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 Red Sun Imperium

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PostSubject: Red Sun Imperium   Red Sun Imperium I_icon_minitimeWed Jan 15, 2014 3:09 am

Red Sun Imperium SIWU_banner_by_macawol

Formal Name: The Red Sun Imperium
Informal Names: Imperials, Imps, Reds
Abbreviation: RSI
Population: 900,000,000 (Humans)
13,000,000,000 (Assorted Droids/Drones)

Starting fleet:

Vulcan-Class Frigate: X8
Apollo-Class Destroyer: X8
Hades-Class Cruiser: X5
Nemesis-Class Cruiser: X7
Poseidon-Class Battleship: X7
Zeus-Class Carrier: X5
Ares-Class Dreadnought: X4
Titan-Class Superdreadnought: X1
(Does not include support, stealth or civilian ships, as they aren't able to withstand fleet combat.)

Technology Tags:
Robotics: Due to the lower population compared to most other space faring societies and species, the RSI has invested a great deal of resources both into the production and efficiency of their drones. Taking care of most of the menial tasks, droids allow the RSI human population to focus on military or scientific pursuits. Droids also function on the military level, capable of repairing and running a ship with the assistance of the on-board AI, and on the ground level different droids can function to fit almost any role on the battlefield, from grunt to artillery. The RSI is capable of producing a great deal of more drones and droids very quickly in order to keep their society extremely efficient, however, this lack of menial labor gives the humans of the RSI a sort of "elevated" view of themselves.

Artificial and Virtual Intelligence: In order to maintain the incredibly large population of droids and drones, the RSI use incredibly complex Artificial and Virtual Intelligence platforms.Each is connected and controls a series of networks from waste disposal to targeting computers aboard a destroyer. Every RSI Naval ship has an on-board high-functioning fully capable AI, charged with overseeing most of the ships day-to-day activities, along with most battle functions. This allows the human crew on board to be relatively small. Extradordinary measures have been put in place in order to deter any hacking attempts.

Military Focus: After almost 100 years of constant war, the RSI has developed a fixation on conflict. Getting selected for Naval or Marine service is by far one of the most prestigious and sought after career, requiring years of training and practice. This training and lust for combat makes their standard military forces seem elite, and special forces qualified, compared to the average military unit. However, to keep these traits, the RSI only recruits the smartest and most capable, making their human force relatively small. Scientific research focuses around fueling the RSI war machine, and developing cutting-edge technology regarding weapons and armor, both on the ground and in space.

Cybernetics: Obsessed with the progression of the human genome, and "elevating" humanity, the RSI has invested a considerable amount of resources in order to make them stronger, smarter, faster, and more capable than they ever were. Cybernetics are mass produced, and distributed to 100% of the population. Combined with genetic engineering, cybernetics allow the average human to live a much longer life, usually consisting of 150 years. However, some might not even consider many RSI citizens as even human anymore.  

Genetic Engineering: Genetic Engineering has been a scientific focus of the Imperium since its inception. Each RSI citizen has been genetically altered at birth in order to produce the "Perfect" human being. If a handicap seems to exist, it is quickly corrected through the use of cybernetics or genetic engineering. Still trying to maintain uniqueness in the gene pool, the genetic scientists attempt to keep astetics mostly unique, and only attempt to alter things such as height, brain development, blood and muscle quality, and bone structure.

Species: Humanoid: The RSI consists of mostly humans, however each human is engineered to be genetically superior, and they are also augmented with neural and muscular cybernetics, making them, on average, smarter and more capable than the rest of humanity.

Shawktae: A reptilian species much stronger and faster than your average human, the Shawktae were discovered already living on the planet Olympus when the RSI colonized it. Their technological advances had just begun to reach space faring status, and they had colonized their moon, known to the RSI as Aeaea. Extremely violent, and short-sighted, the Shawktae were constantly warring with one another, and commited mass genocides on the planet's other species before the arrival of the RSI.

