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 The Valkari Empire

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PostSubject: The Valkari Empire   The Valkari Empire I_icon_minitimeMon Jan 06, 2014 4:33 am

The Valkari Empire Valkar10
Formal Name: The Valkari Empire
(pronounced: val-ka-REE)
Other Names: Valkar, Leatherhides, Gold-Bloods
Abbreviation: VKE
Population: 11.6 Billion

Starting Fleet:
5x Cruisers
5x Battlecruisers
1x Carrier
1x Dreadnought

Species: Valkari
The Valkari Empire Kisari1
Warm-blooded, carnivorous reptomammals, the Valkari are a hardy, stubborn people.  Their homeworld, Kaan, is by no means a comfortable place to live.  As a result, they have evolved into stubborn, difficult to kill creatures.  They have very rough, strong skin, which originated as a response to shield themselves from the radiation.  While their skin is resistant to radiation, it is by no means 'natural armor'.  They have multiple redundant organs.  They are humanoid, though they have more dense musculature than humans.  They typically stand from five to seven feet tall.  Each hand has four fingers and a thumb, all of which end in talon-like claws.  Their feet have three talons, and a 'big toe' talon.  Needless to say, their talons on both their feet and hands are capable of ripping flesh.  As such, their diet is primarily meat-based.  They prefer live meat, though they kill animals as painlessly as possible.
Valkari are tough to classify under terran standards; they are warm-blooded, give live birth, and have both breast and nipples, but are appear otherwise Reptilian.  Additionally, they grow what appears to be hair, though it is actually more akin to feathers, in terms of composition.  It grows like human 'dreadlocks', and is often cut or put up.  Their scales can range from a pale, brownish grey to black. Their heads feature horned crests, signs of virility and fertility in their culture.  They have low, often rough voices that have a distinctive 'flanging' effect.  This is due to the structure of their vocal cords.  Unlike terran reptiles, Valkari do have nipples, or, at least, structures that perform the same purpose.  They actually have two pairs, though the second, lower pair are primarily vestigial.  Females have breasts and their hips are typically wider than the males.  Their features are generally less sharp than the males, and their crests are typically shorter.  They live comparatively short lives; reaching ages past seventy is incredibly rare.

Valkari are dextro-amino acid-based.  As a result, consumption of levo-amino biota can be dangerous to them.  At best, it passes through their system without providing nutritional value.  At worst, it triggers a violent immune response that can be fatal.  Their blood is a golden yellow, resulting from the presence of a hemoglobin analog, hemocyprium.  Their visual spectrum ranges from high-infrared to blue; they are unable to see purple, but as they can see into the infrared spectrum, they have incredible night vision.  Their eyes also trap a great deal of light, in a similar manner to terran felines.

As a result of their predatory origins, the Valkari are typically adept at direct, forward thinking; they're also exceptionally skilled at reading body language.  However, they fare poorly in the realm of lateral thinking; they have difficulty with indirect ideas.  The Valkar are nothing if not efficient, even with all of their traditions and codes.


While of average intelligence, they are inherently aggressive.  This has lead to an above-average amount of conflict in their history, and they, culturally, put great effort into controlling their aggression.  As a result, their culture is focused on Duty, Honour, and the good of many.  Military training is part of basic schooling. Children are encouraged to spar each other by their parents.  All citizens of age must complete at least one tour of service. Being a member of the military is seen as honor, and the good of the Empire is seen as the duty of all. That is not say that there aren't other options- it's just that the predominant career of choice is a military one.

Almost all Valkari follow a code of honour set down in a tome known as the Athene Codex; it governs much of their lives.  There are four facets of the code; Honour, Duty, Order, and Death.  The first three are self-explanatory.  The last chapter, death, deals both with experiencing death and dealing with the death of others.  The Vakar traditionally believe that sentient beings' spirits come from a place called the Void, and that is where they go when they die; for all intents and purposes, they believe in a form of reincarnation.  They prefer to burn their bodies.  However, many do not take these things as literally today, though many still partake in the rituals.  This is the closest thing they have to a religion.

