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|>  BREAKING: Communist Aliens Attack Tefeull, Full Navy Deployment Underway - 'Fair & Balanced' Islam-communismSEVERAL HOURS AGO, a defense outpost in the Tefeull asteroid zone picked up an unidentified signal that baffled military and civilian analysts alike: the frequencies used were unlike those utilized by either the God-fearing United Systems and its allies, and there is no reason to suspect that they belong to any known Communist empire. Instead, eye-witness reports have just come through that confirm what this paper has claimed for many years: that an alien communist force has been working to hinder the progress of Democracy in the region near Tefeull, and has just now chosen to reveal itself.

United Systems naval forces immediately moved to intercept, and the latest reports had them achieving total aerospace superiority despite the arrival of communist reinforcements, but several questions remain to be answered. Are the aliens conspiring with the Zeleniyans to fight the spread of Democracy in the area? Are the Zeleniyans using the aliens as a distraction to unleash nuclear holocaust upon the Coalition? "Very likely." claimed Dr. Joseph Conan, PhD, Director of the New Vancouver Center for Democratic Studies. READ MORE

|>  VIOLENT VIDEO GAMES: Violent Virtual Reality Console Murders Baby, Microsoft to Blame? - 'Fair & Balanced' Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSuIGYgd6QspkvVp8NO8HFjt3chKzqUWRKa3JYvbozkQI2PKYnGvgEARLIER TODAY, Aachen Emergency Services responded to a medical request from a desperate parent claiming that their two year old infant had stopped breathing. Emergency responders arrived at the three-member family's small Aachen home just four minutes later and were faced with a terrible scene: the little child's jaw had cracked after tripping on his father's X-Box Plus gaming console, and the windpipe had been blocked. The infant was rushed to a nearby clinic, but did not survive.

The incident marks the second time that a console murders a baby: everyone remembers last year's PlayStation Extra Massacre, when a truck carrying the new PlayStation violent video gaming system collided with a school bus due to failed breaks. Are violent video games to blame? The Association of Concerned Mothers has already filed a petition on the internet government site '' demanding that violent video gaming be banned to prevent any more brutal deaths. READ MORE
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