Homeworld Name: Olympus
Homeworld Location: 03M

Red Sun Imperium 324587

Homeworld Description: A planet slightly smaller than Earth, consisting temperate climates and covered with about 45% water at the surface, Olympus is thriving with fauna and animal life. However, the local animal and plant life is extremely hostile and aggressive. The singular moon, Aeaea, was also a capable of life, and had the environment of a thick rain forest. However, the planet was found to be host to a wide range of extremely hostile, and extremely deadly natives, known as the Shawktae, a somewhat advanced species of reptiles against the foreign presence of the RSI. Local systems consist of resource dry gas planets, minus one Helium-3 rich moon. However, the Imperium has almost completely depleted it of resources.

Political System: Communist, Oligarchy

History: In 2350, a group of radical scientists and their followers cut their ties from the shackles of humanity in order to pursue the creation of the "perfect" human. Severing communications and taking with them millions of men and women who followed their idea of creating the perfect human, they ventured deep into space looking for a home to call their own. Stumbling upon Olympus far from Sol, the first Imperials stepped foot on their homeworld. Making a deal with the local population, the Shawktae, they were able to live in harmony for almost 50 years. The Shawktae learned much from the Imperium, and they worked well, the RSI providing them with new technology, while the Shawktae gave them protection in order to carry out their research.

Red Sun Imperium Kroot5

The Shawktae leader, Ug'Thatcha

This peace was ended by a leader, Ug'Thatcha who was a radical in the eyes of the RSI. Using the technology they had been given, the Shawktae were united by Ug'Thatcha and began a war against the RSI. Unprepared, the RSI suffered extremely heavy losses for the first 10 years, and almost were completely wiped out. The Imperium was almost pushed off the planet completely before the tide began to turn towards their favor. War sped up the production of droids, and the progress of cybernetics. The creation of millions of cheap expendable droids, with the combination of genetically engineered supercommandos allowed the RSI to gain ground against their reptilian foes. The war lasted on Olympus for another 40 years, and the Shawktae were pushed onto Aeaea.

50 years of war created a new society. The RSI had created an army of droids numbered in the billions, and their soldiers and citizens alike were all genetically engineered to be extremely deadly. New AI were developed to micromanage the large amount of robotic military and was applied elsewhere in society. The Praetorian program was instituted to create a new breed of super soldier, and proved to be extremely efficient. 5 years of a cease fire existed.

Red Sun Imperium 3410199-6309385145-img-l

Marines push towards a Shawktae stronghold during the invasion of Aeaea.

The RSI then launched a deadly offensive on Aeaea, lasting 30 more years this conflict was a push to remove the last Shawktae from the system. Changing their strategy, the RSI focused more on surgical strikes and elite operations carried out by their well trained Marines or Praetorians. Small pockets of resistance flare up, however the Shawktae population has been mostly eradicated or exiled to the farthest reaches of space. Many fled to the nearby Mojave system, home of the infamous Eclipse pirates.  

The RSI continues to face resistance from the Shawktae, and is now beginning to see hit-and-runs from the local pirate population, spurred on by Shawktaes. However, it is beginning to move beyond its borders, and beginning to expand.

Culture: The Imperium prides itself on productivity. With the extensive use of robotics, there is little need for a caste system, and the people are generally happy. However, after almost 100 years of war, the Imperials have developed a taste for war, and a taste for victory. Their society now revolves mostly around the idea of expansion. At the head of the Imperium consists of a council of leaders. Important decisions regarding the entire empire are left in the hands of the Minister of Defense, The Minister of Intelligence and Foreign Affairs, The Minister of Resources and Production, The Minister of Science, and The Minister of Human Resources. These men and women are highly confidential, and most do not even know who they are. Success of the Imperium relies on the trust in the government from the population. Honestly, the population has little to complain about. Everyone is granted equal rights, living conditions are extremely well, war is welcomed and a way of life, and due to genetic engineering and cybernetics, the average human is rarely sick.

Military Specifications:

The Red Sun Imperium Army:
Active: (Human) 150,000 (Droid) 900,000
Reserves: 750,000,000 (Droid) 180,000,000


The Red Sun Imperium Marine Force:
Active: (Human) 500,000 (Droid) 800,000
Reserves: (Human) 0 (Droid) 18,000,000


The Red Sun Imperium Navy:
Active: 9,000


Office of Military Intelligence:

Personnel: 25,000


Imperium Ballistics Corps

Personnel: 3,500



Infantry Armor:



Ground Vehicles:



Hero Character:



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I added some more stuff, plus changed a lot from before

still working on it though
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Pretty cool.
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