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 The Alliance of Kal'Bavakorian Nations

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The Alliance of Kal'Bavakorian Nations  Empty
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Anthem of the Alliance
The Alliance of Kal'Bavakorian Nations  ImperialLogo

Formal Name: The Alliance of Kal'Bavakorian Nations
Informal Names: The Kal Alliance, the Alliance, Squids, Kals, Fish-People.
Abbreviation: AKN
Population: Thirteen Billion Kal'Bavakorians


Fleet is Updated After Each Construction Period on Foundry:

x6 Alliance NMRF-'Elena'-Class Multi-Role Frigates
x4 Alliance NDCRAF - 'Dragoon'-Class Dual Warp-Core Assault Frigates
x4 Alliance NMSRCC-'Turra'-Class Single-Role Combat Cruiser
x2 Alliance NMSRDCC - 'Meesu'-Class Dual Warp-Core Combat Cruiser
x2 Alliance Alliance NSRRC-'Marksman'-Class High Velocity Magnetic Accelerator Rail System, Cruiser Designation; Dual Warp-Core
x6 Alliance NMRB-'Violent'-Class Multi-Role Battle Ship; Dual Warp-Core.
x1 Alliance NCC-'Enigma'-Class Command Carrier
x2 Alliance ND-'Kal'Bavakor'-Class Dreadnaught Warship; Dual Warp-Core
x2 Alliance NDSC- 'Shield'-Class Defense Super Carrier
x1 Alliance CCA - 'Usurper'-Class Astronomica Warship; Quad Warp-Core

Technology Tags: Terra-forming and Atmospheric Control Systems (Suits and Dome Environments, etc), Genetics and Organics, Energy and Plasma-based Weaponry, Long-Range Tachyon Communication Systems (Goal is to allow communications within' Light-Stream), Advanced Industrial Production Systems (Allows for quicker production and colony development).

The Alliance of Kal'Bavakorian Nations  Eld_autarch_armor_eldar

The Empress of the Alliance; Empress Elena Ru'Shia. She is dressed in the Armor of the Exalted; a suit of armor from ancient times meant for the noble rulers of Kal'Bavakor.

Species: The Kal'Bavakorians are a race of short (5 to 5'2 [feet] are the average), blue skinned, water and air breathing humanoids. All Kal'Bavakorians have a shade of silvery, golden, or dark brown hair, with brown being the rarest color. They have white pupils that are walled with a silvery, luminous sclera, which gives Kal eyes a subtle glow. Their ears are somewhat pointed, and their long necks are covered in movable but thick scales, as is their shoulders, kneecaps, outer thighs, elbows, their heart, and respective gender areas to give them extra protection. The Kal'Bavakorians are able to speak both 'Normal' and have the ability to speak their own unique language, known as Kal. When speaking Kal, a language no other species is able to vocally duplicate, Kal'Bavakorians use their snake-like tongues to create 'clicks', 'hoots', 'cooing' and other noises. Kals also have three fingered hands, as well as two toes on each foot. Each hand and foot is webbed to allow better swimming. Kals have 6 gills on their stomachs, below their chest area which allow them to breath very well underwater.

Kal'Bavakorians require very cold temperatures, freezing point, to be comfortable in their environments, and they require very humid air to survive indefinitely. They are able to breath in non-humid areas for short amounts of time, and they can live in warm environments and survive. Kal'Bavakorians are unable to live in dry locations, although, especially in locations such as deserts, and cannot survive in extremely hot locations. Kal'Bavakorians have a natural lifespan of 200 years, with the process of wrinkling and becoming 'elderly' beginning at about 180 years. Kal'Bavakorians, due to their environment, are also a great deal stronger than a normal human. They have the ability to lift very heavy objects and the like, making them adept fighters and workers.

