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 14 H, Yoba

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PostSubject: 14 H, Yoba   Mon Jan 13, 2014 9:57 pm

The system is an incredibly guarded and isolated star with six planets, three gas giants and one planet capable of harboring life - Yoba. The central star is somewhat larger than the Sun - making the planet Yoba fairly far away. The native Yheukyan are an incredibly advanced race, relying on robotics to power their military and fleet. Recently having achieved FTL travel, they don't appear to know any nearby races - new to the galactic scene. On Yoba's moon sit the birthplace of the Kabin hordes, insectoid beings that spread like wildfire on any planet they touch - massive beasts capable of ripping apart the Yheukyan in one swipe. Yoba's moon remains heavily guarded and quarantined, any asteroids entering the system on a trajectory for Yoba's moon tend to be moved away by planetary engines.
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14 H, Yoba
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