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 The Zarak’Drathori’ Magharan Kajob

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PostSubject: The Zarak’Drathori’ Magharan Kajob   The Zarak’Drathori’ Magharan Kajob I_icon_minitimeSun Jan 12, 2014 11:37 pm

Formal Name: The Zarak’Drathori’ Magharan Kajob
Informal Names: The Smellies (Zarakian, Insult) Corbans (Collective, Known to some) Shell-Peepers, The Stink, The Underdogs, the Chinga in the Gargant.

Abbreviation: ZDM

18,000,000 Zarakian’s
70,000 Drathori
200,000 Maghara


Zarakians are curious by nature, often friendly. They feature a large head, curved back, with 6 large nostrils. These nostrils create smells by puffing at different rates and creating different smells for other Zarakians to sniff and perceive emotions from such smells. Above the 6 nostrels, which are the primary facial feature, are two antennae, which constantly emit small sounds, far too high in pitch to be heard, this is primarily a way for Zarakians to see, however this makes them in entirely quite crude visually. Their thorax is muscular, containing 6 small wings, double jointed and coated in a wax excretion. Their “mouth” as such exists in the centre of their thorax, they feed by capturing prey, or pre-prepared food as such by saturating a meal in their wax before consuming it entirely, their highly acidic stomach does all the work that chewing would be needed for. They have two sharp claw like talons on the bottom of their body, designed to pick up prey for eating in mid air. Very rarely are Zarakians lounging creatures, they enjoy the outdoors, flying high and hunting prey, they share a natural curiosity that led them to the stellar community, but not without their planetary  species. On the end of their excretion hole, they have a venomous stinger, that can be used any amount of times as long as the Zarakian eats, it is filled with a deadly, paralyzing neurotoxin. Zarakians have each, a lifespan of about 40 years, thus making them life extremely active and adventurous lifestyles.

Drathori are the polar opposites of the Zarakians, the prefer to lounge and eat, they are extremely lazy, and often need to be tricked into giving away their greatest gift, extreme knowledge, by birth, most Drathori are exceedingly intelligent, and understand complex designs with great ease. However they are in decline, as recently their laziness has caused even a  decline in reproduction among the species. Drathori are long, repulsive, fat and smelly snakelike creatures. They eat and eat,  often causing great pains, and so they remove what seems to be a right of most races, sense to pain, while they can taste the rich food and drink the fine liquids, they can rupture their bladders, livers and stomachs and not even realise. Often what causes Drathori to die; is after banquets, they attempt to bath, but the heat of the bath causes their already stressed internal organs to rupture and explode. Drathori most commonly, apart from research, use their huge mental capacity to willingly fuse themselves with machines that harness their mental power and they become biological, hyper intelligent super-computers. Drathori live approximately over 400 years, however they simply become senile and lazy after 100 years and continue being useless till they die.

Magharans are the races voluntary workforce, whilst they are an addition from another planet, these crustacean creatures come en masse, they have exoskeletons and a rough, black skin, they too emit severe amounts of bile if they want to, however Magharan bile hardens, and can be used to make structures. Magharans have 8, sharp, suction cup legs, they respire using high amounts of nitrogen. They are the builders, in flight repairers and commonly the crew of the Kajob. They are extremely poor in the ways of hand to hand combat in the space era, however when close they can easily rip a carbon based life form to pieces using their claws, however such is unlikely. Magharans have each, a lifespan of 51 years exactly, and culturally are expected to have many children at the age of 25.
Together they form their word of a coalition, in writing; a Kajob. The Kajob does all it can to establish communications, trade, and very often make a lot of money trading a buying en-masse with their wealth of microscale technologies.

Biological Traits:

Slowed Regeneration (Zarakian)
Whilst humans heal in good time, serious trauma or wounds that would break human bone or tear human flesh could kill a mere Zarakian.

Rapid Construction and repairs (Magharan)
Since the Magharan’s build houses with their excretion, they are rapid when constructing living centres, and thus, everything they do goes towards habitats and great construction.

Sloth (Drathori)
Whilst they are very intelligent, its hard to get them to do anything, and as such they hamper the Kajobs progress.

Natural Curiosity (Zarakian)
Curiousity in this case made the cat a lot stronger, the search for meaning often proves quite fruitful for this race of creatures.

