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 J-9; The Amarath System

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PostSubject: J-9; The Amarath System   J-9; The Amarath System I_icon_minitimeWed Feb 25, 2015 10:24 pm

The Amarath System,
Planet of Amarath, City of Unzul
Heliosa (Helium-3) Mining Center 092

J-9; The Amarath System Mining_factory_by_molybdenumgp03-d3c23hu

"As you can see, the extra resources allocated to Amarath after the end of the war has bolstered our development efforts. Production and mining efficiency has never been so high. This particular facility is among one of the most efficient in Heliosa retrieval from Amarath's crust."

Mining Center 092's Facility Overseer, an elder Yu'Olvan caste member by the name of Rehar Ki'On, says to the occupants of his vehicle. He would press a few commands on his wrist's Holo-Tool before igniting the small vehicle's fission-core engine. The tires spin somewhat in the crumbling dirt of Amarath's rocky soil before the vehicle lurches forward; speeding onto Mining Center 092's now opened bridgeway.

Lady Governor Xia Kakir'Untai,the leading member of Amarath's colonial government, gripped the handrails of the vehicle tightly as they passed over the suspended bridge. Her eyes danced to and fro; mostly ignoring the extreme dropoff just a meter or so away at the edge of the bridge. Her eyes first focused on the distant city of Unzul a good twenty miles away. From this height the city's shining lights and active air traffic were visible, even in the morning light of Amarath's sun. It was testament to how far Amarath had come since it's reintegration into the Hegemony. Only two years ago Unzul had been crime filled, and many of it's current massive skyscrapers had collapsed or fallen into disrepair during the 'Great Silence' as the denizens of Amarath had called it. Now her homeworld was flourishing, under her leadership, and it would remain so. She managed a small, sharp-tooth'd smile beneath her visor, before turning back to the task at hand.

She then focused on the mining facility itself. The facility was a fully operational housing, research and mining construct, with a focus on the retrieval of minerals and Heliosa from deep within' the crust of Amarath. From what she'd read on her advisor's holo-reports and messages from Kal'Bavakor's Interplanetary Conglomerate, which helped fund this particular facility; this facility focused mostly on the research, packaging, and shipping of Heliosa from Amarath to the Imperial and Un Systems. There were multiple facilities just like it, with the recent state-designated increase in Heliosa mining in the Amarath System. With the Hegemony finally beginning to push out the home systems again in order to regain it's former glory, fuel and resources from the industrial capital of the Kal'Bavakorian empire were needed like never before..

And Xia Kakir'Untai was here to make sure efforts were in line, just as they should be.

Her eyes then focused on the massive mining drill system installed at the very end of the facility; consistently firing a violent beam of yellow energy into the planet's crust. Her mask had to polarize just so she could look at it without damaging her eyes, and the driver of their vehicle took notice immediately.

"Ah yes, the new X-726 Crust and Mantle Drill. It's top of the line m'lady.. Deposits a special genetic compound from the drill stabilizers into the crust, which helps break down the organic material in the rock; allowing the laser to drill at a much, much faster rate. Had it sent straight from the Conglomerate, along with a new Heliosa fusion generator; saved many stellar weeks worth of work with it installed."

"Very good," The Lady Governor said aloud as they continued driving over the bridge; nearing the parking point for the suspended building. The Interplanetary Conglomerate had been bankrupt for years after the war, what, with most of it's investments into what had been Kal'Bavakorian worlds reduced to nuclear dust. If the Conglomerate was able to send a newly designed prototype drill to Amarath, then the economy must really be picking up. The act also made her curious..

"I admit I am confused.. I thought Amarath didn't have a massive deposit of Heliosa. What of Sivaron, or Amarath-01?" She asked, speaking of the other worlds in the system. While Amarath and Sivaron were the only habitable planets in the system, mining and research outposts on Amarath-01 and 04 through 07 were also available.

"The Conglomerate, and even the Colonial Administration, asked specifically for the largest deposits on each planet to be mined. We have huge orders for Heliosa for now; greater than even in Pre-War times. Mining installations in the entire system are running full kak'sur right now, m'lady," Replied Rehar Ki'On as he turned the car's spherical handling device; pulling the vehicle into a marked parking zone on one of the ridges by the facilities entrance. Turning off the vehicle's fission engine, he would step out of the vehicle and walk around to extend his hand to the Lady Governor. Gracefully she'd accept it, bracing against his hand in order to step down onto the ground. The crust rumbled with each exchange between the crust hundreds of feet below them and the laser; causing the mountain the facility rested on to shudder consistently, although it was in no threat of collapsing.

Releasing her hand, the Facility Overseer would gently place his clenched fist on his chest and bow respectfully to the Lady Governor,"With excitement and all pleasures, I welcome you, Lady Governor, to Mining Facility 092. I hope you are happy with what you will find."

She nods, and returns the respectful bow in turn,"I am sure I will be," she says, rising again. "I am eager to see the containment and packaging room. I assume dropcraft don't just pick it up from the facility itself?"

"No no, it's actually a quite interesting system.." The Facility Overseer says quite charmingly as he, with the Lady Governor in tow, begins to lead her towards the facility's main enterance. Having been sitting silently in the car this entire time, two members of Amarath's Colonial Militia dropped off the back of the car and, with their rifles drawn, followed the Governor and her guide. Security had increased tenfold since the Hugresh Rebellion had started up in recent years, and even Amarath was not free from the harsh realities of Kal'Bavakor.
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J-9; The Amarath System
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