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 I-7; The Imperial System

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PostSubject: I-7; The Imperial System   Fri Apr 25, 2014 10:59 pm

I-7; The Imperial System
Alliance of Kal'Bavakorian Nations;
Colony World Tak'Vega
Alliance Grand Navy Staging Space

It was a glorious day, indeed. Below him, the recently colonized world of Tak'Vega was orbiting just perfectly in the habitable zone of it's star; HSS-7632.. Or, better known now as the Imperial Star. The Imperial System was a perfect planetary system to settle within' for it's multiple gas giants rich in helium-3 and other valuable resources, as well as for the beautiful and strategic worlds that it held within' it's gravitational hold. Tak'Vega's colonized sector was just about to orbit into a direct line of sight with the Imperial System's star; signalling a beginning of the day for Kal'Bavakorians below, and the start of a grand offensive for those who remained in orbit..

And by the Goddess, were there a lot of his brothers and sisters here with him today. Naval volunteers had just left Tak'Vega's orbital shipyards just the day before to settle in with the First Grand Offensive Fleet, preparing to set out to meet their new enemy at Installation Alpha; now formally known as the Teffuel Mining Field from what intelligence records had indicated. The total tally of capital warships that had arrived from the Home System came to five Alliance NMRB-'Violent'-Class Multi-Role Battle Ships, four Alliance NMSRCC-'Turra'-Class Single-Role Combat Cruiser, two Alliance Alliance NSRRC-'Marksman'-Class High Velocity Magnetic Accelerator Rail Systems, and the Alliance ND-'Kal'Bavakor'-Class Dreadnaught Warship; the single most powerful craft in the entire damned Grand Navy. He had yet to add the six frigates that had arrived earlier this morning from the Mining Field itself, as well as his own personal flagship, although he had managed to personally review the Svu'Kavsi records from said frigates. He should probably do so again..

Grand Admiral Dask'Re, Supreme Commander of the Alliance Grand Navy, and Captain of the 'Shield'-Class Defense Super Carrier, the 'Triumphant', of the First Grand Offensive Fleet, finally broke free of his musing; turning away from the beautiful view of the planet, and it's orbiting station, to cast his luminous eyes towards the bridge of the ship..

The bridge was a massive installation; the hive mind of the 'Triumphant's' extremely complex defense and analytical center. The bridge's ninety-plus crew bounced from console to console; tapping madly away at their spherical holo-keyboards while reviewing the point defense systems, or shouting orders to subordinates as they tested the ship's kinetic shielding and new electromagnetic anti-shell field. It was a bustling, yet very precise center of operations for the entire fleet, although the Grand Admiral had a particular individual in mind for his current objective.

"..First! I require the Svu'Kavsi Xeno-Intelligence documents transmitted to my console," Called the Grand Admiral; his gruff bark resounding throughout the bridge. Within' seconds, an 'avatar' of the ship's Organic Intelligence popped up onto his console; displaying a young, female Kal'Bavakorian dressed in the ancient armor of the Pre-Civilization Age Meesu' Riders, which was her own personal selection. First was an Organic Intelligence, or OI, meaning that instead of using massive computer systems and processing power to power her insanely powerful mind, she was instead housed within' an actual Kal'Bavakorian brain whose contents had been wiped to allow her to enter. First's actual blueprints had been scanned onto the rather massive brain beforehand and installed into the craft; making her the offical 'AI' of the ship, although due to her actual organic state, she was much smarter, faster, and more independent than an AI; making her superior in many ways. The only drawback was that the OI had be trained and grown from an actual brain, a process that takes a considerable amount of time; much more so than what an AI takes to create.

The OI 'First' maneuvered her holographic avatar over his command console, smiling down at the Grand Admiral from her perch before speaking aloud, using the console's audio-speakers to do so.

"Yes, Grand Admiral; the documents are currently in your system. I filed them neatly, just the way you like them."

He couldn't help but smile, and stroked his pale-blue chin as he replies,"Thank you, First... Give me a status update on the fleet while I inspect them."

"Of course," Was her reply. She dissipated away, allowing Dask'Re time to lean in and inspect the files that had popped up on his console. The Svu'Kavsi Intelligence Division was known for it's detailedreports, and this one was no exception. They had apparently been researching the 'humans' the entirety of the few months they had been there; gathering detailed information on troop counts, patterns in travel, ship designations, and a variety of other miscellaneous items. He scrolled down to the bottom, as this was the section that would be reserved for the research and diplomatic 'kav'turks' back in the Home System. The true important information lie at the most recent data-entry; added just before the First Intervention Fleet retreated from the Mining Field... Goddess, no wonder they were forced to retreat. They had a huge fleet, numerous capital ships, drone infantry, even robotic flight wings, a fact that made his mandibles rustle in anger. To leave fighting simply up to machines was an action most dishonorable, not to mention expensive and weak.. They were no match for sentient soldiers and, in the Alliance, would never be implemented as a full force by itself.