Genius (Drathori)
It is no small understatement that the Drathori are gifted with enhanced knowledge, their ability to perceive the workings of technology and create, simply from sight and suggested theory, is incredible.

Population Problems (Maghara)
As the Magharans reproduce with such speed, finding living space for them is often dangerous and troublesome.

Civic Traits:

A Rallied Populace – Of course a society is going to function better when the people want it to.
Order – People of this society know what it means to obey.

Corruption – It seems that representatives hide a few figures here and there, but will anyone ever find out?

Cronisim – So what if all the top earning government positions are controlled by the smartest Drothani, it was meant to be, right?

Trade Promoting – Is it the stars, or is it the money that motivates this race?

Technological Traits:

“No way can something that small do so much damage.”
Who said power had to be vast? This race features some brilliant and some deadly creations based on technology smaller than what the mind can see.

Antimatter Experimentation
“No really, remove them.”
The best and most powerful weaponry is the weaponry which literally wipes something off the face of the universe, and with antimatter shells and the ability to create black holes, it’s something to be feared.

Logistical Support for Rapid Expansion
“I didn’t pay for all this just so I could make less money, you fool.”
Spreading far and wide is something this race likes, even if they do get squashed, its no real setback, the more of their lower species they can get rid of, the better.

Unpredictable designs
“When the enemy expects you, is it they who shall fail.”
Ship designs usually follow a purpose or mantra, however for the Kojab fleet they are always changing their abilities and weapons to suite unpredictable roles, making a profile on the Kojab navy impossible, with intelligence gathering an even more tedious task.

Interdictor usage
“Hold your quadrupedal hay eating animals human, or we will hold them for you!”
The ability to stop an enemies retreat is always good, and when many of your ships have them, you can force peaceful resolutions.

System Information:

The Gargant System is a collective of many systems within and beyond Kajob space. It is vast, mainly underpopulated and scarce of resources, however its size has attracted a lot of potential for expansion space. As such the Kajob is interested in expanding its borders within the space of this so called “System”
Within The Gargant system there are many sectors, however these are just systems in other races eyes:
Gargant Lajeeb (3L)
The Zarak’Drathori’ Magharan Kajob Planet_with_two_moons_by_kn_art-d3h17ke
Gargant Lajeeb is full of barren rocks and asteroid fields, however it sees enough activity, many racing tracks and adrenaline-fueled entertainment exists out here, it is also a go-to place for star mappers. Asteroid mining the sector is carried out but asteroids with any serious mineral wealth are fairly rare.

Gargant Nirr (2M)

Also known as “The Sunshine Sector” it is where many of the Systems rich and wealthy flock to, the planets are in close proximity, most of which have the slightest of uses as military training grounds, research centers and education areas for geography purposes, however around a central planet, Kurvladia, live the richest and the creatures of the Kajob that make it to the top. Nirr has it’s own, independent navy and police force, and thus, is not owned by the Kajob, but its technology, grounds and citizens are shared.

Gargant’s Reaches (4L)

The edge of Gargant galaxy, here exists a highly advanced jump gate, this is very much where traffic in and out of the huge system begins and ends, through the established trade routes through the systems, this is also where most other races are attracted to the Kajob, as the gate gives off jump signals almost daily. The Gate is  situated between two heavily built upon asteroids, covered in weaponry to intercept anyone who would try and destroy the gate. The gate itself has a far reaching interdictor as well, so escape from the reaches is near enough impossible.

Gargant’s Blomp (3N)

A system housing 2 recognisable gas giants, Blom and Blep, thus leading to the creation of the system, Blomp. Other than that the system has nothing more than a few asteroids flying about, and of course a star.

Gargant’s Bane (2N)

An entirely perilous area, populated with black holes, raiding pirates, and generally criminals, military and law presence is high, however often enough the Kajob relies on mercenaries from the Bane sector to fight wars for them.

Gargant Central (3M)
Whilst people call it the rich heart, it is mainly called that as the surrounding systems act as buffer galaxies, surrounding the space around it. Gargant Central is very much the population hub, the reason for situating itself in the middle of all the galaxies is a very clear early warning system for asteroids and the like, hostile navies, whilst never encountered, barely notice the outposts before they run their way into the heart of Gargant, a place where they, in theory, are highly likely to give favorable odds to the Kajob forces. Central is a place of rich culture, warm smiles, but it is rarely seen, as many who tread too deep into Gargant Central will usually not be allowed to leave.

