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 The Tefeull Mining Field, 05G.

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PostSubject: Re: The Tefeull Mining Field, 05G.   Thu Jul 31, 2014 8:20 pm

The Tefeull Mining Field
Alliance First Grand Assault Fleet
'Shield'-Class Defense Super Carrier; 'Triumphant' Command Bridge

"It appears they care not for peace. A pity."

He snarled to himself, before continuing his work. Grand Admiral Dask'Re was glued to his command console; his fingers dancing about upon the input sensors as he dragged orders to the frigates. With every drag to target the visible RCS thrusters, with every order; the Avenger lost another thruster system. The Frigates were decimating the maneuvering capabilities of the ship..

But it wasn't enough. The tension was rising in the bridge; it was almost as if someone threw a plasma torch on a block of ice, before tossing it in an enclosed room. The human 'Avenger' was continuing to turn, and there were a series of large power surges coming from it's forward cannon. It was going to fire; something his Tracking Officer was quick to point out in an emotionless voice.

"My Lord, enemy craft is beginning to decelerate; twenty seconds till' it enters the firing field of the fleet."

It had to be targeting the Kal'Bavakor. If the ship fired shots against the 'Triumhpant' directly, it could cause the Kinetic Wall to collapse and require a recharge, or even damage the shield cap, but the Kal'Bavakor would simply open fire again with it's main cannon. That left only one move left.

"Communications Officer, alert the Kal'Bavakor to fire upon the enemy ships finished rotation. We're going to fire right down the damned barrel.."

This elicited a pause, but only for a moment. The Communications Officer replied with a quick, respectful acknowledgement, before beginning to issue the order. Already, from what his command console told him, the Kal'Bavakor's Light Accelerator Cannon was lit up and charging; it's charging perimeters engaging on full energy. It would be a close call, for the main cannon still needed fifteen seconds to actually charge the energy battery. The Grand Admiral quickly barked.

"..And ensure the Weapons Officer on the Kal'Bavakor has the targeting sequence already prepared. We have NO time to waste here."

"Yes, my Lord," The Communications Officer replies starkly; a bit of worry filling his voice now. The Grand Admiral continues.

"Unlock all available nuclear batteries, lock all mass driver and rail-cannons to front, and prepare for simultaneous bombardment. I want this ship decimated."

The Weapon Officers aboard the fleet began inputting their targeting sequences into their ship systems. The Alliance Fleet had continued bombardment of the Avenger this entire time, but a concentrated bombardment had not yet been performed. On many of the Alliance ships, torpedo bays unlocked; sliding out of their armored platforms and rotated to aim directly where the Avenger's armored front was about to be. Onboard OI systems inserted new, multi-ton Rail-Cannon barrels into place, jettisoned Mass-Driver magazines and welded new ones into place, and recharged beam, plasma, and turbo-laser batteries in special series to ensure some batteries were still firing in the process. For ten seconds, the batteries upon the Alliance Fleet died down..

And then the Avenger's main battery was finally in view. The Grand Admiral was about to cry out an order which would bring about victory, although at a cost, and bring the Coalition Avenger to it's knees..

When the human naval forces suddenly stopped firing.

"My Lord, the USC Fleet has stopped engagement... They're retreating! The Coalition Fleet is returning to their borders!"

Breaths were held for a moment. Was it possible? Did the Alliance Navy, split and overpowered to some degree, manage to defeat the Coalition Navy? Of course, the intimidation of the New Terran Fleet helped, but they had stood. They had fought. They had held the line against tyranny, racism, and imperialism; causing their enemy to retreat like wounded hounds. The lives of their comrades, lost during the initial assault, were not in vain..

The silence quickly turned into a series of excited hoots and cries. Clapping resounded throughout the command bridge, and the Grand Admiral slowly slid into his chair, as if a great weight had suddenly been lifted from his chest.

"Communications Officer, call all Fleet Captains to my communication channel, and order the cancellation of the attack order. Keep weapons on stand-by, but set combat conditions to Tier-6... Let the Humans drag themselves off and lick their wounds. I am also transferring special orders to your console; transmit them directly to Sub-Fleet One!"

"Yes my Lord!" Exclaimed the Communications Officer over the light celebration. He quickly set to work..

