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 K-10; The Un' System

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PostSubject: K-10; The Un' System   Fri Jan 10, 2014 5:39 am

The Un System, home to the Kal'Bavakorian people and their newborn Alliance. The solar system, during it's creation, was gifted with a single, small star, and the six planets that orbit it. The silvery blue glow that warms the white skies of Kal'Bavakor is named Un, the star of the Un System. Due to the great distance in which these worlds are displaced from Un, they are consumed by ice and snow at almost all times of the Un year, yet somehow retain oceans upon some of their surfaces. This phenomenon consumes these worlds in a strange blue and white color. This phenomenon is supported by a strange, unknown element in these planets crust and atmosphere; an element that is known only to reside in the Un System. A large asteroid belt surrounds the outer perimeter of the large planetary system, coated with massive amounts of minerals, rock, and ice.

The first planet's name is Kullueorth, a massive gas giant orbiting closely to the small yellow sun. It is a prime center of important, live-giving gasses, such as oxygen and nitrogen. Around Kulleuorth are two orbiting moons which are around the size of Earth's moon.

Beufot is the second planet in the system and the only other gas giant; much smaller than it's sister Kullueorth at around the size of Earth. It is almost entirely composed of a gas called Beufota; a resource that can be refined into a fuel that can propel atmospheric and orbital spacecraft, and can also be used in missile propellant and other weaponry. This gas giant has no moons.

The fourth planet from the sun, much farther off from the sun than Beufot or the third planet of Oasis, is Kal'Bavakor. The planet is over three times the size of Earth, and has over double the gravity of the human home world. One might notice the large moon that slowly orbits the planet of Kal'Bavakor, orbiting just above the worlds luminous, reflective ice-rings. Close inspection of the rings reveals they are heavy with activity, as the Alliance of Kal'Bavakorian Nations uses large chunks of the rings to lock their space elevators into orbit. The rings are an epicenter of spacecraft activity, both civilian and military. Even more interesting is the space around the planet itself. Spacecraft, from small civilian craft to, at least to Kal standards, massive war frigates orbit the planet in clouds of military combat craft. Such is a world that is not nearly as dormant as it once was. Very alive, and very active, the world of Kal'Bavakor is now an economic and military powerhouse.

The third, fifth, and six planet are Oasis, Ruthor, and Nalla respectively. All are currently un-populated, although their cold, hostile or, in the case of Oasis, terran surfaces are coated in an array of ancient Kal'Bavakorian rovers and crashed satellites from previous exploration attempts. Now, in an age of Alliance growth, these worlds face a future of colonization, reconstruction, transformation, and development into new centers of Alliance life. Beyond these worlds lies Expansion Belt; an asteroid belt that orbits around the entire system. Within' this belts grasp are thousands of asteroids, ranging from the size of a golf ball to the size of a small moon.

Anthem of the Kal'Bavakorian Alliance

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PostSubject: Re: K-10; The Un' System   Sat Jan 11, 2014 6:17 am

Un System, Planet of Kal'Bavakor
Dragoon Racing Circuit, Track Three

'Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls... I must say it is an absolutely fantastic day for a Dragoon Race, don't you think, Kala?'

'I sure do, Booka, this may be one of the most energetic races this year!'

Kala and Booka, two of the Dragoon Racing Circuit's biggest, most professional, and utterly idolized announcers, hoot calmly to one another as they sit atop their communications pedestal overlooking the massive Kal'Bavakorian Dragoon Racing Circuit. The Dragoon Racing Circuit is truly the most beloved racing sport in on Kal'Bavakor and has ties to old-age vehicle races, only these are more violent and, from recent polls taken by the Data-Net, much more fun to watch. These races had millions of followers on Kal'Bavakor, and each race is recognized as a ceremony of a newly unified, allied Kal'Bavakor. Thousands flock to Kal'Bavakor's newly re-instated jungle course to watch the races, but also to celebrate the occasion with games, food, and ceremonial events. Pool rides and games were available for the younger Kals while for the elder Kals there were bars, gambling centers, clubs, and even rides in Kal'Bavakorian dropships. Holo-projections of popular products were all around, and parents could be seen carrying their small Kal children around; mothers using their tentacles to hold small, black eye'd-blind Kal'Bavakorian babies whilst they laughed, hooted, and played 'carnival' games with their husbands and children around the outer perimeter of the circuit. Inside the circuit remains a beautiful sort of chaos, with indentured servants and regular jockies handing out fried squids on a stick, Basa soda, and other delicious foods and drinks to Kals waiting in the massive stands. Those up close would be able to watch from a hundred feet above the insanely large circuits, a few hundred feet wide, protected by a special glass-substitute, whilst those in the rear would have their own holo-screens. The laughing and cheering in the stands was extraordinarily loud as the excitement reached new heights in preparation for the races.  It was, quite simply, the biggest event of the year for the Alliance of Kal'Bavakorian Nations, and even a stand was built just for the Empress' and her representatives, high above the rest of the circuit and smack-dab directly in the middle for her ease of watch.  It is heavily guarded, of course, with Kal'Bavakorian Legionaries guarding the small bulkhead entrance as well as the landing pad on top, and even more powerful forces within'. Dropships full of armed, elite soldiers were on standby for riot control and for protecting the tower. Otherwise, the event was rather safe, although not at all calm.