The Valkari see combat as more than simply self defense; to them, it is self expression, almost an art form.  To them, twenty minutes of combat between two people says more than hours of talking.  They hold the belief that to know one fully, you must fight them.  Combat is also a form of meditation to them.  It is not uncommon for the first meeting between to mates to include a sparring match; children are encouraged to spar each other, though in a controlled environment.  On a more grand scale, many Valkari cities have arenas.  As a result of their predatory nature and their views on combat, the Valkari are exceptionally skilled at examining one's body language.

While the the Valkari generally frown upon slavery, they maintain a form of indentured servitude. Criminals, to a certain degree, are allowed to work for their freedom- on Valkari worlds, conventional wisdom generally holds that large-scale prisons are waste of resources and that it's much better to work the prisoners rather than let them rot. The less fortunate occasionally voluntarily enter indentured servitude, often becoming assistants to those with wealth. Inhabitants of occupied worlds, under their military doctrine, also fall into this category.

Valkari have a utilitarian, almost rough language.  Valkarian names go as so- first come the Birth Name; equivalent to a human first name.  Second comes their clan name and the name of their city of birth.  So, for example, the name 'Thaan Serik'Hael' would mean Thaan, of Clan Serik, from the City of Hael.  When displayed using the terran alphabet, the apostrophe denotes a connection from one word to another, though the exact connection is context-sensitive.  Typically, it means the word is an adjective, or it denotes ownership.

Valkari have elaborate, geometric markings, often coating their entire bodies.  They are called Maken  They receive the first of them during their Maken'dal, literally 'Day of Marking' '; their transition to adulthood.  While they appear to be tattoos and essentially are, they are technically chemical burns, caused by a luminescent chemical unique to Kaan.  During a ritual ceremony, the markings are drawn in and then lit aflame, causing a chemical reaction that stains their scales.  These fade with time, so each time a new Maken is added, all of the previous are reiterated.  All Vakar have one in the center of their upper back, indicating their place of origin.  They also each have one on their face, marking their clan.  They continue to add to these markings as they age, marking great personal victories and the like.

Valkari technology is surprisingly advanced for such a militaristic culture, and this is not without reason. Much of their technology is adapted from alien technology found in ruins on their homeworld.

The Valkari Empire Hel2
Homeworld Name: Kaan
Homeworld Location: 05K
Homeworld Description: Kaan, from the old Valkari word for 'Forge', is not what most would consider hospitable. It's thin atmosphere not only makes it very difficult to breathe for non-natives, but it's weak magnetic field means that the flora and fauna of Kaan are subjected to more than a bit of radiation from their sun, Saet (literally, 'Fire' in old Valkari.). It has roughly the same orbital period as Earth.  It has slightly higher gravity than Earth, coming it at around 1.24 Gs. Much of the native flora and fauna have thick, leathery skin to protect themselves from the radiation.  At some point in it's history, Kaan was far more tectonically active than it is currently, and, as a result, the entire planet is covered in chasms and crevasses.  In fact, some of these are over a mile deep. While mostly arid, the coasts manage to support a staggering array of life- most of which is dangerous. Surprisingly, it has polar ice caps, albeit small ones.

The Valkari Empire Van_ke10
Van'Ket, capital of the Empire.

The Valkari, at some point, were of some interest to an unknown spacefaring species.  Scattered across the planet are what appear to have been scientific outposts.  The capital city, Van'Ket, is built around the largest of these outposts.  Very few remains have been found of the race that observed them (called the Mithridai by the Valkari), but they appear to have been systematically wiped out by another spacefaring race; all known ruins of the Mithridai bear signs of intense conflict, and several were obviously bombed from orbit.