The great difference between Kal'Bavakorian Males and Females is that males have sharp horns, composed of reinforced Kal'Bavakorian bone jutting from their chin and from their extended elbows. Males also have sharp fins protruding from their cheeks, which open and extend out in response to anger or uncomfortable stimuli. Males are noted to have greater height and strength than females, as well as less neck scales and no groin-scales. Female Kals have brighter eyes, a greater increase in agility and slimness, and most notably they have two appendages poking from the backs of their shoulders. When extended, they produce tentacle-like arms which extend up to five feet. They are weaker than the arms of the females, but are still very strong, and are meant to carry their as well as assist them with complex tasks. Female Kal'Bavakorians give birth to new Kals by way of a mix between mammals and non-mammals. An egg is fertilized within' a female Kal'Bavakorian, as normal by mammal standards, but after an allotted time of five months the female gives birth to the egg. The egg must then be connected to a nutrient and hydration source, as well as a location based by Kal'Bavakorian-regulated temperature and pressure, and protected for the next six months. At this time, female Kal'Bavakorians become extremely hostile and very territorial. Females are given maternity leave for about a standard year after giving birth to the egg, six for the actual eggs protection, and another six for the actual baby's protection.

Male chin and elbow horns and female tentacle appendages only appear after pubescence has been reached. In a defensive manner, Females can outstretch their tentacles in a defensive manner and 'rattle' them while hissing, whilst Males expose their cheek fins and their sharp horns whilst hissing as well. To speak, Kals constrict their throats and this allows them to change the pitch and tune of their clicks, hoots, etc, as well as allows them to eat harder, larger sea creatures. Kal'Bavakorians also have the ability to separate their lower jaw in half, creating a mandible-like jaw structure which allows them to swallow and consume larger sea creatures, as well as allows them to let out a bellowing screech-like war cry. Kal'Bavakorians are carnivores, eating hardly any greens at all.


The Alliance is separated into Citizens, Civilians, Indentured Servants, and Slaves. Citizens are allowed to vote for a political, hold political office, have the right to protest, to petition and appeal a law, etc. Civilians are only allowed basic rights, such as freedom of speech, press, schooling, etc. One is born as a Civilian, even if their parent is a Citizen. Citizens are held in higher regard in the Alliance and, in most scenarios, have the easiest time to earn a permit to travel to another planet, or to own a spaceship. They are usually the rich, though many Civilians are also very wealthy, and some Citizens are poor. While this system has been in place for the last ten years on a global scale, the ideas of the Kal 'Caste System', has always been around.

The current Kal'Bavakorian Caste System has been divided into three sectors:

The Mel'Va, the nation and caste of Knowledge. They handle diplomacy, leadership, science, and are generally the most knowledgeable of all the castes. They grow to become councilors, scientists, tacticians, etc. They are best known for the arts, such as song, dance, foods, and other cultural icons of a peaceful variety.

The Turra, the nation and caste of Warfare. They are the soldiers, generals, and weapon manufacturers of the Alliance. They grow to become just as mentioned, and handle advanced weapon construction and development. They are also some of the best starpilots of the Kal'Bavakorian race.

The Yu'Olva, the naton and caste of Development. Their cities and starports rise high into the skies, and they are regularly tasked to assist colonies and even the other nations with construction projects. They build warships, transport ships, manufacture the most resources, and are known as the best traders in the Alliance.

While, in the past, there were many more castes, and they were much more rigid in structure; the development of modern Kal'Bavakorian culture has lessened the hold of these castes. Castes can now interbreed, and people can move from caste to caste, but only if they are deemed 'unworthy' or 'unable' to commit to the tasks of their own caste in their youth. Most caste members of the Turrans, for instance, must serve in the Alliance Military at some point; giving them instant Citizenship once they do. If the Kal is deemed unable to handle the rigors of life long warrior training, they will be sent to a new Caste to perform there, and must move their home to said land if they live on Kal'Bavakor. There are many intricacies of Kal'Bavakorian caste life; too many to be noted here. It can be noted, though, that all Kal'Bavakorians are members of a specific caste, regardless of whether they say they are, or not.

To be able to become an 'adult' in the eyes of Kal'Bavakorian people, a pubescent child must finish their 'Right to Passage', a ceremony in which they begin the passage from child to man or woman. It may be a personal mission given to them by their parents, or one followed by a community, such as the 'Swim to the Heart of Kal'Bavakor', where a child must swim down a chasm, deep down into the oceans of Kal'Bavakor, and stopping every so often to read over important passages written along the trail by those who have performed the ritual before them. Only once they finish and return to the surface will they be seen as an adult.. If they fail, they must retry the same trial until it is completed. More accepted nowadays is the Arena, where children are sent to spar or train in order to gain respect and prestige that might allow them to join Federal Service.