Over the huge buzzing of the hooting, chirping crowd of the million present fans, announcers Booka and Kala sit at their holo-desks high above the circuit wearing a pair of headsets and matching fancy robes for their unique job. With a small smile on his rough, scaly face, Booka lets out a loud, excited chirp and begins to speak rapidly into his holo-console, his glowing eyes dancing from one part of the circuit to the other. His cheek fins ruffle up and a large, sharp toothed smile comes to his lips as he barks loudly, beginning to speak.

'No snow, a wonderful freezing temperature; perfect weather for the tenth day of the Dragoon Race Circuit! For those who don't know me, I'm Booka..'

And the woman beside him, Kala, chirps in reply; her smile easily just as dazzling and seemingly real as his. She lets out a rather giggle before she hoots in response, pushing her black hair behind one of her pointed, heavily pierced ears at the same time with her webbed hand.

'And I'm Kala, and we're gonna be here with you eeeeeevery step of the way as the greatest of Kal'Bavakorian games begins! But first, for all you newcomers, let's explain the rules!'

With a large, sharp toothed smile, she begins to speak while Booka waits patiently.

'Dragoon Racing is simple.. Thirty riders get on their Dragoon racers and get on the starting line, flapping their wings with enough power to tear a Kal'Meesu in half! As the race begins, the objective of each racer is to earn the most points by either doing tricks, hitting special targets with their Dragoon's spittle, riding along secret routes, bashing their fellow racers off their Dragoons, or getting first place in the race! Those who have the most points once everyone finishes all fifty laps on this ten mile circuit wins and will move up onto the next Circuit, on the Racing Orbital over Nalla later this deca-cycle!'

Booka juts himself into her speech, smirking sarcastically over at a now frustrated Kala, whose only reply to his unexpected steal of her turn to speak is a estranged smile.

'Before the race begins.. We will be opening the celebration with the Turran Imperium Military Academy Orchestra, playing 'Unity of Our Own', followed by a speech from the Empress' herself!'

Kala catches onto the excitement of the announcement, riling up the spectators by sticking her hands into the air and cheering. THis is quickly followed by the huge screeches and howls of excitement of the thousands of people around the circuit, drowning out any other noise. Suddenly, over the loudspeakers around the circuit, a familiar tune begins to play. In response, very single Kal'Bavakorian who can stand does so, slowly bowing their heads in respect. Even Booka and Kala stand from their chairs and bow their heads; only respect can be gained from anyone present as the anthem of their Alliance begins to play...

Once the harmonious sound of the Turran Imperium Military Academy Orchestra begins to leave the air, the Empress finally makes her appearance high above the circuit in her tower, raising her three-fingered hands hands far into the air above all of her people. There is silence, not a single Kal'Bavakorian speaking out as the anthem continues, out of pure respect to their Alliance of peace and harmony in their eyes. As the tempo of the song dies down for a moment, with only the faintest tune continuing from the harmonious, beautiful rhythm of the band, the Empress finally speaks. To communicate with her subjects in ease, she speaks into her holo-communications console, with her voice ringing throughout the loudspeakers above the quieter tone of the anthem. She speaks powerfully, her glowing eyes closed ever so slightly; giving her an aura of calm and warmth as the cameras of the Data-Net train upon her form. To those who can see her she looks strong, empowered, and reinforced by the new age of colonization and technological advance, as well as peace, within' the Alliance.

'My people of Kal'Bavakor! As we celebrate this momentous year of goodwill and fortune that so allows us to perform yet another race, let us not forget those who have fought to allow us to enjoy these benefits! The Great World War hath only ended years before our modern day, and for many years will the scars of this tragedy remain in our hearts, as well as our landscape and our people! Regardless of our advances; regardless of our spaceships, how many worlds we reach out to grasp, and no matter how grand our goodwill remains; remember who it was who brought about this new age! Remember, women and men of Kal'Bavakor! Remember your warriors, your defenders while you enjoy the grandest race of our time... And, please, have a fantastic Dragoon Racing day.'

She pauses, taking a pause to smile before, with a sharp breath, she releases one last powerful shout from her lungs.