The Tefeull Mining Field
Alliance First Grand Assault Fleet
NMRB‘Violent’-Class Battleship 'Foreign Torment'

"Message from the 'Triumphant'... The battle is over, Lord Captain! Enemy ships have deactivated weapons, and are pulling away! We are ordered to Tier-Six Combat Readiness, Condition Jay-Ova'Ka!"

The Captain of the 'Foreign Torment' merely smiled beneath his helmet as he watched, through his command console, as the USS Missouri slowly began performing a rotation on its axis, and started its journey back to USC Territory in the Teuffel. He slowly raised his cry cigarette back to the insertion slot in his helmet; inserting it, and taking a deep, long drag upon it's cold contents. He exhaled, releasing a cloud of thick, super-cooled smoke into the bridge's atmosphere. At the same time, over the sound of loud clapping and relieved hoots between bridge officers, the Communications Officer yelped again.

"Personal message from the Grand Admiral, Lord Captain. We are to pursue USC ships to their borders, and set up a patrol route along these coordinates! Forwarding to your console immediately!"

The coordinates and detailed orders quickly appeared before the Lord Captain, and he leaned in to examine the message. They were quite simple: The defeat of the USC Fleet has prompted the Grand Admiral to enforce a larger area of control over Teuffel.. Comparable to that of most other human nations. This was grand news indeed, the Lord Captain thought as he leaned back into his chair, and quickly forwarded this order to the rest of his command staff. This larger area of control would put the Alliance in a much, much more powerful position, and gave them a massive bargaining chip..

"Orders have been forwarded," Barked the Lord Captain as the bridge crew settled back into their chairs,"Follow the USC Fleet, and initiate a patrol of new territory along the USC's /new/ border."

The three battleships and four cruisers of the Alliance Sub-Fleet quickly ignited engines to full power, and began traveling with haste towards their expanded border area..

"..Grand Admiral, the Coalition Humans are sending a direct message to the New Terran Fleet. It's encrypted, but with Armistice encryption channels. Would you like me to put it up?"

"Send it directly to my console," Replies the Grand Admiral, suddenly interested. Sub-Fleet One was preparing to move out to enforce the Alliances new borders, and the Grand Assault Fleet was taking a moment to lick its wounds, and celebrate, before moving to reinforce contested and settled asteroid centers. A few of the drone wrecks scattered all around the 'Triumphant'were also being secured; the Alliance's own OI Drones moving in and disabling the ten or so targeted Human Drones that were tagged before beginning to drag them into the 'Triumphant's opened cargo bay. The Coalition Humans had lost, which means they could only be sending a message to the New Terrans of the harsh variety.

The Communications Officer quickly began transmitting the message to the Grand Admiral's console; using special Armistice decryption keys to unlock the secrets of the message. The Grand Admiral promptly listened to every sentence of the message as it came through, up until the very last few simple, rage-filled words..

<"-....End of transmission.">

The Grand Admiral, although a bit tense and utterly exhausted after the stresses of war, was silent and stoic after listening to the message. While the rest of the bridge, and even the fleet, was filled with either a lighthearted joy as the victorious Kal'Bavakorians celebrated their victory with a few cups of Basa Soda from their posts, prayed and mourned over those lost, or quickly left non-essential posts to be with those who had been wounded in the Medical Bays throughout the fleet.. The Admiral had gone completely silent, although only for a moment.

His next words came out in a quick, sharp series of raged-filled hisses; causing anyone within' earshot to suddenly stop what they were doing. The Communications Officer, whom these words were directed at, would cringe somewhat in his seat..

"Open. Me. A direct.. Goddess-Damned channel. To the Coalition Human Ship.."

"...My Lor-.. I mean, yes, my Lord."

Within' a minute, an encrypted channel was suddenly sent to the 'Avenger'; specially marked for the General whom the original message came from. If it was received, an image of the Grand Admiral of the Alliance Grand Navy would suddenly become visible. Although he wore a mask that made him appear as some sort of mix between an angel and demon, the seething rage in his otherwise calm words was easy to hear; even if he was a Non-Human. He spoke almost perfect English, and every word was prepared just for the General's ears.