He finished the report, satisfied. The aliens had weapons, numbers, and robot forces, but they had struggled against a simple security force. The Grand Navy was many times more furious, powerful, and advanced than those left to Installation Alpha.

Within' seconds of finishing this thought, First quickly reappeared, speaking in her usual monotone voice,
"Grand Admiral, I have reviewed the fleet's weapons and armaments, as well as all engine, FTL, flight, and troop designations. Miscellaneous files have been checked off, as well. The Dreadnaught 'Kal'Bavakor' has tested it's Long Range Light Accelerator Cannon; results show positive on all Mun'Guru Fusion Generators, and calibration gives the weapon a 99.8762928 plus percentage of accuracy at extreme ranges. Kinetic shielding and armor systems, as well as the magnetic shielding, on the 'Triumphant' are acting beyond original capabilities with a few alterations to the capacitor calculation systems. Organic Combat Intelligence Units in the OI-Bay have locked into their charge stations. OI-Second on the 'Kal'Bavakor' has linked with me, and is ready for operations, as well. All craft, fighters, and troops are settled, and all nineteen craft, including the six frigates from the Field, are green to jump on your orders, my Lord."

She pauses, before adding with a sly hoot,"...All information and updates to procedure and technical variations were made in approximately point five seven three eight seconds, my Lord."

The Grand Admiral Dask'Re simply nods once with thanks as she disappears again. He leans into his command console, tapping the controls, and begins activating his command procedure systems on his console; allowing the Grand Fleet's inter-order system to activate. He then leans forward in his command chair, glaring down at the masses below his command station high above the bustle of the bridge, and bellows..


The bridge of the 'Triumphant' comes to a quick halt and, with all eyes settling upon the Grand Admiral, await his words. Dask'Re rustles his mandibles again before, with a loud growl, shouts..

"..Today, my brothers and sisters of Kal'Bavakor, we face a new enemy. One unlike anything we have faced before, and overshadowing any fight we have ever had, in even the Great War itself. You have volunteer'd, have trained, have fought to become the greatest of the great, the best of the best of Kal'Bavakor.. And I am proud to have you all under my command for this, the grandest offensive in our race's extensive history.."

He pauses, before continuing,"...I cannot promise we shall all return, but I do know this. The aliens have stepped upon the toes of our Alliance, of the Kal'Bavakorian people as a whole! They have murdered our comrades, defiled our lands, and dare to think us puny and incompetent. We stand before them in rejection of these claims, and we shield our people with our lives and our starcraft; never feeling more wondrous in the process!"

The crowd fidgets below, clapping their hands together or snarling aloud as they grow in excitement, or anxiety. The Grand Admiral's bellowing voice grows in strength and staccato with each passing word now, with his speech now being broadcasted to the entire fleet..

"We are a people of peace, of truth and honor, but these aliens have defiled our very beliefs! They would spit on our graves before submitting to friendly acts, and they will be PUNISHED for it! We shall crush their ships, ravage their soldiers, and obliterate their capabilities in this field! With you all at my side, we will stand victorious above these beasts, and make sure that the Kal'Bavakorian people will never fear an alien force from beyond our borders!"

The claps and cheers cascade throughout the fleet for a moment or so before, upon the demands of their regional officers or captains, the troops return to their stations. The Lord General himself rushes to his station and, with a cry that hangs over the excited and confident soldiers all around him, exclaims..

"First! Discharge the coordinates to the fleet's hive-computer system, and bring us into the Light Stream!"

And with that, the largest Kal'Bavakorian space fleet ever gathered together is enveloped in a massive violet burst of energy that could be seen like a second star from the planet below. Within' seconds the fleet disappears, leaving behind the remains of the energized ions and electrical discharges that are so common with Alliance FTL Drives. Their target was the Teffuel Mining Field. Time till arrival...

Two hours.
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PostSubject: Re: I-7; The Imperial System   Sun Aug 03, 2014 3:48 am

I-7; The Imperial System
Alliance of Kal'Bavakorian Nations;
New Nalla, Site 098 Command Spire
Inter-Stellar Multi-Role Warhead (ISMRW) Test Zone

A terrifying, rage-driven human being in black military garb appears on the hologram table; a re-run of a horrifying transmission from the Alpha Quadrant. Listening in are ten Alliance Military High Command officials from the Tak'Vega and Kal'Bavakor High Command Centers. These ten individuals of great power and authority are responsible for directing the majority of Alliance Military operations and movements in both domestic and foreign space. Today, they have gathered to assess a very real, and very dangerous threat to the lives of billions of Kal'Bavakorians, and how to best address it.