Home System Name: Gargant Central

Homeworld Name: Kaljuba

The Zarak’Drathori’ Magharan Kajob Naucean_planet

Homeworld Location: 3M
Homeworld Description:
A planet of extreme variation, it has a mountain range carving the planet, even the oceans in half, this unknown mountain range, possibly crafted by aliens, separates one side of the planet from the other, both sides of the planet have lush jungles of red, far stretches of flat rock, and stone, and generally a very tropical climate, with lots of rain. The two continents, on each side of the mountain are Keb and Klo, they are separated by the Ytek-tuk peaks mentioned before. The ocean that goes under, surrounds and accommodates the planet is known as the sorrow. It is red, as it reflects the sky of the planet. Many natives to Kaljuba believe it to be the blood of those lost at sea. Creatures that roam Kaljuba are highly dangerous, and are kept back by Zarakian police, who scour the planet daily. The planet itself is kept in check by a constant field of space stations, all sharing a force field over the planet, not for any conventional methods of warfare, but for asteroids. However these stations also act as natural peace keeper stations, as they map the whole planet out on LIDAR, and are immediately able to detect outbreaks of infection, track individuals, and scour the planet for resources, a consequence of this however is that Kaljuba has next to no mineral wealth, and the tunnels below the planet that were once mining operations are now living areas, sprawling factory hives or learning cores.
Kaljuba has 4 moons Kraenar, Kolwaja, Quintallitoopias, and Seruvya, all of which are inhabited, some Drathori scolars argue that these moons are infact planets themselves, as whilst they orbit Kaljuba, they contain trees, light amounts of habitable gasses, and were extremely easy to fully terraform. The moons are mostly used to keep the asteroid defence Kaljuba intact, but they are also armed with a contingent of space fighters, each.

Other Planets :


Close to Kaljuba is Barbadon. Barbadon is the natural home of the Maghara, it has an extremely pleasant climate in most areas, it is dotted with islands pleasant shores. It has clear, blue skies and it has mainly oxygen in the air. The main feature are the vast, underwater tunnels that stretch across the planet, it the biggest supplier of Kajob power as well as being the biggest tourist attraction and getaway spot. However, sadly for the people of the Kajob, inland from some of the bigger islands, are large volcanoes. Whilst they can be harvested for their geothermal power, and tungsten plated droids can work around them, they continue to be a hassle for the planet.


On the borders between both Gargant Central and Gargant Lajeeb is the planet of Makola. Makola is a naval training planet. Ships practise on huge planetary targets, pilots practise fighter and ship to ship combat here regularly, and there is a small living hive with many prestigious academies. The planet itself is rather chilly, grassland and more and more regularly, scorched earth. It has no remarkable flora or fauna that isn’t copycatted from other before discovered planets, however the majority of the creatures on this planet are extremely small, and are a significant reason for the advances of the Kajob.

Other System Planets :

Mah’hi-Makjmak (Gargant’s Reaches) 4L

Mah’hi-Makjmak is a very small planet within the mighty collective Gargant System. The planet serves many functions, the cold north is a harsh landscape, being torn apart for its  resources, while the fertile and lush mainland continent is used by the finest hunters of the Kajob, to kill and prize the wild beasts that lurk on the surface. Its vast oceans are used for the production of hydro-electricity for the Kajob . It is seen as a mainly industrial planet, while its use may be important, it’s often neglected as it has no permanent populace.

Space Station Krayn (Gargants Bane)2N

This is a small fleet of research ships surrounding a space station. These ships attempt to research, cautiously, the amount of perils and devastating black holes that have homes in the system.
Political System: Elected, Separate Democracy. Every planet has 300 zones, each zone has 3 elected officials, for a representative of each race. The representatives are then irregularly called into debate on matters which concern them and directly them, any other such matters are merely mailed to them to decide on the spot. There is no mass meeting of representatives; as such a building would be too costly, too vast and too unnecessary to build. Policy and introduction of bills are handled by 300,000 mentally augmented, system infused Drathori, who work night and day.