While Kal'Bavakor has actors and television shows, they are usually considered to be a 'faulty' level of entertainment. Instead, promoted by the governments of the three respective nations on Kal'Bavakor, new music and promotional shows have been created that display new creations or, most popularly, singers and performers of a certain skill. Singers are the most revered of Kal'Bavakorian entertainers. One of the most respected music genres of Kal'Bavakorian culture is 'Electronica'; one of the only forms of music that can be edited to use alien languages instead of Kal. Sports are also a huge part of Kal'Bavakorian culture, as the game of Water Ball and 'Dravoon Racing' are some of the most competitive and watched games in the Alliance. Dravoon Racing is the largest spectator 'sport' in all of the Alliance. Twenty racers on Dravoon mounts begin a race among a large circuit, and their main objective is to get the most points. Winning the race gives the most points, but doing tricks, knocking other riders off their Dravoons, and other interesting actions also award the racer points. Breaking the rules of the game removes points or can disqualify the racer altogether. Thousands of people come to the circuits that to watch and celebrate such an occasion, whilst billions watch from their HTVs (holo-televisions).

The way to become a Citizen and become a high class member of Kal society is to join a Federal Service, such as the Kal'Bavakorian Alliance Legion, or Navy. Some positions that do not involve military service, such as the Research Division, Citizens Guard (which helps with natural disasters), Construction, or any other sort of work that benefits to society also count. After a set amount of time a Kal becomes a Citizen and earns their special rights, as well as special wages each year for their service. Indentured servants are part of Kal'Bavakorian society, usually used as servants when someone commits a small crime. They are forced into working for others who order their contracts from the government, and will be set free after a set amount of working days; usually counting up to a year of total service. People without work can actually become servants themselves and, once their contracts are finished, they are given a large sum of money from the government and the ability to own a house. Their contracts are given out to richer Kals or businesses.

Kal'Bavakorians are known as fantastic neurosurgeons, psychologists, and for creating artificial translators for their advanced research into brain wave and brain structure. They are also masters of terraforming technologies, and create extremely advanced Enviro-suits for their people; all of which are made by several companies and in stylish colors and types. Kals are best known, though, as soldiers; their warriors being their most 'exported good' in the galaxy. The Alliance has goals far and wide, and a Kal'Bavakorian warrior will be there to meet them; guaranteed.

Slavery is a known, yet somewhat distanced, part of Kal'Bavakorian culture. Criminals who have performed advanced crimes, as well as prisoners of war, and those sold into extended Slavery or who have fallen to 'Loan Gunkas', the government-funded equivalent of a loan-shark, are slaves. Different from indentured servants, who need only serve a small term of being a 'respected' slave, actual Slaves are seen as grit beneath ones boots; to be used for dangerous or boring work positions. While regulated slavery is allowed, the Alliance does not condone the use of slavers, nor the capturing and forcing of innocents into slavery. Sadly, this remains a problem in Kal'Bavakorian life. Kal'Bavakorian Slavers are known to periodically move against Kal'Bavakorian or alien colonies on distant worlds in order to kidnap and sell sentient species into slavery. Kal'Bavakorian slaves are also illegally sold on the black market to other races, although Alliance military officials have been using new tracking devices to crack down on these acts.

There are five 'sacred' positions in the Alliance, with each having an individual that takes the position from previous family, or because they are the best and brightest of the Kal'Bavakorian race. These positions in the Alliance Government are the High Lord/Lady of the Alliance Fleet, the Empress of the Alliance, The High Lord/Lady Ambassador, The High Lord/Lady of the Alliance Military, and the High Lord/Lady of the Colonies. While there are many more positions, including the Lord/Lady of Inter-species/Domestic Trade, etc; these positions are not considered nearly as important.  

The Alliance of Kal'Bavakorian Nations  Iceplanet_wallpaper4

Homeworld Name: Kal'Bavakor, residing in the Un' System.
Homeworld Location: K-10, the Un' System
Homeworld Description:

The Alliance of Kal'Bavakorian Nations  Deadpool-Game-Concept-Art-Alien-World

Mel City, the capital of the Alliance where representatives of each of the three remaining nation-states, being Mel'Va, Turra, and Yu'Olva, meet on Kal'Bavakor.