'Let the race... Begin!'

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PostSubject: Re: K-10; The Un' System   Sun Jan 12, 2014 6:23 am

Kal'Bavakor; Grid K11, Un' System
Planetary and System-Wide Data-Net Channel Seven

Offical Solar Data-Net Insignia

From the underwater homes of Kal'Bavakorian families to the orbital foundries around the Un' System's twin gas giants; the Alliance's Data-Net Channel Seven was always a welcome addition to anyone's usual day. Unbiased, government regulated, and rather trustworthy when regarding that aspect; it is the main source of news for those who reside within the Alliance. Whether one was coming home from their job as a factory worker, terraforming developer, cleaning the filtering systems in an underwater metropolis, or from ending their Indentured Servitude shift on an orbital mining facility, sucking pure Helium-3 and Deterium from the cores of their respective asteroid or gas giant; you could always stopped to catch the news. The realm of Kal'Bavakorian life was slowly growing, and today, with a speech from the Empress, it would forever change.

"Hello, I am 'TursorVa', and welcome to Data-Net Channel Seven. It's five to Hour Fourteen on Halfasllar Local Time, and we are happy to bring you the latest in domestic and stellar news, wherever you may reside. Before we begin the speech from the Empress', we bring a quick flash-news broadcast to bring the latest in the latest. Currently, the Kal'Bavakorian Orbital Foundry is set to release the 'Vulla'Nour' into orbit to finish the second, and currently final, Combat Fleet in the Alliance Stellar Navy. Elements of this current fleet will be used to place security around Kal'Bavakor's ice rings while the First Combat Fleet begins operations to begin investigating the distant planetary system known as Oasis. The probability of contact is low, despite the discovery of alien transmissions traveling from the surrounding solar systems in that cluster half a decade ago."

"While Alliance Military Command has refused to comment on contact with foreign races, whether or not they be found, they declare they will attempt to settle new trade depots and colonial sectors in the two solar systems they plan to travel to; declaring they will use these elements of the First Combat Fleet to provide security and protection for our colonists. Military Command says they plan to use a mix of indentured servitude members and slaves from Rev'Nakar to support ecological and industrial volunteers. While a minority declare this an 'outrage' of sorts, a silent but clear majority of Turran and Yu'Olvar citizens support this plan...-"

[size=18pt]K11; Un' System; Kal'Bavakor Orbit
Kal'Bavakor Orbital Ship Foundry

++-'This is Commander Vasna'Tou of the Frigate 'Vulla'Nour'; we have finished our pre-launch checks and are ready to join the fleet.'-++

++-'Of course, Commander. Alert Foundry Docking Command of your planned detachment, and prepare a bottle of Basa Soda to celebrate. Have your ship join Sub-Command One, and prepare for FTL on SC2's orders. Lord Admiral Rasu'Tal out.'-++

The Alliance Colonial Administration had loaded about one thousand Kal'Bavakorian Frontiersmen, or colonists, of multiple backgrounds such as servants, slaves, researchers, or people looking for a new beginning, into it's Sub-Fleet One, a detachment of Combat Fleet One, which had been selected to lead the first launch to a distant planetary system. In order to keep the cramped fleet's colonial personnel from interfering with the crew, colonists were placed in available bays of each of the four Alliance NMRF-'Elena'-Class Multi-Role Frigate in the fleet; clogging each hanger bay with makeshift plastic tents, supplies, people and vehicles. It was difficult, and the amount of MRF Fighters and SRB Bombers in the fleet was decreased because of it, but since the Alliance lacked actual defensible colonial vehicles for the time being, and was too concerned to use freighters, it would have to do. To protect the colonists, around five hundred Alliance Legionaries had been loaded into the troop bays throughout the fleet of frigates; separated from their Frontiersmen counterparts, and only to be removed from their respective troop bays in case of attack or rioting in the bays.

The destination of Sub-Fleet One was, as mentioned in the Data-Net Report, the Oasis System. Of course, such an operation required intelligence, and the secretive members of the all-female intelligence gathering group known as the Svu'Kavsi has gathered plenty of it; having needed to travel there themselves in order to do so. Secretly, the Svu'Kavsi were the first to use this unique FTL technology, although no one else in Sub-Fleet One would know any better. Regardless, the plan was to settle the first Alliance colony upon the world known currently as 'Oasis-1'; a world rich with breathable air, cold temperatures, and abundant minerals for use by the colony. It did not require extensive terraforming, and the world would make a perfect staging ground for further exploration in surrounding systems. Before it was simple traveling, testing, and information gathering, and it was all up to the Fleet to make this final step towards greatness...