++-'..You act as if you are the hand of the Goddess. Thinking, what? That you control the situation? That you have such unquestionable power over life, regardless if it is Human or not? Let me make it very clear to you, human, what the situation is. Today, my people have defeated yours, and not only because we are warriors. Not only because we have the ability to burn the flesh and bones from your skin, but because we have the power of word; of strength in speech and in peace. We do not prey on the weak, as your kind do. We are beings of goodwill and of mind, while you sulk beneath the ground; clawing for life by crushing the windpipes of those who reach their hand out to you. Today, we extended our hand out to you. Today, we attempted peace.. But you reached from your darkened, filthy hole to grasp us, and pull us in with you..'-++

A pause.

++-'We took that hand, so wrong as it was, and snapped each finger; one by one. We have proven, today, that you are a beast that knows only one, simple trick: Violence. And we beat you at your own trick. And yet, you still threaten us, like a man vying to keep his ego intact. Your people are like child, and every chance we have, we shall discipline you. Be it in Armistice, be it in the stars, be it upon the grounds of the vast words in our galaxy; we will show you that you are NOTHING BUT MORTALS!'-++

The Grand Admiral shouts this into the comm receiver; the eyes of his helmet glowing vibrantly for a split second during his outburst of anger. He then goes quiet for a moment, before continuing softly.

++-'Today, you could have made a powerful friend; one that would have worked to help you at every turn. Now, you have created a dangerous enemy; one that does not easily forget. Goodbye, General of the Coalition, and good luck in future endeavors.'-++

The feed then cuts out.

The Grand Admiral pulls away from his console and turns to the rest of his bridge crew. They were all staring at him; surprised, worried, and excited by his angry words to the Coalition. Giving the looks of his crew no heed, the Grand Admiral settles into his chair and hoots quietly.

"Comms Officer, call all craft and tell them to stay alert. This goes for everyone here, as well."

"Yes, my Lord," The Communications Officer replies lightly, and sets to work. The only sound in the bridge now is that of the humming of holograms, and the clicks of keys being pressed upon holo-consoles.
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PostSubject: Re: The Tefeull Mining Field, 05G.   Fri Aug 01, 2014 9:31 am

USS Avenger
Combat Information Center

"They are following us, perhaps we should-"

"They are just taking this opportunity to secure their border. Just let them gloat for now: he who laughs last laughs best."

The General did not humor the Kal'bavakorian message with a reply: he had never even heard it, having ordered the communications officer to record all alien transmissions but not play them on the speakers, instead printing the messages and handing them to the commanding officer in paper form. The aliens were to be pitied, really: the only reason they hadn't been destroyed was because of the timely intervention of the New Terrans and the delay in Coalition reinforcements, not because they had earned that victory. He would let them gloat, let them bask in the success of their victory, because the Coalition knew how to play the long game.

With the Zeleniyan and UCFP fleets having annihilated each other, and the two nations withdrawing from the galactic scene, the General finally saw a way to solve the Coalition's fuel crisis in the short term. "Patch me through to the Hastings, quantum communications, bridge-to-bridge. CO's ears only." he stated, his eyes scanning the holographic map like a vulture eyeing its pray. With a quick confirmation from the communications officer the General finally grabbed the handset from the command table and brought it against his cheek.

<"Hastings Actual, this is Avenger Actual, how copy?">

<"Five by five Avenger Actual. Requesting instructions.">

<"Alter half your strike group's heading to one zero five mark zero zero seven, military thrust, cavitate if need be. The other half goes to heading two one one mark zero seven five.">

<"General... That's Zeleniyan and UCFP territory.">

<"The Socialist Republics of Zeleniy and Unified and Collective Federation of Prefectures are no longer recognized as valid national entities. You will advance to these now unclaimed territories and establish a new territorial border: send your Marine craft to secure all mining and defense installations, seize all ballistic missile batteries and launch combat air patrols to defend the new border. If you find any crews inside, give them the option of either joining us or being sent back to their homeworlds. Any ships found to be in violation of our new border are to be splashed, no questions asked, no negotiations done. The use of nuclear weapons is authorized for this mission. Avenger Actual, over and out."