Unlike most planets, Kal'Bavakor is more of an inhospitable landscape; difficult for most life to live. With it being triple the size of Earth, and with 2.4 times the level of gravity, life identifiable to human beings would be void. Regardless, Kal'Bavakor is a world of multiple biomes, ranging from lush, pink forests to glowing blue meadows and massive ice ranges. The majority of Kal'Bavakor has a basic temperature of 10 degrees Fahrenheit, and with the planet also being very humid, it makes Kal'Bavakor home to some of the most violent terran storms known to any race. While there is massive amounts of plant life on the planet's surface, ranging from fields of massive 'Kalla' plants to forests of massive pink Nutra Trees, mammal life has only small footholds in oasis' away from the super-massive storms and dangerous temperature, humidity, and weather changes. Beneath the waves, massive squids, shark-like monsters, and fish of all sizes, shapes, and colors roam the corral cities and dark underworlds of the planet; including the horrid Kal'Messu creatures. The water is a deal warmer below the surface due to the planet's massive core releasing massive heat pockets into the depths of the ocean, which allows more life to grow. In recent times, Kal'Bavakorian scientists have determined that eighty four percent of all life on the world is underneath the ocean. In fact, the sentient Kal'Bavakorian people have also developed beneath the waves; where the majority of their thousand year-old nation-state civilization has lived. Only in the last two hundred years have the Kal'Bavakorian people pushed their way onto the surface of the planet, setting up massive metropolises around the planet's oasis' and, with growing technology, throughout the planet's many continents. Orbital elevators can be seen coming from these metropolises, allowing the quick and cheap transport of items to trade with foreign races and other planets in the Alliance.

Has thick rings of ice and minerals orbiting the planet, giving it a light case of Kessler Syndrome.

Political System: The Alliance of Kal'Bavakorian Nations is a representative body of the Un' Planetary System, Kal'Bavakor, and all Kal'Bavakorian colonies in the galaxy. While Kal'Bavakor is still governed by the original three nations that ended the Great World War on Kal'Bavakor; the Alliance of Kal'Bavakorian Nationsis technically the official governing body of any Kal'Bavakorian colonies and military forces out in foreign space. The AKN represents the desires of the three nation-states on the home world via representatives. The Kal'Bavakorian nation states of Mal'Va, Turra, and Yu'Olva have, respectively, democratic, imperialist, and industrial government types. The capital of the Alliance of Kal'Bavakorian Nations shares the capital of the Kal Nation of Mel'Va, in the city of Mel; which is the Alliance's greatest source of foreign representatives, politicians, and advanced research. Turra, being the more dangerous of the trio of nations, is the Alliance's main source of military hardware and trained Kal'Bavakorian soldiers. Yu'Olva is the industrial nation of the planet, and therefore controls the main export of trade from the Alliance, as well as has the most access to rare minerals, colonial administration, and has the ability to construct star ships and develop all new manners of armors, weapons, and other non-combat supplies.

The Alliance of Kal'Bavakorian Nations is headed by the ruling family of Mel'Va, currently the Ru Family, led by Empress of the Alliance Elena'Ru. The Empress is a figurehead and a leading political figure that directs the Alliance Council in it's actions. Notably, in the Alliance, the Empress leads a government led by the Senior Representative Council; made up of one member from each occupied nation on Kal'Bavakor, or a single person from every planet under Alliance Control. Beneath the Senior Representative Council is the Alliance Council; run by a bi-cameral legislation based on both the size of the planet or population, or how many planets are under Alliance control. They answer to the Senior Council, which answers to the Empress herself.

-Indentured Servitude and Slavery, in some forms, is legal.

-To achieve Alliance Citizenry, one must perform a Public Service; such as joining the Legion or joining a medical or research career.