Lord Admiral Rasa'Tul was, like many of her fleet commanders on this mission, worried. The very thought of bringing over a thousand Kal soldiers and colonists into the dark abyss was troubling enough to make her shoulder nodes tremble; but such a move was one that would step the Alliance and it's people into a whole new light in the galaxy and start a golden age of such richness that even the Empress herself could not fathom. As her softly glowing eyes looked through the cold, humid atmosphere of her Alliance NMRF-'Elena'-Class Multi-Role Frigate's bridge; past the many Kal'Bavakorian Naval Officers who were hard at work, they focused on a sight beyond the glass of the bridge; one that envisioned a clock slowly clicking down to a new year. She was watching the NMRF-'Elena'-Class' Frigate 'Vulla'Nour' slowly detach it's gravity harness from the Foundry in the distance. As it leaves the Foundry behind, it's engines suddenly bursting a vibrant purple as it, for the first time, blasts off into orbit around the homeworld to join Sub-Fleet One. Her scaly skin was crawling with each second that passed to the mission's beginning, and to cure her worries she tried to take a sip of her Basa Soda; placing the cup against her split-lower lips and taking a quick drink, although it did not help much.

But, regardless of her worries, it was time. With a honk from her Com Officer that alerted her to the assembling of the entire fleet into formation, Lord Admiral Rasu'Tal planted her glass down on her command chair's arm rest and placed her three-fingered hand on her Holo-Console. Her fingers danced across her spherical console as she 'grasped' the data-packet and 'tossed' the it from her console to her Navigation Officer. She raised her voice one last time before FTL, and with a loud barking noise, she spoke.

"Sub-Fleet One, prepare for launch. Good luck, and make sure to launch your comm buoy's as soon as possible. Report to me once you have done so, and may the Empress guide you towards safety. FTL Officer, send us through the abyss!"

"Yes, my Lady!"

And with that, Sub-Fleet One was suddenly enveloped by a ball of violet energy, and ceased to be within' the normal reality of space.

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PostSubject: Re: K-10; The Un' System   Sun Jan 12, 2014 4:16 pm

Kal'Bavakor; Grid K11, Un' System
City of Mel; Imperial Throne Room

'Understand, I have not an exuberance of time and patience for these tasks to be completed. I have sent over a thousand of the grandest of our people into the dark void to colonize space, yet I know nothing of what it may behold beyond the Oasis System's benefits... And this weakness, Lord Ra'Thun, is the one you will be charged with eliminating.'

'Of course, my Empress. With all the powers that I have, I shall perform these duties.'

The honorably discharged Lord General Tormuk Ra'Thun', kneeling quite close to the floor, bows his head so far as to allow the visor of his scratched, war-scarred helmet to touch the sacred floors of the Imperial Throne room. In the distance, far beyond the Lord General and past the many Alliance banners that hang along the main passageway through the throne room lies a chair. A chair not of simple design, but one of an extravagant and ostentatious creation; built from the hides of slain Kal'Meesu beasts, the furs of the Nui'Ma land beast, and wearing the simple crest of the Mel'Va Royal Family. And sitting upon it resides a creature even more extravagant than the chair..

Elena Ru', the Empress of the Alliance of Kal'Bavakorian Nations and, unlike the many holo-vids showing her in quite a happy mood, she is now anything but stressed and concerned. She grunts to herself; her mandibles fluttering softly as she taps her chin, as if thinking of whatever repercussions her actions may hold. The lives of an entire race lay on her shoulders, and may as well hang upon the actions of the once-great war hero that kneel before her; not a responsibility she carried easily, but one she held with dear respect, and authority.

The Throne Room shudders softly; reverberations from the construction of the Space Elevator almost ten miles away, and it brings her back to the present. With her powerful, luminous eyes snapping back down to view the creature before her; a snarls escapes her throat before, with a sharp-tooth'd frown, she speaks once more.

'...As you are a Citizen, I shall find no repercussions in giving you a Stellar-Travel Licence...'

Tormuk blinks behind his visor.

'...And as such, you shall have no problems with your assignment. You, ahead of the fleet, will travel to the systems surrounding Oasis, and gather intelligence on extra-terrestrial operations. You will be assigned a single Svu'Kavsi intelligence corvette, and should you require assistance, the Oasis System will deploy a frigate to your aid, wherever you require; though I do believe your troop will be of enough support. Who you take with you, I leave to you.'

'The advanced briefing from Alliance High Command will be given to you on your craft. Have you the need to say anything, Lord General?'

The Lord General, without a word, simply rises to his feet. With a gracious bow of his head, he barks in reply,"Nothing to say, my Lady, except that I shall leave at once."

'Then, Tormuk, leave my presence, and may you find good tidings in the stars..'

