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 United Interplanetary Alliance

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PostSubject: United Interplanetary Alliance   United Interplanetary Alliance I_icon_minitimeThu Jan 23, 2014 1:21 am

United Interplanetary Alliance Matte_test_121611_by_rich35211-d4jfasb

United Interplanetary Alliance

Formal Name: United Interplanetary Alliance
Informal Names: UNK
Abbreviation: U.I.A.
Population: 1,300,000,000.

Technology Tags: Long-range discovery & science vessels, intelligence interception, nutritional & genomic augmentative sciences, high-depth low field (HDLF) scanning creators, isolinear computing technology.

Long-Range Discovery & Science Vessels: With the advent of infusing tachyon inspired speed into engines, also known at the FTL drive, the UIA have developed a hybrid of the common technology with that of a rather unknown technology, neutrino-spark-catalyst chambers to reduce the time between permutations (both in speed & power modulation and computation) during the FTL engines operation cycle. While speed has not been largely affected in large ships, with small ships showing negligible increases in speed, the overall effect is in the range a ship can operate in without having to degauss ship systems due to the high levels of Cherenkov radiation & magnetic charge buildup which is considerably higher (though off-set almost just as much) with the neutrino catalyst chamber in operation.

United Interplanetary Alliance Border_patrol_by_dlamont-d4fbzqy

Intelligence Interception: With a small population and a much smaller military, the UIA saw a need for competent intelligence systems over the need for warships and crews to man them. The guiding principal is being able to use their few but powerful ships in the most efficient methods as possible. By using what originally was an ore composite scanner, the use of the subatomic neutrino particles, containing very small mass even for a subatomic particle, the UIA is able to intercept tachyon streams between vessels at far greater speed and efficiency. However, the information that is intercepted needs to be redirected and often it is dragged through countless other streams to do so, thus a need for high computational power to weed out the original stream from unimportant streams is essential.

United Interplanetary Alliance Radar_by_m3_f-d5alpf2

On top of their experimental intercept technology, their long-range vessels and "below signature" stealth & intelligence vessels speak to the quality (while lacking in quantity) of the UIA ships.

Nutritional & Genomic Augmentative Science: With the aberrations of genetic experimentation and the aberration of overly augmented humans, the requirement for strict laws governing the use & employment of this science unto the military, and in recent years, civilian sector of genetic and augmentative science was always seen as a top priority. Both for its moral and costly qualities. As such the UIA does not benefit from having a heavily augmented human workforce, nor slave labor. However, their research into a "back-to-basics" science of nutrition and coupling it with the science of genetics and the mechanical biological science of augmentation have paved the way for extended lifespans with no blow-back to short-term health or long-term cost.

United Interplanetary Alliance T3a_laboratory_concept_by_donmalo-d5oi5s4

The result of this science is small implants in the human body that run off a variety of power sources, depending on the tier of implant and thus the output. Most tier one, the less invasive implants, run off of blood glucose which ultimately raises the daily calorie requirement of the user anywhere between 1,000 to 2,000 calories per T1 implant. These basic implants are common throughout most of the population, excluding a peaceful few who see them as unnatural invasions into their bodies. These implants provide precise nutritional supplementation exactly when the body demands it; an example would be if the user suffered a light laceration, a sudden influx in Vitamin K would assist in increasing platelet counts and thus clotting the blood more effectively. Ranging from small pancreatic assistor T1 implants, to survival & combat and emergency medical systems T3 implants, the Nutritional & Genomic Augmentative Science branch of the UIA aims to be less invasive and cost effective.

High-Depth; Low Field: With its origins spanning back to the early days of UIA colonization and the need to determine the quality & quantity of essential resources in the massive asteroid belts stretching across their solar system, the HDLF system was used to quickly and accurately asses the ore compositions within asteroids and small moons. This allowed the UIA to quickly identify and thusly extract rare and essential materials, which ultimately complimented their war industry efforts and the construction of their space-faring vessels, offering them harder hulls, faster computing components and saving them considerable time and resources form having to use sub-par components to mine sub-par ores.

United Interplanetary Alliance 92963fe8d1ca97742364e734423dadc1-d5oo7g2

Today, it is used by the Intelligence divisions of the UIA to intercept tachyon transmissions, thanks to the pioneering efforts of a very bored space geologist.

Isolinear Computer Memory & Data Storage: While traditional and even advanced computing systems operate under the binary code using the megabyte and the gigabyte, the vast allowance for rare materials thanks to HDLF mining technology allowed for cheap and extensive research into advanced computing. The end result was the trinary code, switching from the traditional kilobyte to the kiloquad. While in its early stages, research is promising and the end result is considerably faster increases in computations and data storage. Entire species' collective literature can be stored on a single isolinear chip, with each chip holding 2.15 kiloquads of data whilst consecutively operating as memory, assisting the processing power of the computer it is a component of.

Species: Human.

Homeworld Name: Ebliri

Homeworld Location: 0A - 015

Homeworld Description: A temperate climate that mostly sees cloudy days and intense thunder storms due to the ionized atmosphere. Most of the inhabitants live in covered and reinforced domiciles to protect them from the intermittently harsh environment.

Political System: Democratic Republic.

History: Having never wanted a war, a group of dedicated peacemakers set off to a far corner of their galaxy to establish a home from the chaos. Due to limitations of their technology and unforeseen consequences of extended space travel in experimental long-range ships, they were forced to make a home on a planet that read as a very hostile atmosphere from above. However the intense ionization only scrambled their sensors from seeing that the planet's ability to sustain human life was supreme. This allowed them time to live undetected for many generations and to operate with stealth vessels in theirs and neighboring solar systems. To their good fortune, they neighbored an asteroid belt with a vast quantity of asteroids, mostly containing very common ore that did not attract deep space miners. They were allowed to live in relative peace, making important scientific discoveries to themselves, until now.

Military Specifications: Their military exists as a quick response, passive unit. Not wishing to advertise the presence of their home world anymore than they already have, when they detect possible hostiles they are quick to retreat and to rally forces. They often choose to engage on their own terms and only when they hold the better hand. While fielding what could be considered superior ships built from superior materials, they lack greatly in quantity.

Military Composition: 23,000,000 active. 2,400,000 reserve/auxiliary. The people of UIA inhabit several neighboring planets and have been allowed to live in relative peace. Being a part of the nation's military forces was never seen as an active necessity nor an actionable potentiality. What they lack in military prowess they make up for in the civilian & science sectors, using their technologies as an augmentation to their growing economy.

Hero Character: UNK - TBA.
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United Interplanetary Alliance
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