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 [3F] The Varrak Wastes

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[3F] The Varrak Wastes Empty
PostSubject: [3F] The Varrak Wastes   [3F] The Varrak Wastes I_icon_minitimeFri Mar 13, 2015 3:06 pm

[3F] The Varrak Wastes Homeworld_2___m01___tanis_by_walter_nest-d67gwul

The Varrak Wastes
Unspecified Location

A single probe jumped into the area, the area itself was vast and full of absolutely nothing. There wasn't much colour apart from giant gas clouds, coloured by their various stars, but behind these clouds came only the deep void of space. A single Nakar probe jumped into all of this. It flew for a few thousand kilometres, taking a couple of hours, before finally stopping itself completely, and then deploying itself for long range scanning. Its transmission feed would be continuous and encrypted.
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[3F] The Varrak Wastes
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