With that message, the Lord General turns to leave. But as he does, the Empress smiles somewhat and, rising from her throne a good few hundred feet from him, howls,"Tormuk!"

The Lord General, with his cheek-fins rustling somewhat, turns to view the Empress and her request, watching as she suddenly flicks her arm in his direction and tosses a small device through the air. Whipping wildly through the humid currents of the Throne Room, the Lord General sticks his muscular arm into the air and manages to catch the quite powerfully thrown device, before pocketing it. With a concerned, yet somewhat confident smile, Elena'Ru speaks as Ra'Thun turns to walk from the throne room...

'Good luck...'
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PostSubject: Re: K-10; The Un' System   Tue Feb 04, 2014 5:30 am

Kal'Bavakor; Grid K11, Un' System
City of Mel Downtown; Alliance Council Chambers

"Remind this Council, Minister of the Inter-Space Conglomerate, what you wish to do with Alliance funding...", asked the first Senior Councilwoman from the Nation of Yu'Olva as she clicked her mandibles together; clearly irritated by these long and drawn out proceedings.

The entire Alliance Council, which held over a hundred members now with the inclusion of the Oasis System as an Alliance Territory, had been hard at work the last two days. Hard at work, to them at least, meant listening to the Minister of the Kal'Bavakorian stellar corporation 'Inter-Space Conglomerate'. The Conglomerate had asked for funding from the Alliance Colonial Administration to fund it's own colonial expeditions into foreign territory and, under charters from the Alliance, would claim territory that, while under Alliance government and military control, would be allowed to exercise the use of resources found on these worlds. While to the Council this seemed a reliable deal, as most of the data-work had been reviewed and seemed to lean quite heavily in favor of government control... There were a few individuals on the Council that did not trust the words of a corporate CEO.

To reply to the question was the Minister of the Inter-Space Conglomerate himself. This sarcastically smiling Kal'Bavakorian billionaire was known as Jurgun Vun'Al. As Minister, he controlled, directed, and profited most, if not all, of the assets of the Conglomerate; the largest corporate power in Alliance territory. Of course, this made many Councilmen and women nervous, but he seemed to be handing out territory to the Alliance on a platter. Even more interesting, for the first time, the male Kal'Bavakorian seemed genuine. A greedy Kal was not commonplace on Kal'Bavakor, but they did exist..

Jurgun Vun'Al smiles a sharp tooth'd smile and retorts in a rather soft, yet gruff tone,"Madame Councilor, you know very well what I wish to do with the funds, as well as a colonial charter! I wish to expand our people's hold on this ever expanding galaxy! I do understand your concerns, but..."

Jurgun smiles even more broadly; his mandibles fluttering a bit in response. Sitting in a chair that was overlooked by the circular Councilors Table that sat all around him, he slowly raises his hands into the air and lets out a soft hooting chuckle,"...I have given all the proper data-work to Alliance Colonial Command, and I already have ships lined up with the best Frontiersmen and women I could find. Even then, I'm giving you all utterly unrestricted access to /our/ colonies! It will be Alliance space, and once the colonies become of sufficient size, they will join the ranks of systems such as Oasis. I am only increasing our gain in the galaxy..."

"Your own gain, Minister.."

"Now, now; is that really fair? I have been totally open to you all! Have I not already said you will have unlimited access to the colonies, as well as total governing control? The Conglomerate just wishes to have access to more resources! This means more jobs and more planets for the Alliance.. Not to mention more room for other businesses to grow. Must I send the itinerary again???"

These words silenced the Senior Councilwoman from Yu'Olva who, with a deep snarl, resigned to her seat; high above the still-smiling Minister. The Empress herself was in attendance, of course, as she usually was. She had remained silent throughout the proceedings; researching the itinerary released by the Minister, as well as past actions by the Conglomerate. Of course, it's past wasn't spotless. Corruption, misuse of Indentured Servants, illegal slave-harboring, blackmail.. The list went on. But, to Empress Elena Ru, she simply could not find a terrible reason not to accept the request of the Conglomerate. It was basically free territory, jobs, and added influence for the Alliance; something the Kal'Bavakorian people desperately needed.

The Council had begun to pipe up again into loud debate when suddenly the Empress honked above the noise. The room immediately went silent.

Gazing down from her pedestal, flanked by her most senior of councilors and the most trusted trio of Alliance Legionnaires, Elena 'Ru gazed down at the Minister. Even he had to shrink a bit under her powerful gaze, as she was not one who was known to hold back her opinions, or refrain from taking control of a situation in whatever way possible. Surprisingly, the Empress, dressed in a most beautiful assortment of red and black Imperial robes, was smiling a sharp-tooth'd smile down at the Minister of the Inter-Stellar Conglomerate. In a gentle, yet compelling voice, she spoke.