From the beginning, the Kal'Bavakorians lived in the lively waters; deep within the oceans of their violent world. To them, there was no 'above' the water, though they knew it existed. They remained in the safety of the waves as they built tribal camps, industrial cities, then bustling metropolises with the assistance of their new sources of energy, including Gu'Run genetically enhanced organisms and Planetary Thermal Energy, both of which generate electricity at a startling rate, either when feeding on local flora or when passing massive pockets of thermal energy from the core into the oceans, respectively. As the Kal'Bavakorian people grew in intelligence and in strength; constructing bustling cities and finally breaching the barriers of old times.. Passing through the surface of the water, and reaching land.

They moved like ants towards a fallen snack; traveling in masses like old Earths Great Oregon Trail. Millions of Kal'Bavakorians breached the Old World and passed through to the surface, conquering the land, the plants, the animals of which they had never met. The old cities of the past fell and rose again as new diseases were met, new republics and dictatorships grew and crumbled, and ten new modern nation states rose to take control over the new Kal'Bavakor; not simply one of water, but of land and sea. At first, all was peaceful, as it always seemed to be. The Kal'Bavakorians saw a new rise in political rights, in freedom, in happiness in general as technological prowess exploded. The Space Race had begun, and the future of the Kal'Bavakorian people seemed to be secured... Until the Kalla Fields were discovered.

The Alliance of Kal'Bavakorian Nations  Lee-1

Nestled within' the confines of the deepest forests of the Vastra Continent were the Kalla Fields. At first, their discovered was made by scientists of the nation of Bosb'Balla; which did their best to keep it hidden from the world community. Such an action reflected badly upon the Bosb'Balla, and their discovery was quickly found again by other nations using simple satellite technology. It instantly took the world by storm, and for good reason. Seemingly a grass with glowing properties; this flora had the unique ability to increase intelligence when inhaled or smoked and, when ingested with the right ingredients, had the ability to increase cellular regenerative abilities; increasing the lifespan of the being by years. Such flora, which was quivkly discovered in many forms around Kal'Bavakor, became a huge political issue. While some nations praised the flora as the future of Kal-Kind, others shrugged it off as a freak of nature, demanding it be destroyed and removed off the face of the planet.

The discovery of the Kalla Fields also brought to light another horrible truth: The deep set political and culture issues that had originally remained dormant on Kal'Bavakor. Issues of caste, religious beliefs, slavery, and technological advancement were called to attention, bringing about just as much conflict as the Kall Fields had originally. The World Union, led by the esteemed Ru'Shia Noble House in Mel'Va, quickly collapsed as the true problems that plagued Kal'Bavakor flooded the minds of all. What was once a peaceful world now stood in the mist of the Great World War..

The Alliance of Kal'Bavakorian Nations  Drone_mech_system_by_leejj-d5rqy2b

The Great War was quickly heralded as the worst sentient conflict in recorded Kal'Bavakorian history. With the Hugresh' pitted off against the Free Alliance, each 'representing' a large alliance of Kal'Bavakorian nations that shared similar beliefs, the war quickly escalated into a genocide of racial, cultural, and political differences; each side trying to prove their lifestyle and ideals were the superior kind. Kal'Bavakorian spacecraft bombed cities, armies invaded nations, underwater battleships blasted industrial centers into oblivion, and millions were caught in the crossfire.

It took ten Kal'Bavakorian years for the great turning point came. With the Hugresh and Free Alliance forces throwing everything they had at one another, the many nations involved had weakened tremendously. The neutral Alliance, led by the nation states of Mel'Va, Turra, and Yu'Olva, had remained silent. Watching. Waiting. Preparing. And within time, the group had finally found it's time to strike. The Hugresh and Free Alliance had prepared a minor cease fire, only to prepare for a second wave of violence and destruction. Ten years after the wars start, the alliance formed by the three major city states had prepared a military force that was headed by the original peacemakers of Pre-War Kal'Bavakor: The Ru'Shia Noble House. With the Emperor of Kal'Bavakor at the lead, their armies crushed all opposition and marched into the political centers of the other two factions, and therefore ending the greatest war in Kal history in under eight months.