With that done, the General watched the holographic map again: the Coalition strike group was splitting into three, with two of those new formations advancing towards the former UCFP and SRZ territories and arming their weapons again. This didn't have to be a total loss, no: it was actually a great win. The geeks down at Research had been itching to get their hands on Zeleniyan mining drills for years, and the added fuel reserves were probably enough to give the Coalition time to consider its options. "DCO, as soon as we are across the border, send damage control teams to get the damaged RCS units back online. We need to-"

"New contacts, bearing zero two three mark one seven five, right on the edge of our border! Receiving IFF now..." warned the petty officer manning the RADAR station, but he didn't have time to actually give his report: the computer did it that much faster, displaying the new contacts with their new designations on the holographic map.


The Coalition's reinforcements had arrived, five minutes too late. The General almost grunted in annoyance before suddenly, he had an epiphany: he made a hand gesture on the touch screen before him, swiping away the display of the asteroid field and instead projecting a map of the local star cluster. And then, he zoomed in further, grabbing the handset again before the zoom operation even finished. "Patch me to the Saratoga, NOW! NOW!" he screamed out, catching the attention of every person in the CIC.

Three seconds later, one of the petty officers replied to the order: "You are connected sir!"

"Saratoga, Saratoga, this is Avenger Actual, prep your fleet for immediate jump, repeat, prep for IMMEDIATE jump, this is not a request. Set your destination for sector oh four Golf, everything will be explained later. Within the next two minutes, you will receive your new orders via EAM from the NMCC, do not ask me what this is all about. Just do it." yelled the General, typing a message to be sent to HYDRA station via quantum entanglement device:

Quote :







The message was sent immediately after, much to the General's relief. And then, as suddenly as they had arrived, the newly-arrived reinforcements begun spooling their jump drives: for some reason, the Coalition was withdrawing its reinforcements from Tefeull, perhaps much to the surprise of the fleets participating in the conflict.
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PostSubject: Re: The Tefeull Mining Field, 05G.   Fri Aug 01, 2014 12:06 pm

Tefeull Mining Field
Type 86B CVL-21 'Hélèn Lémieux', I. Command Squadron, 1st Fleet
Action Information Center

"Coalition Force is maneuvering, Information Access Terminal now updated!"

"Stellar work, Ensign."
Pavel's eyes peered upwards to the blinking visual display above his station, it was now updated with the movements of the newly split Coalition formations.

"What do you suppose they're up to?" asked one of his adjutants, he remained silent for a moment before replying,

"The clever devils. They hope to grab a bigger slice of the pie, their advance brings them into Zeleniyan territory and at the other end of that, Federation Territory."

"But sir, wouldn't that be suicide?"

"Not at all, Saatchi, with the Zeleniyans and the UCFP at eachothers throats they've positioned themselves militarily out of Tefeull leaving much of their claims vulnerable to annexation, the USC hopes to seize these exclusively for themselves at the expense of their former ally and enemy."

"Then sir, we must report."

"No, I have another idea."

Whilst Pavel remained humble and out of sight during the after battle shouting exchanges between the former combatants, at the time being grateful he didn't have to put his people in harms way, he would now be acting on his own accord, his fast ships could easily secure the SRoZ and UCFP claims in a quarter of the time it would take his USC cousins to reach the area. The Kal'Bavakorians as well were moving to secure larger shares of Tefeull, he and much of his officers found the gloating and perceived anti-Humanism from the 'Grand Admiral' distasteful and disrespectful, a token of New Terran pride over their beliefs that there should at least be some observation of honor in naval warfare and as a result they did little to contact or inform their Allies over the USC's plans or their own for that matter, it's not as if they wouldn't be able to figure it out on their own accord anyway.

The timing was perfect, the moment the USC vessels were to hit Zeleniyan and UCFP territory the New Terran fleet would immediately jump and secure the prime real estate. Priorities would be on strategically defensible positions and resource surpluses, in only a few moments they would easily secure a lions share of the UCFP and Zeleniyan claims whilst permitting the USC to seize the less desirable areas so as to avoid a continuation of hostilities, rhetoric would be the same as usual if pressed they would claim they were defending the Zeleniyan and UCFP areas against 'foreign aggression' or 'Imperialism' or any other good buzzword they could feed to the press. The end result would be the same, 'the USC was probably getting used to accepting strategic defeats for tactical victories at this point' he heard one of his officers remark during the process.