"After reviewing your presented information, as well as inspecting the costs and other miscellaneous information; I have decided to grant your request, although I ask that you meet with me in a few days time to speak of details.."

The Minister nodded once at the Empress above, and retorted quite respectfully into the audio-emitter at his table,"Thank you, my Empress. I will send the message to my frontier teams to begin their journey immediately."

The Empress merely nods once,"Of course. Speak to my aids once you are able; they will alert you to th-..."

Suddenly, an unknown figure marches up behind the Empress. With everyone focusing directly on the conversation between the Empress and the Minister; no one except the Alliance Legionnaires beside Elena noticed the approach of this Kal'Bavakorian woman. Although the woman was not in any particular uniform; her blank demeanor, disciplined movements, and stealthy entrance almost immediately denoted her as a Svu'Kavsi operative to the trained mind. Quickly, this woman marched directly up behind the Empress and whispered something into her ear.

Something the Empress was not expecting, and something she was not at all pleased to hear.

"..My Empress, we have a situation at Station Alpha."

Without a moment to spare, the Empress gave a quick apology to the Council and the Minister before she, the Svu'Kavsi aid, and her trio of Legionnaire guards turned away and made a hasty exit from the Council Chambers.
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PostSubject: Re: K-10; The Un' System   Sat Jun 21, 2014 8:33 pm

Kal'Bavakor; Un' System
Southern Vairlox Moutains, Imperial Retreat

The Vairlox Moutains were a dangerous place to be in the late Kal'Bavakorian summer. Not because of the melting snow, the powerful avalanches, or the violent snow parasites that sprang out from their icy homes upon ending their hibernations; looking for food to rip to shreds after poisoning and paralyzing them. No, these were not the worst of your worries should you be a foolishly mountain climbing Kal'Bavakorian.

The Empress comes to her retreat this time of year, and to attempt to make your way towards it was a suicide attempt. Be it by sniper, VTOL, or a pack of angry varren; the Alliance Imperial Honor Guardsmen would find and eliminate you as a threat before asking any questions. Of course, it hadn't always been like that, but after an attempted assassination two Galactic Standard Years ago by old Free Alliance Rebels, the Honor Guardsmen weren't taking any chances. Besides, who in their right minds would climb the massive Vairlox Moutains in early summer? Not someone without intentions!

The Imperial Retreat was a beautiful place, even with the large Honor Guard that surrounded and maintained it upon the arrival of Her Highness. Hosting a hydration pool, delicious and fresh food, a VTOL port for quick and easy transport, direct access to the nearby Vairlox Lake, and many more relaxing attractions; it was the perfect place for the ruler of an interstellar empire to come and enjoy herself and time with her family. Imperial Empress Elena'Ru had arrived only two days ago after the stresses of dealing with the developing war, among other things, became too much to bear. Packing up basic necessities from the Imperial Throne in Mel she, her husband, and her two hatchlings jumped onto a quick transport VTOL and made their way to the mountains for a week of relaxation..

But of course, there was always a situation to be brought to her attention. She was always needed, and it was her duty to be there when she was.

When the Honor Guardsmen had arrived with a message from Mel, she had been in the midst of a 'game' in the retreat's pool with her two hatchlings; Kal'Bavakorian babies who had just been hatched from their egg. Able to breath underwater at birth, they had been playing a simple swimming game; the mother teaching her young daughters the proper techniques of swimming. Upon receiving the message the Empress, with a heavy heart, would coo to her young babies as she coaxed them from the pool. Passing the hooting babies off to her husband, she quickly returned to her room to dress and prepare herself. The message had two situations that required her immediate attention: The negotiations on New Terra with the Imperium, and the arrival of an unidentified alien force on Nathari. Thus, having put on her undersuit and snapped the majority of her armored envirosuit onto her body, she made her way to the Communications Room at the center of the facility. With some of the most powerful communications equipment available, she would be able to have direct, abit delayed, communication with both planets.

Kal'Bavakor; Un' System
Southern Vairlox Moutains, Imperial Retreat Communications Room

Twenty minutes later...

Empress Elena'Ru listens intently; rigid and attentive in her seat as she watches the two large holographic displays before her. There was little in the small, dark room, evident in that there was only the multiple projectors and the elegant desk at which she sat. This allowed the Empress little distraction as she communicated with multiple individuals through holographic displays, or even hundreds through simple audio communication. For now, though, she had both Buch Ca'Xon of New Terra and Vira Na'Run of Nathari 'here' at the same time, with both speaking in turn in regard to the mission situations of their teams.