With Kal'Bavakor marked permanently by the conflict, the three leading nations assumed full control over the entire planet. Each of the three victorious nations dissected the planets above and below-water cities and sectors into three quadrants and caste centers, each now under the full control of Mel'Va, Turra, and Yu'Olva. To make sure such a war would never happen again, while at the same time preserving such a powerful tool, the great Kalla Flora was exempted from use commercially; becoming more of a religious or military object than anything else, and it was only to be used in important situations. To further ensure no civil wars, the three nations took full control over caste life; confining the three main caste-cultures to the three nations. To continue a powerful political control over the planet as well, the unnamed alliance held a summit and re-established themselves into the Alliance of Kal'Bavakorian Nations, establishing it as a 'world state' headed by the Ru'Shia Family.

With this new political foundation, and a shaky, yet united Kal'Bavakor, the world began to rebuild. The Space Program, grounded and split when the war began, began with a re-new'd vigor, and was fully supported by the entire planet. New outposts and mining installations in the meteorite belt of the Un' System quickly came to fruition, and expansion to new worlds was no longer a dream, but a reality. Even more interesting were reports of extraterrestrial activity which was reported by military and civilian star-gazers. The new and powerful Alliance, having rose from the ashes of a war torn Kal'Bavakor, was ready to expand, to make money, to conquer... And most important of all; to ensure the permanent survival and dominance of the Kal'Bavakorian race.

Planetary Systems:

K-10; The Un' System: The home system of the Kal'Bavakorian people and their Alliance of Kal'Bavakorian Nations. This system holds six planets within' its grasp in the following order: The Gas Giants Kullueorth and Beufot, and the planets Kal'Bavakor, Oasis, Ruthor, and Nalla. This sector is the home of the political and, for now, the industrial powerhouses of the Alliance, and is the cultural center for the entire empire. Massive starcraft patrol the space around this system, while trade and mining ships dart back and forth between these populated sectors at all times. While Kullueorth and Beufot are mined for their valuable gases, most of which power Kal'Bavakorian warships and energy weapons, Kal'Bavakor uses these gases and mined resources to built craft in the massive orbital Foundry. The third planet of Oasis has been turned into a planetary nature reserve; holding only simple research stations, while the entire planet is devoted to protecting endangered life from almost every known Alliance controlled world. Ruthor is an icy husk of a word, and is mainly used for mining by the various corporate powers that inhabit it under the watchful eyes of the Alliance government, and Nalla is a massive trade and military hub. Nalla handles all incoming ships, both military and civilian, handles trade, and is a quick rest stop for all who enter the system.

J-9; The Amarath System:

The second system to be colonized by the Alliance, the small Amarath System is quickly becoming a manufacturing powerhouse of immense proportions. With most of the seven worlds in this system reduced to simple husks of destruction after a massive solar flare over a few thousand years ago, the Amarath System houses the bulk of corporate and state-controlled mining and manufacturing plants. Only two worlds are habitable; their atmospheres reinforced by advanced Kal'Bavakorian technology: The planet of Amarath, and the world of Sivaron. Each of these planets are developing into massive manufacturing plants controlled by the Yu'Olva Caste; creating starship parts, foods, bio-tech, conducting research into new technologies, and housing dozens of planetary trade and R and R facilities.

H-5; the Hallo'Wai System:

The interspecies hub of the Alliance, and the only system Non-Kal'Bavakorians are allowed to enter without being destroyed on sight. The Hallo'Wai System is a beautiful series of five recently-inhabited worlds of terran and ice makeup, although only the planet of Nathari is currently building up. The four other worlds are currently simple military and research outposts conducting experiments and gathering information for future development of the system. Nathari is expected to develop a Non-Kal'Bavakorian sector for all humans and other alien species to make contact with the Alliance on a personal level, and has many regulated tourist sectors. The Alliance has a strong Svu'Kavsi presence on this world; keeping close eye on all incoming aliens that could pose a threat to the worlds inhabitants.

It is also the largest trade hub in the Alliance. It is here the massive 'Collective Station' allows alien spacecraft to trade goods with the Alliance, which are either transferred down to Nathari, or brought by special Kal'Bavakorian freighters to the Inner Colonies, or the Home System.