It was only after securing their new territorial gains that the New Terrans finally took the time to reply to the Red Sun Imperium's previous transmissions,

"Apologies for the delay, Admiral Pierce." Pavel began, sending a direct communication back to the Red Sun's Fleet. "We have successfully diffused the aggression between the two parties and we've also liberated some areas from Coalition tyranny." just like that the truth was shot to pieces, the strategically seized Zeleniyan and Federation claims were now 'liberated territories', irregardless if they were only a few rocks.

"Furthermore, I've designated some zones closer to your claims which you are free to take over in the police effort, the information has been compiled and sent and your willingness to aid in Interstellar peace efforts in this Zone has been recorded. We are grateful for your offer of assistance even if it came at an inconvenient time, Admiral Kiselyov out."

True to his word, Pavel allowed the relay of a transmission containing a very accurate outline of former Zeleniyan Territories within which the Red Sun would be free to begin 'policing', it was nothing short of a bribe. Within a few moments Admiral Kiselyov had covered himself in glory, he would not only be able to take credit for 'routing' the Coalition Navy but he would also gain immense political clout for his seizure of huge swaths of the strategically valuable Tefeull Zone at a minor cost to USC public relations, the Foreign Office would also applaud his offer of territory to the Red Sun, smoothing the way towards a potential alliance between the two nations.

He couldn't wait to get home.
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PostSubject: Re: The Tefeull Mining Field, 05G.   Fri Aug 01, 2014 1:16 pm

Tefeull Mining Field
2nd Imperial Offensive Fleet
'Poseidon'-Class Battleship, The Harbringer
Command Bridge

Admiral Pierce leaned back in her chair. The conflict was already over, a pity, but probably a good thing over all.

"Set the course for the Zeleniy territory and create a defensive formation. I want those mining barges to set up an Imperial operation here as soon as possible in order to stake our claims here. Get me the Terran admiral on comms once again." The on-board artificial intelligence did just that and appeared holographically on a small stand next to Pierce's chair. She gave the Admiral a singular nod symbolizing the secure channel to the Terran fleet had been opened.

"Admiral, I'd like to congratulate you on your victory against the USC. I would also like to personally thank you for the generosity shown towards the Imperium at such a time, your respect and your gift will not go unnoticed by the Imperium's higher echelons." At this point the Coalition's reinforcement fleet would enter the system and the Admiral would sit up in her chair.

"Although it may seem we are celebrating too early Admiral, I am picking up USC signatures of a new fleet entering the mining field." The admiral bit her knuckle and looked around the bridge. Only about 4 human officers were on board, but they were working quickly to deal with the current situation. The line would be terminated with the Terran fleet and at this point Admiral Pierce would address her own bridge.

"How long before the stragglers get here?"

"They should be arriving now."
Arrive they did. The last few ships, reinforcements rerouted from another contingency element that was positioned in a different system had entered the field of play.
One Imperial Dreadnought, One Imperial Cruiser, and Two Imperial Frigates. As soon as the ships entered the field the began to move with the fleet, and took up a defensive perimeter in the once Zeleniy, now Imperium territory. The AI would have automatically updated the captains of each of the ships and told them the standing orders.

Contact any Zeleniy survivors in the area and inform them they will be going home safely to their children and families as soon as we can find them. I want a few fighter squadrons from the Trident to begin search patterns broadcasting the signal and looking for those Zeleniy miners. I also want several dropships and a squad of marines to be on standby to pick up these miners. Make sure they aren't armed and then send them towards Atsi for safe delivery.

The Trident was the fleet's carrier and it held a large contingent of fighters and marines aboard it. The Atsi was one of the frigates that accomponied the fleet to Tefeull, and it could support a small amount of residents on-board, in its small hangar. The Imperium hoped to do right by sending the Zeleniy home and offering any support they could to make sure they were healthy, however they weren't willing to give up their new holdings in the sector.

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PostSubject: Re: The Tefeull Mining Field, 05G.   Fri Aug 01, 2014 4:01 pm

The Tefeull Mining Field
Alliance First Grand Assault Fleet
'Shield'-Class Defense Super Carrier; 'Triumphant' Command Bridge

"I do not want to hear this right now, Political Officer.."

"Do you desire to alienate our allies so quickly? Perhaps the New Terrans recognized your speech as anti-Human? You need to work on political damage control.. Contact them immediately."

