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 Zeleniyan People's News Network.

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PostSubject: Zeleniyan People's News Network.   Zeleniyan People's News Network. I_icon_minitimeThu Apr 17, 2014 1:48 am

A video message is broadcasted throughout the Zeleniyan Republic and to other recognized nations. It starts with the Czar of the Republic standing on a podium before the Politburo, the national flag hung behind him. He wears a respirator, as does every politician sitting around him. The camera zooms into the Czar, dressed in formal business attire with a Worker's Party pin on one lapel and a Zeleniyan flag pin on the other. He begins his speech, the Slavnok droned out by whatever language it is translated into.

"Peoples of the Republic, today is a sad day for the common man. We, the peace enforcing and stalwart country of Zeleniy, have been attacked. Just an hour ago in Zaa'Nabar space, our peacekeeping orbital forces began to engage and -are still- in an ongoing battle with the UCFP. In response, the politburo unanimously decided to go to war with our attackers, their armies and fleets whipped and corrupted by the corporate powers that be. We also have confirmed.. that the widespread 'plague' was a biological terror weapon delivered by an unknown UCFP citizen. Experts tell me that it did it's role.. achieved maximum lethality, then died out as quickly as it came. The death toll of innocents lies at nearly 700,000. I cannot begin to fathom the combined sorrow of my people... It pains me to know we suffer."

"But our very history, even before our evolution, is that of sorrow and despair. Like our ancestors, we will overcome this great challenge. The reigns of capitalism will never choke the Zelenu people! We will defeat the invaders, drive them back to their homeland, and like a naughty child we will -reprimand- the Prince for his actions."

"Today, as your humble leader and fellow man, I ask you to defend your motherland! Whether you are in the factories of our great jewel capital, the vast farmlands of Mirovka, or the soon to be battleground on Hunsr├╝ck, I know you will do your part. And with this confidence, this instinctual knowledge, we will rise as one. Our fear dissipates, and with the Worker's strength, the Soldier's bravery, and the Citizen's undying support, we will weed out the corruption that dares to touch Zaa'Nabar."

He rips off his respirator and holds it high above his head,"I do not fear my enemy, and neither should my people. Za Zeleniy!" He brings his hand down and slams the mask on the floor, the rest of the politicians giving him a standing ovation and tearing off their masks as well. The Czar makes his exit, shaking hands with a couple of politicians before exiting out a side aisle.

Effects on Nation.
- Forced Conscription, 19 years and older, male or female.
- Increased production.
- Social unrest develops with conscription.

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Zeleniyan People's News Network.
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