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 Yheukyan (wip)

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PostSubject: Yheukyan (wip)   Yheukyan (wip) I_icon_minitimeSun Jan 05, 2014 10:37 pm

Yheukyan (wip) Alien_world_by_edli-d3a8i0h
Formal Name: Yheukyan
Informal Names: Yan
Abbreviation: YHEU
Population: 8,000,000,000 Yheuk
~14,000,000,000 artificial beings, serving different purposes.
4 central broods of Kabin near the arctic circle, perhaps several billions in each. Caged in by ice and quarantines.
Unknown number of Kabin on Yoba's moon.

Starting Fleet
(deactivated means offline, most likely taking a couple months to charge up and use)
1x Active Dreadnought (spherical mothership)
3x Deactivated Dreadnought
2x Active Destroyer Classes
8x Deactivated Destroyer Classes
4x Active Carrier Classes
8x Deactivated Carrier Classes
Significant amount of probes

Technology Tags: Technological tags from the technology thread.

Species: The Yheuk, the Kabin.

Homeworld Name: Yoba
Homeworld Location: 14H
Homeworld Description: Located in a system with a star that is considerably close in spectral class to the Sun but smaller. Further away from the Sun, on the edge of the Goldilocks zone.
Aphelion: 1.7 AU
Perihelion:  1.693 AU
Semi-Major Axis: 1.2 AU
Orbital Period: 728 days
Orbital Speed: 21 km/s
Satellites: 1, many artificial
Surface Area: 1.5 Earths
Surface Temperature Min/Max: -50 (poles) F/159 F (surface winds, convection)
Surface Gravity: 1/2 of Earth
Political System: Oligarchy
Quote :
Yheukyan (wip) 7-aliens_528_poster
The thin atmosphere of a planet in a system composed mainly of gas giants was within habitable zones - a blue marble, much like Earth, in a hostile galactic neighborhood. A planet untouched by asteroid showers, guarded by a massive moon and a system of gas giants that took all asteroid hits. A perfect place for life - as it was. Microbes and plant life flourished, seas of blue soon appeared to harbor life. Then, life walked up out of the sea and into the cold, harsh wastelands that soon became lush forests.

The Yheuk were formed from a series of microbial species that were the first to walk up onto the beaches - tadpoles that grew into huge, eight-food beings based on the gravity of the planet. Tall, clumsy, thin, pale. They grew up peacefully, slowly gaining intelligence. Egg-laying and hatching along beaches, coastal communities turned into small feuding nations, spears turning into massive swords and tools, swords and tools into ballistic weapons. Cities and armies formed, nations fought, and electricity was harnessed. The golden age of Yheuk culture began, but soon the discovery of the Kabin, a brood causing a sinkhole under one of the largest cities of Yheuk, caused widespread panic.

Yheukyan (wip) Alien_bipedal_insectoid_by_Cloister
The Kabin were a race of insectoid beings part of various networks based on different queens and sects - much like ants, split into worker and warrior castes. Residents of the lush tropical moon of Yoba that had higher gravity and a thicker atmosphere, the Kabin were brooding aliens that traveled over by pieces of asteroids colliding with the moon. The first encounter of the beasts by the Yheuk resulted in the outright massacre of entire tribes of Yheuk, and soon the Yheuk fled from the Kabin in full force. For twenty years, the Yheuk remained nomads along the coasts of different continents, every five years a brood of Kabin would tunnel under settlements and attack, perhaps hundreds of broods residing under the planet's surface. Soon, however, the Yheuk were united with the prospect of defeating the Kabin - a confederation of elders in a remote island. The Yheuk were by no means equipped to defeat the Kabin themselves. Materials from every nomadic group was put forward to build the first prototype of an artificial being armed with every available armament on the planet of Yoba in the year of 2019 on Earth. Soon, in remote islands untouched by Kabin, the production of a massive mechanized being began - DONL-0B, the original mech. Soon, it was released into the tunnels dug by Kabin, engulfing the tunnels with fire, bombs, and electricity.

Several other prototype DONOs were built and released upon the Kabin, and the Kabin were nearly driven to extinction by the force of the Yheuk robots, driven under the ice at the northern pole of Yoba to rot. The Council that established the DONL-0B was kept in place, the entire planet united under their banner - and slowly, it became more totalitarian, representing the ideals of themselves and ignoring the Yheuk people, but maintaining power due to their robotic armies.

Hundreds of years passed, and the Yheuk slowly progressed inland, looking outwards towards the stars to settle. Robotic servants and miners were turned from luxuries to everyday life, cities grew larger again, and the moon of Yoba was placed under quarantine after the discovery of the original Kabin infestation. In 2342 with a form of the Alcubierre drive, the Yheuk discovered FTL travel and exploited it, remaining staunchly xenophobic and looking to spread the Council's influence. Remaining heavily isolated due to a very primitive FTL system, it took until 2420 to adopt an updated and progressively better wormhole drive.

Yheukyan (wip) Revenge_of_the_cybermen_by_roberthack-d4i4d0x
DONO-1 Prototype

Military Specifications: The Yheuk kill any Kabin or other parasitic beings on sight, and tend to engage beings intruding in their home system. Artificial beings are set to engage only upon being engaged or having their directives changed from a mothership.
Military Composition: Primarily flotillas of artificial ships, maintained by Yheuks and ordered by Yheuks, but otherwise robotic.  There are three primary fleets, each with an escort of 2 destroyer classes, 4 carrier classes, and one "titan mothership", each ship having a varied armament. The Yheuk Army is the only ground force, with Yheuk commanders and DONO-57 troopers and several outdated DONO models, supported by DONL-2 mechs. The army itself is only located in Yoba and on the outskirts of 14H, comprised of perhaps of 2 million artificial soldiers, and many more possible for production or activation. The Council's Guard is primarily guarded by classic DONO-1s that have been refitted. Each DONO is considerably smaller than a Yheuk, standing at about six feet. DONLs are larger, cumbersome and mechanized at about ten feet. DONLs are extremely rare to find in packs, and are huge commodities on the battlefield, numbered at only at several thousand, most of those deactivated or in orbit around Yoba's moon.

The primary weaponry of all forces in the Yheuk military are electrical weapons and lasers.
Yheukyan (wip) 6128833

Yheukyan (wip) Battleground_Alien_Mech_by_basil81

Yheukyan (wip) Swift_Bug_Concepts_by_Cloister1
Kabins are autonomous and hostile towards Yheuks, and have their own caste systems. At their tallest, they can be ten feet high (larger warrior castes) with the current gravity of Yoba. At their smallest, they can be slug-like creatures that are 6 inches tall (smaller worker castes). Each Kabin has a color denoting their brood, and the remaining four are black, yellow, blue, and orange. Kabin from the moon of Yoba vary in color and number. The moon of Yoba is infested heavily to the point of literal no purpose to use, for eliminating the amount of Kabin would devastate the planet.
Hero Character:
Yheukyan (wip) Giant_robot_invasion_by_ilker_yuksel-d321lx6
RACE: Mechanized artificial being
AGE: 300 years old
POSITION: First in chain of ranks, but in reality puppeted by Yheuks.
ALLEGIANCE: Yheuk Military
APPEARANCE: See picture.
BACKSTORY: Built to kill all Kabin on Yoba, it nearly succeeded. It was never retired and remains the Council's guard to this day, refitted and worked on.
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Yheukyan (wip)
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