Grand Admiral Dask'Re snarled aloud at the 'Triumphant's Senior Political Officer, whom stood before him upon the command pedestal. Every command ship, or ship that was capable of such a status, was garrisoned with a small number of Political Officers taken directly from the Mel'Va Diplomatic Corps. Their objective was to ensure that Alliance Military forces won the battle, the war, and most of all, the political madness that was to follow any conflict. While the Grand Admiral never meant to insult his allies, the New Terrans, and never had any anti-human intentions in his speech; it was possible they took it that way.

"While I respect your intelligence in this area, Political Officer; remember your place. You /advise/ me.. You do not order me."

The Political Officer nods his head,"Of course, Grand Admiral. I respectfully request you transmit a direct communication to the New Terrans to.. Ease any possible tensions that arose from your speech."

"I will do so. Head down to the medical bay, and ensure the wounded are being properly treated in the mean time."

The Political Officer nods his head once before, with a quick twirl on his heels, begins to quickly make his way down the pedestal, and towards the exit of the bridge. The Grand Admiral lets out a deep sigh; not one of relief, but of extreme exhaustion. He gently brought a hand up to his helmeted head so that he may lean upon it. Indeed, while the bridge crew, and many of his fleet officers, were cheerful and relieved at their victory; the Grand Admiral felt only a deep, deep pain. His forces were not prepared to engage such an alien enemy, and so, so many had died during the battle. The reports were still coming in: Heavy damage to both long-range combat cruisers, and the 'Bombardier' was almost completely out of action. The 'Triumphant' was doing fine, although the starboard hull had taken serious damage. The repair drones and repair nano-bots were already deployed; sealing up atmosphere vents and repairing critical components..

The pain continued to grow in his heart, as if he felt each of the wounded, each death, hanging on his old shoulders. He hid it well, though. With the last of his great strength, the Grand Admiral would call sharply..

"Communications Officer; open me a direct line to the New Terran Fleet. I wish to speak with them."

"Of course, my Lord," The Communications Officer replies normally. The stress of Admirals earlier anger had left, and the bridge had returned to a somewhat cheery mood, although there were many who simply mourned..

++-"Attention Admiral Pavel Kiselyov, and all humans of the New Terran Fleet. I wish to personally thank you for your assistance in subduing the Coalition advance.. Without your fleet here today, we may still be in the thrones of war. In the coming hours, we will be moving to encompass the outer sectors of the captured USC territory, and installing new installations along the way. While, at the same time, we will be nursing our wounds, as we have taken heavy causalities during this short but violent conflict; I offer my fleet to assist in any way possible, be it medically or for transport purposes. Grand Admiral Dask'Re, ending transmission.'-++

Eugh. It felt like he was pandering the New Terrans. Yes, while they had assisted in intimidating the USC into a retreat; none of their forces faced the glory, and hell, of war today. Their admiral, who was probably enjoying a very strong moment of pride, would not have to command the releasing of data-notes back to many soon-to-be devastated families. He deactivated the transmission system, and awaited a response. In the mean time, the Grand Admiral turned to his command console, and began inputting a series of orders. He activated the communication systems fleet wide, so that he may speak with the Grand Assault Fleet as a whole.

"Attention all units, attention all units; this is Grand Admiral Dask'Re. While the battle appears won, the human Coalition has bloodied us to great extent. Therefore, before celebrations of our victory, we must take stock, and set up a defensive position in our new territory. We must also care for the wounded, the dead, and attempt to repair our wounded craft. The 'Triumphant' will be deploying multiple shielded shuttles to the 'Bombardier', the 'Cascading Ruin', and the 'Distant Fury' to pick up wounded and dead for transport to the 'Triumphant's medical bay. You will be receiving detailed reports on your operational requirements from your squad leaders or commanding officers.

The 'Kal'Bavakor' and all Frigates of Sub-Fleet Two will be joining Sub-Fleet One in setting up a patrol system around our borders. Your Captains will receive detailed reports in a few cycles. May the Goddess bless us eternally."

He then ended this transmission as well. Turning to the three-dimensional command console, he began inputting direct orders for the deployment of the fleet. At the same time as he worked, he hooted aloud for a particular officer yet again.

"Communications Officer, send a quantum communication to the 'Imperial System' High Command. The battle is won. Reinforcements, supplies, and base equipment may be transported now."

