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 Kal'Bavakorian Data Network Breaking News

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PostSubject: Kal'Bavakorian Data Network Breaking News   Kal'Bavakorian Data Network Breaking News I_icon_minitimeTue Apr 22, 2014 4:12 am

The Kal'Bavakorian Data Network, or DataNet; a hive of information that transcends the stars through specially placed transmission beacons in and around the colonies. While the most recent DataNet stories were addresses from Council members or colonial administration attendants, all arguing about the recent expansion of Kal'Bavakorian interest into the surrounding solar systems, a recent breaking news story would steal the attention of billions of Kal'Bavakorians..

"The Ministry of Defense today reported, with permission from the Empress herself, an attack upon Alliance personnel in deep space from individuals not of the Kal'Bavakorian race. In the recent light of expanding Alliance colonists into surrounding star systems, the Alliance declared the possibility of extra-terrestrial intervention 'low' earlier these past months, but recent video transmissions received by the Ministry of Defense from a remote mining operation beyond Alliance borders shows a massive conflict between Alliance military forces and humanoid beings with advanced technology and weapon systems. The Empress of the Alliance of Kal'Bavakorian Nations has, as we speak, initiated a press conference to declare the next actions of the Kal'Bavakorian people."

The transmission changes to that of the Empress of the Alliance of Kal'Bavakorian Nations. The imposing, blue-skinned figure wears reddish and black ceremonial armor and carries the flag of the Alliance upon her shoulder. In full view of the crowd of Kal'Bavakorians surrounding her podium, outside and with the Imperial Throne Center towering just behind her. She rustles her mandibles in full view of the crowd around her; a sign of fierce determination. She is already a ways into her speech...

"-ave been bruised, our cheek runs black with our blood, but shall we fall? Shall we kneel to this foe? Of course not! The Kal'Bavakorian people, when united, can stand against any opposition, crush any obstacle, and stand unopposed in any battlefield; be it diplomatic, or combat itself! It light of this recent and unprovoked attack against our brave men and women of the Alliance Legion, I have called upon our military to grow in power and numbers!

As we speak, the skies grow dark with our spacecraft, and the ground itself crumbles and cracks under the march of our armies! If war is preventable, we shall make it so, but if not... The aliens shall cower in fear of our destructive power! From our grand homeworld to the distant lands of Oasis, the Alliance shall rise to meet the grandest enemy we have ever faced.. One that has grown far beyond our lands, and one that shall finally meet the unbarred, choking waters of Kal'Bavakorian resolve!"

The image begins to back out as the Empress bows her head to the cheering crowd before her, and begins to make her way back towards the Imperial Throne Center with an Imperial Guard detachment in tow. The reporter speaks again over the slowly retreating image..

"The Ministry of Defense has declared that recent volunteering to the Alliance Legion and Grand Navy has increased by over forty percent, with that number expected to rise in the coming weeks. The Diplomacy Corps in Mel'Va has also increased in numbers, as a war with an extraterrestrial foe is, for many, something to be avoided. While the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Diplomacy are meeting with the Empress in an emergency session in the next few hours to discuss possible official responses to the alien attack, an Alliance combat fleet is expected to depart for Oasis and, upon refitting and refueling there, move to the contested zone to repel the alien forces and rescue Alliance personnel in contested space. The details of this operation are currently being withheld, but we all wish our brave men and women the best of luck in the coming days as they respond to the extraterrestrial threat."
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Kal'Bavakorian Data Network Breaking News
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