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 [001 - 0G] Hunsrück

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PostSubject: [001 - 0G] Hunsrück    Wed Jan 08, 2014 4:35 am

Hunsrück is a mountainous planet with a low-level zone below the snowcapped mountains known as "sea-level" to the citizens of the Federation whom occupy the planet. Sea-level is a vast desert, filled with sand and the occasional oasis. It is also hilly and uneven, most settlements and villages being built into the sides of mountains or on uneven ground. The temperatures are brutally hot during the day at sea-level, ranging from 40°C to 50°C, nights being cooler, usually 5°C to 10°C. Most of the human dealings are done during the night, but the other intelligent life does dealings at any time, given that they are native to the land. These people are known S'Quojizah, name given to them by a race that had long left the planet. On sea-level there is a host of wild-life, ranging from ravens to bipedal beasts known to travel at a full speed of 40km/h, these beasts are dubbed Skin Beasts by the local tribesmen, more than likely due to their lack of fur leaving the beasts with only a thick leathery skin as protection.

The people of the Unified and Collective Federation of Prefectures have made their home in the mountains, building into the mountains and having sprawling underground cities with artificial sun-light and tram systems leading from one city to another, along with shuttle ports and space stations offering transportation from off the planet to other planets in the system claimed by the UCFP. Some cities are known to be more exposed than the others, being situated atop a mountain rather than inside. 

There are also cities that have been established lower on the mountain and even at sea level. There are railroads that lead to said stations, but in order to travel to such, a settler’s permit must be acquired from the Provincial Police of said province, authorizing the individual to travel from the underground havens of the UCFP to the wild lands of the S'Quojizah.


Al-Quaret Bazaar, Dhi Quari Province, Hunsrück surface

Al-Quaret was an S'Quojizah inhabited trade town. The buildings were made of reddish clay and scrap metal, they were so close together that they formed a network of narrow alleyways that many used as shortcuts to traverse the city, and some even made it a habit to make their living from these. It was a huge shanty town. The Bazaar was filled with life. Children ran about, playing and yelling, many were bartering with the various vendors of the town some getting heated while other accept their price on the needed supplies, things were stolen from the side of carts, other things from people’s hands. Cattle were being moved through the streets, some pulling carts and some being herded to nearby pastures. It was high noon and it was reaching 35°C, many were sporting cowls and hoods to keep the sun from their eyes and face.

The friendly commotion of the city was interrupted by the thunderous roar of two Panavia Typhoon Fighter Craft chasing after a poorly made skiff, skiffs were the usual air transport of the S'Quojizah towns people, this due to the skiff being made of spare parts and being extremely cheap to create, as well as being easy to use. The external speakers of the figher craft came to life. 

"Halt your craft and await inspect by the provincial authorities! You are in violation of Federal and Tribal law in this province. If you do not halt, you will be dealt with harshly!"  

The skiff showed no intention of stopping, it kept careening through the air without a care in the world, and then they reached the city limits. The fighter pilots had been ordered to take the skiff out, and that's what they did. They began peppering the back end of the craft with their double belt-fed .50 caliber cannons. Hole after hole was punched into the flimsy frame of the craft, the engine was soon caught by one of the rounds and it gave in. The pilots halted their assault and broke off, watching the scrap metal craft rapidly descend into the sand.


Krüger's Landing, Hunsrück

Krüger's Landing was the shining jewel of the Federation, being the nation's capital city, it was also the cultural art center, and it was a marvelous sight. It was situated in the northern part of the planet, in the high mountain ranges where the temperatures where it was considerably cold and snow was as common as rats pulling at a dead corpse. The city was mostly dug into the mountain, the engineers using large lights to mimic the effects of the sun. The city itself was a sprawling underground metropolis, having various districts as most cities do, usually accommodating to those that live there. The districts where positioned around a large reservoir of mountain water that doubled as added scenery along with being an emergency water source if need be.

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[001 - 0G] Hunsrück
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