F-5; The Ballo'Krechka System:

The Ballo'Krechka System has nothing too interesting going about it. With ten planets in the large G-Type stars gravitational hold, three of which are gas giants in the outlying sector, it is most well known as a 'home away from home' for Kal'Bavakorians. It sports the second largest population of Kal'Bavakorians in the Alliance, with the Un' System holding the largest, and is home to the most mega-cities and research facilities per planet in the entire empire. The capital planet, Yunvaro, hosts many 'getaway' attractions and resort towns for the rich and powerful; generating huge amounts of funds for the system. Kal'Bavakorians in Ballo'Krechka still feel the tight grip of the Alliance government on Kal'Bavakor, though, because of the systems high population, which is reigning at over ten billion.

I-7; The Imperial System:

The home of the Alliance High Command, just on the edge of Human Space. The yellow main sequence star 'Imperial' holds multiple dead planets and a large asteroid belt at the edge of the system, leaving only the worlds of Tak'Vega and New Nalla to be inhabited except for mining installation and underground military outposts on these life-lacking planets. The Svu'Kavsi and Alliance Navy's secondary command centers are on Tak'Vega, defended by huge planetary batteries and a massive orbital defense system which sports multiple refit and refueling stations for the Alliance Military. It is the 'Reach' of the Kal'Bavakorian Alliance; a dangerous series of stormy, violent worlds covered in the hexagonal insignia of the Alliance, and under the direct governance of the Alliance Military High Command. It is a fortress system; utterly impenetrable against any fleet or ground force currently known, and populated by Kal'Bavakorian warriors, indentured servants, slaves, and the occasional unhappy non-Warrior Caste Kal. Alliance research centers on Humans and other Aliens are centered on New Nalla, including the central database for the entire Svu'Kavsi Intelligence Network. Tak'Vega, as well as housing command centers for the Svu'Kavsi and Alliance Navy, is home to a massive defense force, and carries enough planetary and orbital Light Accelerator Batteries to demolish half the Alliance Navy in one swift strike.

Any alien setting foot in this space would be destroyed immediately, and any Kal'Bavakorian who wishes to live a long, healthy life must watch their back.

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The Alliance of Kal'Bavakorian Nations  Empty
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The Alliance of Kal'Bavakorian Nations  Commission___firing_line_by_shimmering_sword-d5k7zba

A detachment of the Athakan Empire's Imperial Defense Force defending a colony from a pirate raid.

Military Specifications: The Athakan Empire's Imperial Strategic Forces is composed of the Imperial Defense Force, the Imperial Starfleet, Imperial Intelligence, and the Imperial Science and Research Collective. The Imperial Defense Force and Starfleet are reactionary and defensive forces designed not for war or conflict, but to defend currently held systems in the Empire as well as to explore surrounding systems and respond to emergencies in a quick and efficient manner. Imperial Starfleet designates a small number of it's craft to survey and explore surrounding systems, learn about other species, and initiate diplomatic relations with foreign entities. Other craft are regulated to patrolling Imperial systems and to respond to emergency calls from colonies. Each craft in Starfleet carries a detachment of Stellar Marines of the Imperial Defense Force for defense. Imperial Defense Forces are stationed on every planet in almost every city. They control planetary defense systems and use a variety of armor, armored support, aircraft and weaponry.

Imperial Starfleet and the Imperial Defense Force can be upgraded to 'conflict status' when a war begins.

The size of the Imperial Defense Force is currently: 500,000 Citizens.
The size of Imperial Starfleet's personnel is currently: 400,000 Citizens.
Reservists: 1,000,000 Citizens.

All-Purpose Gear:

The Alliance of Kal'Bavakorian Nations  Destiny_warlock_by_tdspiral-d7ydedi

Votra Orbitals Unit-5 Environmental Suits. Coming in many colors, shapes, and varieties, these suits are used by the Kal'Bavakorian people when traveling to locations their bodies cannot handle, such as hot, dry, or rocky landscapes. The environmental suit has become almost a religious object since it's creation, and it has become a common item in almost every Kal'Bavakorian household, used by colonists, deep space explorers, citizens, and diplomats alike. It can survive a decompression in space, and has an oxygen recycling center that allows the wearer to survive indefinitely in non-oxygen environments. Comes with a special port in the mouthpiece to input food and drink in. Special variants come equipped with survival gear, transmission gear, and weaponry.