"Of course, my Lord," The Communications Officer replies, before beginning to transmit this order back to the nearby 'Imperial System' via encrypted quantum communications.
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PostSubject: Re: The Tefeull Mining Field, 05G.   Mon Aug 04, 2014 6:44 pm

USS Avenger
Combat Information Center

"General, as the ranking Intelligence officer aboard, I must stress that what you are considering is a serious breach of protocol..."

General Ostberg was done listening to protocol and regulations: it was these very limitations that had cost him the battle. The indecisiveness at the higher echelons of government, the unwillingness to continue the fight after tricking the enemy into optimal engagement range once more. The aliens were licking their wounds and trying to secure their new border, but with the Coalition fleet at long range, the General could count at least three or four enemy ships, including a battleship, that could be taken out on a whim. The New Terrans could choose to interfere, sure, and that would prove to be a significant strategic disadvantage, but with their nuclear program still in its infancy the USC could bully them into neutrality: deterrence only worked if both sides had the means to destroy each other.

But still, it was his duty as an officer to not let his blind rage get the best of him: he fiddled with the missile launch key, the cylindrical device that housed half the encryption codes and necessary software keys to unlock the nuclear torpedo and ground-strike system, and eyed the slot in which it was supposed to be inserted. He could end the battle right there with an outcome favorable for his country, at least in the fuel department, and save the people from despair. Hell, the Missouri's main battery was armed (albeit with the safety on), it just had to turn around to fire, and by the time the aliens realized that it wasn't just maneuvering it would be too late for that fancy battleship of theirs. Even better, the Saratoga and the rest of the USC reinforcements hadn't jumped yet, and could be ordered to open fire within less than a minute. He could do this.

"Sir, incoming quantum transmission from HYDRA, marked urgent." exclaimed one of the officers, passing the piece of paper to the General, who begun reading.

It wasn't that simple, was it? The New Terrans wouldn't just budge, they would use it as an opportunity to paint the Coalition as the bad guys. It would be a public relations disaster. No, they had to play it safe. There were other ways to achieve dominance that did not involve destroying the Coalition's already poor international reputation. He did not need to leave much of a standing force on Tefeull: neither the aliens nor the other human nations would dare actually invade the Coalition section of the asteroid field, lest they provide the casus belli for a nuclear attack. The Department of Defense seemed to agree, and had come up with a far more ingenious strategy.

"Deploy all remaining stealth mines and position them along our border with the New Terrans and the squids. Get me the Hastings on the horn." he finally stated, placing the missile key's chain around his neck once more. They'd have to live to fight another day.

"Hasting's on the horn, sir!" soon reported the communications officer, and the General grabbed the handset for one more time.

<"Hastings Actual, this is Avenger Actual, urgent. Return home. Repeat, return home. There is no point to keep your fleet in Tefeull: fleet command will inform you soon, but I am giving you a head start. It's been a pleasure to work with you. I have a feeling I will see you soon. Avenger over and out.">

A few seconds later, the Saratoga Strike Group disappeared from sensors, having begun its journey to Talarin, and the Hastings Strike Group's jump drives begun spooling: the Avenger would be left alone to take care of the Coalition's holdings in Tefeull with its escort fleet, which was an upgrade from the pitiful security that had been assigned to the asteroid field prior to the whole incident with the aliens. Plus, there were construction companies and shipyards in Tefeull: the Avenger could repair its damage through these private contractors.

"Sir, and what of our mines in the aliens' territory?"

"Move them to Midnight status. They are positioned within the radiation field of the detonation, the chance of them being detected is zero. We might need them eventually."
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Tefeull Mining Field
Type 86B CVL-21 'Hélèn Lémieux', I. Command Squadron, 1st Fleet
Action Information Center

"I offer my fleet to assist in any way possible, be it medically or for transport purposes. Grand Admiral Dask'Re, ending transmission."

Saatchi looked up, "But of a dramatic fellow isn't he?" whilst the comment brought a smile to some of the other officers Pavel retained a more serious demeanor.

"Open a channel with the Kal'Bavakorian vessel, please Mr. Allen." within moments he had a direct link to the 'Triumphant'.