<"...-overy efforts, or breaches the ceasefire, I will not attack it. I will power up this ship's jump drives, I will jump to the homeworld of the race responsible and I will rain down nuclear FUCKING death on the cities, the villages and the orbital stations, and those of their allies. If the squids as much as APPROACH a dead USC citizen, or Coalition wreckage, I will kill a hundred million of their people for every dead man and woman on our side. We haven't even scratched the tip of the iceberg that is this ship's nuclear arsenal! I was not put in this position because I am a good tactician, or familiar with politics, but because according to my superiors I am an 'ultranationalist zealot' that will not even flinch at the idea of wiping out an entire race to protect a SINGLE of my compatriots, so do not push me. I have little care for politics, or the international community, or being condemned and executed as a terrorist to do what's right for my people. Can you say the same? End of Transmission.">

A female voice, mechanical and monotone in nature, then speaks from the holo-table as the holo-picture of the human general disappears. Replacing it is a three-dimensional image of an 'Inter-System Ballistic Missile'; a human weapon of great power and destructive capability. The glowing-blue hologram highlights multiple sections of the devastating weapon, including the engine systems, MIRV launch capabilities, and the 'Warp Drive', as it is designated by human beings. It is noted by the gathered Kal'Bavakorian military commanders that, while these re-created blueprints recognize important parts of this weapon, many of the sections are left blank or only name, and do not detail, a part of the weapon.

<:: These weapons have the capabilities to bypass Alliance defenses, and commit genocide to a civilian population when used in large numbers. Based on information gathered by Svu'Kavsi Intelligence Operatives, we have determined the most plausible ways to protect the Kal'Bavakorian people are first, for now, to ensure Humankind does not discover the location of key Alliance systems. Our intelligence review courts have determined that this course of action will only be viable for a minimum two weeks, to a maximum six months. After this time, Humans will either stumble across our systems, use tracking devices, or use other lawless tactics to discover the Home System and other colonies. At this time, our people will be under threat of nuclear attack. The second measure is to field our own Inter-System Ballistic Missiles, with nuclear capabilities. This deterrence is the only way we can ensure the long term survival of the Kal'Bavakorian species. ::>

One of the ten Kal'Bavakorians, the Minister of Colonial Defense Shasi Bar'Zun, would slowly cross her arms across her chest in a questionable fashion.

"Tell me, C-209, why there is technical information missing from these.. Blueprints, you managed to develop? How do we know the complete tactical abilities of these weapons? Do we even have the ability to develop these weapons?"

The voice quickly responds in its monotone voice from the holo-tables speaker system.

<:: The humans have been in a conflict in which they research and develop new armaments for a great many years; possibly over a century. Over this time, the ISBM has been created, manufactured, and used consistently as a tool to strike fear into other human populations. This makes information regarding the weapon easy to access in human networks and communications, but technology and practices regarding their creation are well guarded. Without direct access to human military networks, and we deem this an impossible operation at this time, we cannot retrieve entire blueprints. The Svu'Kavsi believe we must develop our own. ::>

"I see," Shasi Bar'Zun replies in a quieter tone; the bright eyes of her enviro-suits helmet dampening as her own eyes do. The Minister of Combat Technologies, a Yu'Olvan Development Caste Kal, would quickly interject in a somewhat irritated tone.

"The issue here is not whether or not we /can/ develop them, Minister of Colonial Defense. We already have prototypes sitting in this very test site from the post-Great War Rebellions! The issue is whether or not we should continue developing them. It is an issue that directly contradicts parts of our morals and our ways of life! We are here to determine if the threat of nuclear attack by humanity warrants a re-activation of the program."

Indeed, the Kal'Bavakorians were not blind to the use of inter-stellar missiles. After the end of the Great War, many previous Hugresh warriors had initiated a rebellion against the newborn Alliance and its space program. The Alliance, shaky after its conception, recognized the internal turmoil could bring down the foundation of the planetwide government, and collapse the Kal'Bavakorian people into chaos once more. Because of this, it sought quick and efficient ways of eliminating the threat on the home world and beyond. One way was the Trans-System Ballistic Missile; a program that sought to develop a missile capable of traveling an entire solar system and destroy a particular target. The Hugresh Rebellion ended rather quickly after Alliance Legionnaires captured and executed the rebel leader Shuns O'Kai on Ruthor, and the program was quickly left under-funded and dormant on the then-newly colonized world of New Nalla. Now, it seemed the Alliance once more required the program, although re-branded as the Inter-Stellar Multi-Role Warhead (ISMRW) Program, or the Inter-Stellar Warhead Program. It would require brand new technological developments to be added to the weapons, including replacing its 'ancient' star drive with a Light-Stream Drive for quick inter-system travel, ensuring it could operate in packs in enemy territory, and packing it with the most powerful fusion weapons the Alliance could reasonably create.