"Imperial Infantry And Armor Units":

"Imperial Navy and Air Units":

"Imperial Infantry Weaponry":

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The Alliance of Kal'Bavakorian Nations  Bubba_jett_by_hokunin-d69jnn5

Hero Character:

Name: Tormuk Ra'Thun
Race: Kal'Bavakorian
Age: 97
Allegiance: The Alliance of Kal'Bavakorian States.
Gender: Male


Tormuk was born forty years before the start of the Great World War in the, at the time, neutral nation of Turra. Living during the great military build-up of the Turran Imperium, Tormuk had been old enough to watch, and participate, in the Great World War in which his people had gone on to obtain victory in. In his youth, years before the War, he had to join the Turran Military Arts Academy in the underwater metropolis of Turek'Sal, where he learned the military arts of the Kal'Bavakorian people. In his five years at the academy, he became an expert in Melee Combat, becoming proficient in the use of the Slot Sword, as well as become a master in multiple Kal'Bavakorian hand-to-hand combat styles. An intelligent as well as powerful warrior, he graduated from the academy with Imperial Degrees in Kal'Bavakorian History, Turra Imperium History, and a Empress' Degree in Military Sciences.

Then came the Great World War. Leaving Turek'Sal for the underwater frontlines, Tormuk had joined the Alliance Legion just in time for the first few skirmishes of the war in order to defend Alliance neutrality. When Free Alliance military forces attempted an attack on Vak'Tur, a Yu'Olva city bordering Free Alliance territory, Tormuk commanded a small Legionnaire team. Armed with simple kinetic rifles and a small amount of Slot Swords, Tormuk and his team defended the underwater artillery cannons from invading Meesu-Mounted Free Alliance troopers before preparing a counter-attack that routed Free Alliance troops, and sent them retreating towards their territory. After multiple other skirmishes, some instigated from Hugresh troops, the Alliance gave Tormuk a commission as a Lord General, tasked with protecting the ocean-cities of the Alliance from opposing military forces. For ten years, Lord General Tormuk and Tormuk's "Meesu Warriors" traveled the ocean borders of the Alliance; crushing any attacking forces that dare trespass the restricted underwater travel routes between the nations.

At the age of 85, just passing adulthood for a Kal'Bavakorian, Tormuk was the youngest Lord General to have graced modern Kal'Bavakorian military history, and just in time. After ten year neutrality period, the time for attacking had come. With Tormuk at the head of the attack on the Free Alliance, and Lord General Nalla'Taou tasked with eliminating the Hugresh from the conflict, the final battles of the Great World War had begun.

Through many quick yet fierce conflicts, Tormuk brought his Legions to the doorstep of the Free Alliance's continental capital, bringing the powerful force to it's knees. Upon the signing of surrender by the Prime Lord of the Free Alliance, Tormuk demonstrated his dominance by beheading the Prime Lord in front of his followers in their palace. While this solidified Alliance control over the new subjugated lands and followed ancient Kal war tradition, this was not a practice the Alliance was willing to bolster, and certainly not the image they wished to have. As Tormuk was a war hero, and had fought with great effort for his nation, he was spared the dishonor of a court martial by the new solidified Alliance of Kal'Bavakorian Nations, and was instead honorably discharged by the Alliance Legion and, to make use of his skills, was given a new position in the Alliance; one of a more secret standing.

Now it is ten years after the end of the Great World War. Under direct command by the Empress of the Alliance, previous Lord General Tormuk Ra'Thun is under orders by the Alliance to lead the charge into space. With Alliance space naval forces ready to expand and communicate with the many races that exist, Tormuk Ra'Thun is tasked with meeting with these alien races to discover as much intelligence as possible, and alleviate the threat of another horrific war from the minds of Kal'Bavakorians, wherever they may reside. While Tormuk is calm, calculating, and respectable, he is known to be dangerous and ruthless when his priority tasks are at jeopardy of failure. And in an age as dangerous as the Expansion Era, as it is known by the Kals, there is no room for failure...
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PostSubject: Re: The Alliance of Kal'Bavakorian Nations    The Alliance of Kal'Bavakorian Nations  I_icon_minitime

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The Alliance of Kal'Bavakorian Nations
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