While somewhat irritated by missing out on precious family time, the Empress was rather ecstatic by the reports she was getting. On Nathari, the aide Vira Na'Run had reported the development of, while strained, communications with an unknown race of machine-like beings. He had transmitted the message the Familiar had delivered to him, and it was sent straight to her. The message, at first, simply stated 'FOR HER'... Which made her a bit weary, but it followed with information most pleasing..

"Coordinates to Armistice Station," The Empress muttered aloud; a large, sharp tooth'd grin growing beneath her mask. This was great news indeed, and she would be sure to send a diplomatic envoy as soon as the conversation was over.

As soon as Na'Run was finished, the aide of Lady Ambassador Halla'Za spoke; giving his report of the New Terran's wish to initiate intense diplomatic relations; creating a trade and military alliance between the two empires. This would have made her jump for joy, were she not an almost religious figure to the Alliance public. The Alliance Diplomacy Corps had already developed a plan for a situation like this, which she always had in the data records to send in preparation for an event such as this. She would send it immediately to Buch Ca'Xon, as well as her wishes for the situation.

As soon as the two finished, the Empress would emit a light, hooting chuckle of joy. Gazing at the two large, violet holograms of the Kal'Bavakorians who were making history for the Alliance, she would bow her head in a respectful manner. Upon raising it, she would extend her hands into the air slowly, and exclaim..

"Both you and your entourages have made history on this Galactic Day! The Alliance had launched into the stars and, while we may be bogged down y war in one sector; we are flourishing diplomatically in another! In short time, we shall rise to the stars and become a true force of good in this galaxy.. And it is because of your actions. You are faithful warriors; wielding the word and the brains to bring about glory for the Kal'Bavakorian people. For this, on behalf of the Alliance, I thank you..."

The two holograms, after a moment of delay to allow the transmission to make it across space, would bow respectfully. Both exclaim in Kal..

++-"Thank you, my Empress. We are honored."-++

The Empress lowers her hands back down to her desk upon their bows, and nods in reply to their thanks.

"You should be.."

She then glances between the two for a moment, as if thinking, before her praising attitude turns to one of that of business in under a split second.

"Now, we must continue on our path to greatness... We are not yet finished. Ra'Thun, alert your commanding ambassador to work with the sentient creature.. Allow it to continue on its 'quest' of sorts, although under Alliance protection. I leave it to the Marines disgression where the alien can and cannot go. Once you return to the alien, report back to me; I wish to speak with it personally."

The hologram nods in response. ++-"Of course, my Empress.'-++

"Indeed. Also.. Alert the Ambassador to remind the Administrator of Nathari of my recent decision for the world. Because of this recent show of goodwill at New Terra, we will be requiring a world in which we can host Humans for trade and diplomatic relations, and I believe Nathari will be a suitable candidate, as it is close to Human space. A second colonial fleet will be sent to the world to begin construction on a trade depot and an embassy center for the Diplomacy Corps."

++-"Yes my Empress; I will alert the Ambassador to do so as soon as I am able."-++

She nods, and then turns to Buch Ca'Xon.

"As for the negotiations on New Terra, I am happy to say we shall agree to their desires. I will transmit the Diplomacy Corps original plans for such a situation. As for the Lord General..."

Buch Ca'Xon bows once; his holographic form shimmering somewhat.

The Empress speaks again, although her voice is a bit harsher this time,
"...Make sure he gets the intelligence he needs. I refuse to allow the bastard Coalition to use my people as cadavers for their experiments. Tell the Lord General to find them, no matter the cost. You are both dismissed."

Both holograms bow respectfully, before their bodies shimmer and disappear into nothingness. The Empress then rises from her chair, brushes herself off after sitting there for over two hours, and moves to leave the room.

She would be waiting for the response message from Nathri... She wouldn't be sleeping too soundly tonight.
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Kal'Bavakor; Grid K11, Un' System
Nation State of Turra, City of Vara'Clas
Turran Imperial War Academy Graduation


It was Commencement Day at the Turran Imperial War Academy in outer Vara'Clas; the capital of the nation state of the Turran Imperium. For ten years, two thousand cadets of the Turra Warrior Caste had performed advanced training; preparing to join the ranks of professional warriors whom have defended Kal'Bavakor for hundreds of years. At their birth, these two thousand soldiers had been selected for military training. Throughout their childhood and adolescence, they learned of, and practiced, the arts of war; going as far as to join actual Legion Warriors in combat against Hugresh Rebels and Pirate factions. Now, after an extra ten years in the Alliance's most battle-hardened, war-scarred, and violent military academy, these soldiers have finally completed a training regime that has lasted forty years; a regime they have partaken in since they hatched from their eggshells. Completing massive courses that granted extended knowledge of history, war arts, literature, foreign species, and partaking in various regional conflicts; these cadets were finally allowed to graduate, and finally call themselves Alliance Legionnaires, or Stellar Marines..

