planet's return to greatness...

“The reason, dear Cakali, is to begin our people's return to greatness once more. Starting today... Together.”
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PostSubject: Re: K-10; The Un' System   Tue Feb 24, 2015 12:07 am

Kal'Bavakor; Grid K11, Un' System
City of Vara'Clas Outskirts
Turran Imperial War Academy Graduation


It was Commencement Day at the Turran Imperial War Academy in outer Vara'Clas. For ten years, two thousand cadets of the Turra Warrior Caste had performed advanced training; preparing to join the ranks of professional warriors whom have defended Kal'Bavakor for hundreds of years. At their birth, these two thousand soldiers had been selected for military training. Throughout their childhood and adolescence, they learned of, and practiced, the arts of war; going as far as to join actual Legion Warriors in combat against Hugresh Rebels and pirate factions. Now, after an extra ten years in the now-Hegemony's most battle-hardened, war-scarred, and violent military academy, these soldiers have finally completed a training regime that has lasted forty years; a regime they have partaken in since they hatched from their eggshells. Completing massive courses that granted extended knowledge of history, war arts, literature, foreign species, and partaking in various regional conflicts; these cadets were finally allowed to graduate, and finally call themselves members of the new and wondrous Sentinel Corps.

It was no small undertaking. These soldiers had partaken in a rigorous system that had stolen their youth and, for many young cadets, their lives. The training was hellish, the indoctrination violent. Many cadets had been transferred to other the other two castes as a result of violent injuries, shell shock, and hosts of other physical and psychological issues. Even with injuries repaired by Kalla submersion, these warriors had lost the will to continue on, and became either shaky diplomats, nervous pilots, or lost the will to serve altogether. The Turran War Directors had no mercy to even these pour souls. They had to prove their warriors were able to serve their people, or they would die trying. In the end, the cadets were willingly giving up the safety of their own lives in order to protect their loved ones, their friends, and most importantly, their species.

Of the hundreds of thousands across Turra that were selected from birth to serve, only a few thousand would ever complete Academy training to become true defenders of Kal'Bavakor. Even fewer would become Stellar Guardians, Svu'Kavsi, or Imperial Honor Guards. Only hundreds would join the ranks of the Stellar Guardians, and the latter two would only receive a fifty or so cadets every year...

The two thousand cadets stand before the Ceremonial Stage; backed by massive Vorka Crystal stalagmites that had grown into the grounds of the academy. Each was standing rigidly at attention; both male and female warriors dressed in thickly armored enviro-suits that were adorned with cascading robes; color coded to represent their position after graduation. The blues and reds represented Sentinels and Armored Sentinels respectively, while the odd yellow or black depicting Stellar Guardians or future Svu'Kavsi operatives.

The figure on the stage, who had spoken earlier of the coming of the cadets time, was the Grand War Director of the Turran Imperial War Academy. Dressed in his suit of 'Blessed' War Armor, and with fingers tightly grasping the podium set before him, he finally continued his speech with a voice that would cause even those with great spirit to tremble in angst.

"..Time, indeed! You have crushed any opposition, overtaken any obstacle, consumed all knowledge, and have proven your loyalty to our High Empress, and the Hegemony she commands. The Goddess' has given those you guard a blessing by bestowing such powerful beings upon them, and our people are in debt to your work and actions... Kal'Bavakor itself, is in debt. We are all truly blessed, indeed, by being graced by your warrior spirits! Remove your masks, show your true selves to your Mother World, and place the Symbols of Right upon your cheeks."

Each of the two thousand cadets had before them a small podium with a small bowl of a steaming, hot liquid. Each soldier, in perfect unison, slowly raised their hands to their masks and, after unsnapping the hinges, remove the helmets and place them down upon the podium. Each warrior, both male and female, would then dip one of their gloved fingers into the liquid, and raise the finger to their cheek. Depending on their future position as a warrior, they would inscribe the Sign of the Warrior, of the Guardian, of the Stone, or of the Shadow. The liquid, like acid, burns into the scaly skin of the user, and permanently scars them with the mark..

They do not flinch.

Upon completion of this ancient ritual, the cadets drop their hands back to their sides, and await the rest of the speech. It takes only a moment for the proud War Director to continue.

"With these symbols, you will be forever known as warriors of Kal'Bavakor, of the Goddess Kalla, and the guardians of Kal'Bavakorians everywhere. You will be called upon to act selflessly; to stem the tide of evil and horror in the galaxy, to defend the ones you love and hate, and to allow the Kal'Bavakorian species to continue another day. You may give your own life, if necessary, and you will do it without question, because it is who. You. Are. You are a beacon of hope and goodness in this dark, dark universe, and you will forever shine.."

With these words, the Grand War Director suddenly snaps his arms into the air. Seemingly from his hands come bursts of blue particle energy that cast into the sky; exploding to become vibrant blue fireworks that expel coats of blue, sparkling dust upon the gathered crowd. The first sparkles of life begin to come from the gathered cadets, as many begin screeching, hooting, and screaming in excitement; all discipline lost for the moment as they begin to vibrantly celebrate their success. In the midst of this sudden and consuming celebration comes a final few words from the Grand War Director, who holds his hands high into the air as he howls at the top of his lungs into the audio system.

"Shine so bright, the shadows will turn away; blinded by your righteous fury and unending gaze! No force shall dare cause our people harm as you stand before the gate of Hell, and tear into the demonic horde that will cross your path. Not Hugresh, not Pirates, not Human, nor Kal; no creature can stand before you, and survive. You are the greatest warriors this galaxy will ever see... And I am PROUD of every single one of you! My fellow War Directors and I know you will do great things for our people. Remember, Warriors of Kal'Bavakor.."

He pauses, gaining one powerful breath, before screeching.


The crowd screams back; their arms pumping into the air as the excitement of the situation explodes.


The Grand War Director, with a proud smile hidden behind his mask, cries back.

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K-10; The Un' System
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