It began with Zarakians, they began furthering themselves in ways their intelligence limited them, they loved the feel of wind in their antennae, on their skin, they were always pushing the boundaries of what was normal further and further.
They had established what was possible, and they always felt that you had only achieved something when you broke the impossible. The Zarakians discovered the extremely lazy Drathori on their planet, and immediately they knew the Drathori were smarter, their way of life was simpler, but it was more intelligent. The Zarakians didn’t understand the Drathori, and failed to communicate. The Drathori won several tribal wars against the Zarakians simply because they hid in the underbrush of forests they knew the Zarakians would not fly into. However soon old racial hatred broke down, and ideas flourished, the Drathori were very much the shoulder on which the Zarakians stood. The Zarakians developed a deep sense of respect when the Drathori developed jetpacks for them, jetpacks, explosive weapons,  and whilst vehicles were suggested only a very few were successful. Unlike much history, nothing apart from the pure love of exploration influenced what was forming Kajob society, years upon years advanced, remarkable, but nothing to the calibre of famous individuals struck a cord, until Hrebap the Tinkerer was born, Hrebap was a Drathori, that was reported to not be lazy, but hard working. In a few years he had got his head around a serious amount of technological advances, and the understanding of physics, his bloodline from there stemmed a very rare but biologically dominant creatures, who were able to put their great understanding to good use, and as such, created vast leaps in technological advances in the last few millennia.

Military Specifications:

Military in the Kajob is very carefree and unruly, it is seen as a respectable high earning job rather than a bottom of the line, idiotic job. The military is small and exclusive, in turn the expertise of the crew is to a veteran level, every soldier must sit necessary paperwork exams and take individual high stress and live ammunition combat tests. Ground attacks are very, very out-dated and old, ground tactics have absolutely no use in the Kajob navy as there is no need for them, the Kajob operate with the knowledge that if direct intervention is needed they will utilize a ground police force.

Military Composition:

Kojkoj (Armed Forces)

Perykojkoj (Naval)  
800 Combat Personnel Active
500 Recon Personnel Active
3,000 Reserve

A small and expert body, the Perykojkoj is more of a policing network of naval vessels rather than a foreign power projection or operations force, they specialize is ruthlessly fighting stellar pirates and hostile alien invasions. This unit will do almost everything for the Kajob.

Sanakala’Valamanda’Kojkoj (Ship-To-Ship)
80 Live Personnel
1000 Robotic Personnel
500 Synthetic Personnel

Sanakala’Valamanda, or SANVALS, are a mix of organic, robotic and synthetic soldiers who board ships in attack, operating a high policy of scorched earth unless the situation calls for it.

Verankakojkoj (Defensive Police)
100,000 Pacifist Droids
10,000 Galactic Response Droids
1000 Civil Control Mechs

Logistically Reliant Infinite Reserves
Composing of expendable humanoid robots, these linked, artificial police are the cold, but ruling hand of justice, they utilize a plethora of artificially intelligent equipment to do their bidding.

Starting Fleet:

I will need to see how the points system and such works in this.

Hero Character:

Snabb the Shineclaw, a Magharan Warrior , merely 12 years old, he is the democratic assemblies most veteran bodyguard, seen as a hero of the Kajob, he has foiled 18 of 22 plans to attempt to kill democratic officials. He has a solumn oath of loyalty to the government. Snabb grew up inside a megafactory on a planet outside the bounds of Gargant Nirr, he knew life around the rich, and he knew what it meant to be poor, however when he found himself finding satisfaction in vigilantism in the urban grottos where the rich in their confident foolishness stepped to far. He made a big name for himself, and before he became the Shineclaw, he was known as the Bulwark, one of the Kajob Naval vessels is named after his previous alias. He worked his way up protecting street mobsters, then bars, then he made it big, went to Gargant Centris, and his real talents were revealed.

Notable Cultural Trademarks:

To pass gas is the worst insult.
To raspberry is nearly just as bad.
Most of the capabilities of conventional militaries, such as mechanised infantry, transport, close air support, are all done by simply augmenting and changing Zarakians to fit a purpose, thus making them weak, but flexible and if necessary, highly purposed.

// I have no pictures for some things purely because I haven’t found anything that accurately represents anything I've spoken about or they're too big. Completely new slate.
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this race is on hold until i can get a hold of wook
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nevermind lol.
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