It would cost a lot of credits, a lot of manpower, and a lot of time. But if done correctly...

"It could save every single Kal'Bavakorian. If we create weapons that are so merciless, so horrible, that the human mind cannot even fathom the death and destruction they could bring, they would not dare threaten us again. You just heard who they have for military commanders.. Imagine who watches the launch keys?" Cries the Grand General of the Alliance Legion Numar O'Varik; a war hero from the Great War itself.

Many of the others around the table quickly nod their heads; agreeing with the statement from the Grand General. The Sentinel Operations Minister Var Uk'Ton, reaffirms the Grand General's words with a quiet few of his own.

"Indeed. We must face a changing situation head on. We do not like it, but we have no choice. We must act in the interests of our people, and I agree a show of force and might may be our only salvation."

"Then it is settled then," Replies the Minister of Tactics; a female Kal'Bavakorian dressed in heavy, armored enviro-suit garb,"We all agree this program must be re-activated. Now all that remains is... What does our Empress believe is the right choice?"

The Minister of Tactics says this towards the holo-table, as if expecting a response. Within' a few seconds time, she does indeed receive one directly from her Imperial Highness. She had been listening silently the entire conversation from her home on Kal'Bavakor; refusing to add her own two cents until their debate had been finished. The silky, soothing voice of the Empress filled the sudden silence, although her voice had an added level of determination to it.

<::"I agree that these missiles may be a powerful force of deterrence to any enemies that may threaten our people. What I do not agree with, is that they should be used at any time for gain, and only as defense of the last resort. There are humans out there that are not our enemies, and seek peace just as we do. We can still make this idea of peace a reality if we continue to strive for it. We are still sons and daughters of Kalla, my brothers and sisters, and we are not creatures of blood lust and death. We are instead icons of honor and goodwill in this universe. If the humans cause us to change our ways, to become beings that should use these weapons for gain and terror, then we have already lost. Continue with the program immediately; reinforcement workers, supplies, and added funding from the Imperial Treasury will arrive in the next few days. Good day, Ministers."::>

"Good day, Empress," The ten Ministers replied wholeheartedly. For a moment after the Empress disconnected, there was silent; the rooting grounds of thought were being made. These weapons, no matter how deadly and furious they became, were not to be used for gain or terror unless it was to deter others from the same course of action. They were walking a thin line here, between the destroyer, and the savior of their people. The coming months would, indeed, be very difficult and strenuous.

After half a minute of complete silence, the Minister of Tactics would turn to the Minister of Combat Technologies, and ask in a quiet voice.

"Minister, how long will the process of re-writing the blueprints, refitting the weapon systems... How long the process of creating these weapons take?"

The Minister of Combat Technologies would reply with quickly,"I cannot give an accurate guess, as the new blueprints will take a week or so under constant review, but I'm estimating the process for re-fitting the prototypes to take a month, while actual test simulations and hardware stress testing will take another month and a half, but if the Minister of Combat Resources can...-"

The Minister of Colonial Defense had already risen from her chair; her mind still deep in thought while the others had turned to discussing the time frame for the development of the missile system. The windows of the Command Spire were open, and the dim sun was shining into the room; gently reflecting off her helmets visor as she stepped beside the massive view ports. She looked down..

..And her eyes settled upon the tens of hundreds of missile ports that had been constructed in Site 098 over a decade ago; prepared for the transport of missiles then, and now being prepared to house weapons thousands of times more devastating then their older counterparts. Some of the ports were even open; displaying a few of the old missiles. Even from her perch in the Command Spire, she could see the bright lights that had enveloped these massive missiles as crews of Kal'Bavakorians began the process of retrofit. Of course, the blueprints weren't ready, but the old and damaged parts had to be removed. She could even see larger crowds of workers, APCs, transport mechs, and transport aircraft begin to make their way towards long abandoned posts. The beast had begun to wake already, and they'd be at full work capacity in the coming week..

She sighed quietly to herself, and she placed her gloved hand upon the window as she watched. Her heart already ached with this decision. Yes, it was her job to defend the colonies by any means necessary, but she didn't at all agree with this. This wasn't the Kal'Bavakorian way, it was the human way; to threaten others with the destruction of all they knew, should they not comply. It was sad to see times changing for the worst, but there seemed to be no other choice. This was life now. To live and die under the threat of sudden destruction. They'd have to live with their actions, and the results they create.

She only hoped humanity would see the light, before it was clouded by nuclear ash...
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I-7; The Imperial System
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