"Admiral Dask'Re, We admire the courage the Kal'Bavakorians have shown and we count ourselves lucky to have not had to face the horrors of battle which were visited upon your men and women this day and whilst we remain ready to fight if necessary we hope the Kal'Bavakorians will join us in the aspiration that these events never repeat themselves but recognize that if necessary we will fight again in the spirit fostered by the historic friendship between our two peoples, it's in this spirit that we hope we have proven to our dear Allies the fundamental differences between ourselves and the Coalition. Admiral Kiselyov out."

His speech was sincere albeit carrying it's own touch of dramatic flair, he would be relying on the Kal'Bavakorians to help maintain their combined presence in the sector and so he felt it would be foolish and unfair to hold an emotional outburst during a time of pressure against them.

Commonwealth Economic Zone
'Lázár Görgey' Trading Center

"So what'll it be, Banton?" a uniformed man yelled, aiming a pistol by his hip.

"I don't know, how about your life?" the blonde haired Banton replied, raising his dual-wielded HMG's and firing into the squad of soldiers in-front of him causing the uniformed mans beret to fly off, the camera quickly cutting to it falling into a pool of blood with it's Imperial Spec-Ops logo clearly visible.

Colonel Quitard was somewhat bewildered, "So he is killing Terrans? Where did he get those Type 80s from?"

The staff at the Trading Post were gathered around a large view-screen on which they were watching yet another pirated USC film.

"Well," one of the more tech-savvy members of the group spoke up, "He picked them up from the armory when he escaped the prison and he isn't killing like -actual- Terrans they are lead by a rogue extremist General and they stole some nukes from the USC and were threatening to use them if they didn't get a bunch of money."

He looked back to the screen, Banton had just kicked open a door and was shooting his way through the parade grounds of what appeared to be a New Terran military base. A large formation of soldiers ran at him in columns only to be shot dead en masse, another squad of troops caught the hero's attention by firing at him whilst advancing alongside a tank. Banton fired several bursts at the advancing formation before grabbing and throwing a grenade with relative ease which landed directly in the middle of a group of soldiers, the detonation sent the men flying into the air as the tank pressed on, running over a car during it's slow advance.

"Why are they just standing together, why is the tank not firing!?" Quitard said no doubt echoing the thoughts of the films antagonist, the Rogue General, who was seen shouting at his men from behind the tank before a burst of machine gun fire from the Hero sent him running for cover. The Hero was suppressed and crouching behind a wall, having dropped his now empty machine guns, luck was on his side however as the camera panned to a rocket launcher laying in the open as loud gunfire was heard and several bullet impacts kicked up the dirt around him. He swiftly jumped forward over the wall, breaking into a combat roll and grabbing the rocket launcher, the moment he broke his roll he was crouching perfectly with his weapon aimed directly at the tank.

The camera panned behind the Hero as he fired the rocket and the distant tank exploded sending the men around it flying in a huge inferno.

"Ridiculous!" Quitard exclaimed, stamping off towards the Intelligence Enclave at the other side of the room as the assembled workers cheered and laughed at the scene unfolding before them. The door closed, cutting off the sound from the film which was playing dramatic music as the Hero reacquainted himself with his rescued love interest, a New Terran Noblewoman with a stereotypical French accent who was swept off her feet earlier in the film.

Inside, Commander Thiers was alone intently reading a report given to him by Pivert. He had a grave look on his face and barely noticed Quitard approaching him.

"Well, what's the news?" Thiers said nothing, instead handing the paper to Quitard as he turned around to gaze through the window. The Colonel slowly read the report which caused even him to raise an eyebrow,

Detailed on the document was the promotion of Thiers to Captain and overall Imperial Guard plans for the sector. It was an absolute militarization. Calling for the deployment of anti-ship weapons on nearly every major asteroid under New Terran control with bases for potential fighter and bomber deployments as well as repair docks for naval vessels. But most important of all was the order for immediate scouting to begin for potential ISBM launching sites, a motion that could very well cause an uproar in Armistice Station and possibly trigger a major diplomatic and political crisis, but there the orders were in black and white.

"So they're serious."

Thiers spoke, "It looks like High Command is willing to risk everything if it means we maintain our position."

Silence took over and for the first time in a very long time the battle-hardened Colonel felt fear.
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PostSubject: Re: The Tefeull Mining Field, 05G.   

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The Tefeull Mining Field, 05G.
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