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 The Watchman: 'Foreign Powers' held accountable for 'Neo-Colonialism'

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The Watchman: 'Foreign Powers' held accountable for 'Neo-Colonialism' Empty
PostSubject: The Watchman: 'Foreign Powers' held accountable for 'Neo-Colonialism'   The Watchman: 'Foreign Powers' held accountable for 'Neo-Colonialism' I_icon_minitimeSun May 04, 2014 8:52 pm

The Watchman - Seeking the truth.

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LATEST | 'Terrorist' investigation continues in Kuteznagrad - CFP project to preserve historical film - Report: Thousands flee New Warsaw rebel attacks - Commonwealth sacks Ambrosian police commander - Dozens dead in continuing Helkion violence - 'Clashes' reported in Tefeull Mining Zone -

'Foreign Elements' to blame for historic instability?

Latest studies by student groups highlight foreign influences in Imperial politics.

Kristina Zovanovski
The Watchman: 'Foreign Powers' held accountable for 'Neo-Colonialism' RhFxwvS
Independent films such as 'The heartfelt Lord Pennyston'(pictured above) garnered Interstellar acclaim, causing many New Terrans to re-evaluate their history and which has prompted investigations of alleged exploitation by foreign powers.

It had only been days since Hyeon Taejo made his 'Wealth of the Nation' speech when calls for investigation of Imperial foreign policy caused the declassification of hundreds of documents related to foreign policy making in the old Imperial Diet. The speech, which called for greater transparency by the Diplomatic Bureau, highlighted numerous allegations of corruption, exploitation, economic imperialism and neo-colonialism. Early studies conducted by Lippe University implicated several USC corporations including helium-3 giant Marathon as well as even Lockheed-Martin who is believed to be involved in an unequal treaty involving Commercium Guild assets in which underpaid workers were pressed to manufacture ship parts on their behalf.

Cooperative studies conducted by several more New Terran academic institutions and independent inquiry groups came together yesterday to present a compiled list of nearly 150 foreign companies who could accurately be claimed to have been involved in an unequal partnership with either Imperial officials themselves or Guild Consortiums throughout the 300 year long period of Imperial administration. Seen in the list are several Federation and Zeleniyan assets and companies as well and aren't wholly restricted to USC entities.

But it doesn't stop there, further analysis suggests that several corporations and even government institutions engaged in purposeful destabilization of the Imperial Government on numerous occasions. Certain historians believe that the First Interregnum itself was the result of foreign corporate machinations on the Imperial state and a recent poll taken suggests that many New Terrans believe in a theory that the USC and it's allies intended to carve up the Empire into several 'spheres of influence' to allow easier exploitation of it's people and some believe that the recent civil war was instigated by USC-backed Guild conglomerates for that very purpose.

Such perceptions have resulted in incidents of violence directed against foreigners the most recent major bouts of violence were brief anti-USC riots conducted by disgruntled industrial workers against USC company assets which resulted in widespread looting and destruction and required military forces to put down.

Armistice delegate Albrecht Kaltenbach was quick to address fears of anti-foreign sentiment within the new Commonwealth,

"Those engaging in violence have since been detained, this is a minor sect of fanatics which cannot in any way represent the collective thirty billion individuals which inhabit the Commonwealth. My Government is not interested in blaming current individuals or governments for the actions of past individuals and instead remains committed to the creation of long-lasting positive and mutually beneficial ties with other nations."

As of yet there remains no official response on behalf of any of the implicated governments or companies.

The Watchman is a popular independent news source based on Ambrosia which prides itself on watchdog journalism and whistleblowing. It recently came to prominence following the Ambrosian Occupation when it was the only major channel to cover the war live from it's offices on the planet. It has since become popular with 'truthseekers' who distrust 'Alpha Quadrant' media including state-run SRoZ sources as well as USC and CFP news outlets which some commonly believe to be biased and one-sided. The Watchman has been accused of 'giving a voice to terrorism' after several high profile interviews with Zaa'Nabar Insurgent leaders were broadcast on the channel.
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The Watchman: 'Foreign Powers' held accountable for 'Neo-Colonialism'
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