It was no small undertaking. These soldiers had partaken in a rigorous system that had stolen their youth and, for many young cadets, their lives. The training was hellish, the indoctrination violent. Many cadets had been transferred to other the other two castes as a result of violent injuries, shell shock, and hosts of other physical and psychological issues. Even with injuries repaired by Kalla submersion, these warriors had lost the will to continue on, and became either shaky diplomats, nervous pilots, or lost the will to serve altogether. The Turran War Directors had no mercy to even these pour souls. They had to prove their warriors were able to serve their Alliance, or they would die trying. In the end, the cadets were willingly giving up the safety of their own lives in order to protect their loved ones, their friends, and most importantly, their species.

Of the hundreds of thousands across Turra that were selected from birth to serve, only a few thousand would ever complete Academy training to become true defenders of Kal'Bavakor. Even fewer would become Sentinels, Svu'Kavsi, or Imperial Honor Guards. Only hundreds would join the ranks of the Sentinels, and the latter two would only receive a fifty or so cadets every year...

The two thousand cadets stand before the Ceremonial Stage; backed by massive Vorka Crystal stalagmites that had grown into the grounds of the academy. Each was standing rigidly at attention; both male and female warriors dressed in thickly armored enviro-suits that were adorned with cascading robes; color coded to represent their position after graduation. The blues and reds represented Stellar Marines and Legionaries respectively, while the odd yellow or black depicting Sentinel warriors or future Svu'Kavsi operatives.

The figure on the stage, who had spoken earlier of the coming of the cadets time, was the Grand War Director of the Turran Imperial War Academy. Dressed in his suit of 'Blessed' War Armor, and with fingers tightly grasping the podium set before him, he finally continued his speech with a voice that would cause even those with great spirit to tremble in angst.

"..Time, indeed! You have crushed any opposition, overtaken any obstacle, consumed all knowledge, and have proven your loyalty to our High Empress, and the Alliance she commands. The Goddess' has given your guardians a blessing by bestowing such powerful beings upon them, and our people are in debt to your work and actions... Kal'Bavakor itself, is in debt. We are all truly blessed, indeed, by being graced by your warrior spirits! Remove your masks, show your true selves to your Mother World, and place the Symbols of Right upon your cheeks."

Each of the two thousand cadets had before them a small podium with a small bowl of a steaming, hot liquid. Each soldier, in perfect unison, slowly raised their hands to their masks and, after unsnapping the hinges, remove the helmets and place them down upon the podium. Each male and female warrior would then dip one of their gloved fingers into the liquid, and raise the finger to their cheek. Depending on their future position as a warrior, they would inscribe the Sign of the Warrior, of the Guardian, of the Sentinel, or of the Shadow. The liquid, like acid, burns into the scaly skin of the user, and permanently scars them with the mark..

They do not flinch.

Upon completion of this ancient ritual, the cadets drop their hands back to their sides, and await the rest of the speech. It takes only a moment for the proud War Director to continue.

"With these symbols, you will be forever known as warriors of Kal'Bavakor, of the Goddess Kalla, and the guardians of Kal'Bavakorians everywhere. You will be called upon to act selflessly; to stem the tide of evil and horror in the galaxy, to defend the ones you love and hate, and to allow the Kal'Bavakorian species to continue another day. You may give your own life, if necessary, and you will do it without question, because it is who. You. Are. You are a beacon of hope and goodness in this dark, dark universe, and you will forever shine.."

With these words, the Grand War Director suddenly snaps his arms into the air. Seemingly from his hands come bursts of blue particle energy that cast into the sky; exploding to become vibrant blue fireworks that expel coats of blue, sparkling dust upon the gathered crowd. The first sparkles of life begin to come from the gathered cadets, as many begin screeching, hooting, and screaming in excitement; all discipline lost for the moment as they begin to vibrantly celebrate their success. In the midst of this sudden and consuming celebration comes a final few words from the Grand War Director, who holds his hands high into the air as he howls at the top of his lungs into the audio system.

"Shine so bright, the shadows will turn away; blinded by your righteous fury, and unending gaze! No force shall dare cause our people harm as you stand before the gate of Hell, and tear into the demonic horde that will cross your path. Not Hugresh, not Pirates, not Xeno, nor Kal; no creature can stand before you, and survive. You are the greatest warriors this galaxy will ever see... And I am PROUD of every single one of you! My fellow War Directors and I know you will do great things for our people. Remember, Warriors of Kal'Bavakor.."

He pauses, gaining one powerful breath, before screeching.


The crowd screams back; their arms pumping into the air as the excitement of the situation explodes.


The Grand War Director, with a proud smile hidden behind his mask, cries back.

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K-10; The Un' System
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