Political System: The Valkari Empire is a Constitutional Elective Monarchy, though it may seem a bit strange by human standards.  There is a senate, which is formed by elected representatives from each territory on Valkar worlds.  However, the senators, called Consuls, are also the regional governors for their territory.  In human terms, they are members of both the executive and legislative branch.  There is a judicial branch, at least on a local scale.  The emperor is both the chief executive and the highest judge in judicial matters.  The Emperor is elected by the Senate, based on a variety of factors, including politics, lineage, and personal history.  An outside observer might see the government as more totalitarian than one would prefer, but Valkar enjoy broad personal freedoms. So long as one completes his duties, and does not prevent others from completing theirs, nothing is forbidden. For example, there are no laws against recreational drug use, but if someone is unable to complete his duties due to drug use, his superiors step in. Those who break laws, however, are treated with little mercy.  Torture, hard-labor, and execution are all common punishments.  As a result, there is remarkably little crime among Valkar.

Traditionally, members of Valkar Government wear all black.  While to other cultures, this may appear sinister, Valkari see this as a sign of accountability.  The old Valkari saying goes, 'You might not be able to trust them, you can definitely shoot them', the idea being that there is no terrain on Kaan where black doesn't stick out.  They primarily only continue to wear black out of tradition; politicians are rarely shot.

Modern Valkari have existed, as a species, for roughly three hundred thousand years.  As tribes of hunters, they spread from one continent from to the other, often following their food source.  Thirty thousand years ago, they first began to practice agriculture and animal domestication, allowing culture to begin to form.  The alien outposts on the planet date back to this era, so it can be assumed that they were attempting to observe their cultural development.  It is hypothesized that they planned to attempt to guide the Valkar into a more peaceful state, lest they be a danger to the galaxy.   Eventually, as is typical for any society, city-states began to form.  War was frequent.  The Valkari were an inherently aggressive species; war came naturally to them.

Most of their terrestrial history is typical; for a good portion of they were in conflict.  Nation-states warred with each other near-perpetually.  However, around approximately 1302 AD, the Valkar are united under one banner, through conquest, talk, and trade, by Empress Athene, who binds the Valkar by the Athene Codex, the code of honour followed to this day.  Her reign begins a centuries-long period of peace, the first of two in Valkari history.

In 1726 (Terran Calendar), the Valkar first slip the bonds of Kaan's atmosphere, and by 1813, colonies exist on every planet within the Saet system.  They flourish.  However, in 1956 AD, a civil war erupts.  The colonies, which had been mainly self-governing up until this point, make a push for independence.  The Emperor denies this request.  For fifteen years a bloody war is fought on land, sky, and space, in a conflict that becomes known as the Ia'vel Rebellion.  Eventually, the empire puts down the rebellion, but not without great cost.  Things proceed relatively peacefully for the Vakarian after that for many years, though rebel remnants continue to cause problems even today.  The empire continues to expand, eventually expanding to cover multiple systems.

The Valkari make first contact with other intelligent species during this second peace.  They spread quickly; within decades, they had colonies in twelve systems. They were prominent members of the council, and many served as peacekeepers.  However, in the early 2200s, a plague struck; it's origins were unclear, though some theorize that it was bioengineered.  It spread from colony to colony, and, in an effort to contain it, the colonies (and the colonists) were bombed from orbit.  Only three of the twelve colonies survived the Great Purge.   A cure was developed, and today most Valkar are immune to the Sel'Karan Plague, but it's legacy remains with the Valkar even today.  After the plague, the Valkari withdrew from galactic society, cut ties with the council, and now primarily keep to themselves. Seeing a Valkari outside of Imperial territory is rare, and those outside Valkar territory are almost universally exiles, and are often employed as mercenaries, renowned for their skill in battle.

In 2431, Emperor Vayhanus dies, and the current Emperor, Nevarus Kanderas'Saehan is chosen to take his place.  Nevarus comes from a prominent military family; war is in his blood.  However, he's been noted as a progressive, and his pushes for a focus on scientific progress and exploration rather than focusing on tradition have made him enemies in the senate, though he is popular with the middle and lower-class.  Cultural disinterest in entrepreneurship has led to an economic depression, so Nevarus believes that trade with other species is a must. However, like most Valkari, Nevarus looks down upon humans, seeing them as, at best, children in need of guidance.

To make matters worse, the Valkar rely primarily on Helium-3 deposits in their own asteroid belt for fuel, as is befitting a race that primarily keeps itself isolated from the rest of the galaxy.  Unfortunately, even the most liberal estimates predict that Saet system will have exhausted it's Helium-3 supply within the next two years.  If a new source of fuel isn't located soon, the Valkar will face an energy crisis on an unprecedented scale.

Active Military: 90,305,700 (Approximate)
Reserve Military: Approximately 35 percent of the Valkar population are technically reserve military, as any Valkar who has served remains on reserve, and all capable Valkar are required to serve at least a tour.

Military Details:   The military strategy of the Valkar is focused primarily on firepower and speed; in conflicts, they prefer to fire first.  Despite their biologically heightened aggression, they, as a culture, are not easily spurred to violence, but when conflict is inevitable, they only understand a concept of "total war." The offical motto of the Valkar military is "To the very last man, and then a little longer". Valkar soldiers are among the best in the galaxy. The Valkar military is the center of their society.  All who come of age are required to serve a tour.  It is not just an armed force; it is an all-encompassing public works organization. The military police are also the civic police. The fire brigades serve the civilian population as well as military facilities. The corps of engineers builds and maintains spaceports, schools, water purification plants, and power stations.

Boot camp begins the day after the fifteenth birthday, the day after their Maken'Dal.  Soldiers receive a year of training before being assigned to a field unit; officers train for even longer. Most serve until the age of 30, at which they become part of the Reserves. Even if they suffer injuries preventing front-line service, most do support work behind the lines.

Valkar Armoury

To generate ammunition, an accelerator weapon shaves a projectile the size of a sand grain from a dense block of metal contained within the weapon's body. The projectile is launched at supersonic velocities using special, tri-rail magnetic accelerators. Thousands of these tiny rounds can be produced from a single ammunition block. Ammunition is never a concern because of this, but managing the weapon's internal heat is; if a weapon is fired too rapidly, heat will build up inside of the weapon and it will overheat, forcing the operator to stop firing long enough for the weapon to disperse that heat buildup. 

Aron Modular Armor The basic armor issued to Valkar soldiers.  Manufactured by Anyaht Materials, it is easily customizable and can be customized for a multitude of different environments.
Theta-One Sidearm
Theta-Two Combat Rifle
Varkon Stormrunner

Valkari Navy

Valkar ships are fast and heavily armed (to the extreme) but their shielding is lacking and their armor is subpar at best.  All Valkari Navy vessels (save for the Diodan-Class Corvette) are equipped with a spine-mounted forward battery called a Typhon cannon.

The ammunition of the forward accelerator cannon is a liquid alloy of iron, uranium, and tungsten suspended in an electromagnetic field using gravitonic field generators- the same that are used to jump to FTL aboard Valkar ships. The molten metal, accelerated to a fraction of the speed of light, solidifies into a projectile as it is fired, hitting targets with enough force to pierce most shields and armors. Most Valkar ships are equipped with one of these mounted to the spine of the ship. They use a great deal of energy and produce a great deal of heat; thus, they take a good deal of time to use, being able to fire roughly every twelve seconds without risking system overload. In an emergency, however, the safeties can be disabled, and that time can be nearly halved, though, not without risk.

Diodan-Class CorvetteFast, strong, and deadly, but lightly shielded.
Shiada-Class CruiserWhile not as heavily armed as a Kivanat-Class battlecruiser, the Shiada-Class is faster and it's forward batteries are capable of firing more frequently, making them still rather deadly.
Kivanat-Class Battlecruiser
Aren-Class Carrier
Jatarren-Class DreadnoughtOnly one of these massive ships exists- the massive Justice Ascendant, flagship of the Valkari fleet and personal vessel of Emperor Nevanus. An Jatarren-class dreadnaught's forward batteries have enough firepower to destroy most ships entirely.


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Very interesting read.
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really because they're p. much just turians
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thanks, then, i guess
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The Valkari Empire
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