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 Alliance Data Network: [STORY] 'Consequences of Aggressive Colonization Operations are being Addressed.'

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Alliance Data Network: [STORY] 'Consequences of Aggressive Colonization Operations are being Addressed.' Empty
PostSubject: Alliance Data Network: [STORY] 'Consequences of Aggressive Colonization Operations are being Addressed.'   Alliance Data Network: [STORY] 'Consequences of Aggressive Colonization Operations are being Addressed.' I_icon_minitimeSun Jun 01, 2014 10:56 pm

Hello Citizen; Welcome to Data-Net Station Five, serving Citizens and Civilians in the:

[Home System]

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Alliance Data Network: [STORY] 'Consequences of Aggressive Colonization Operations are being Addressed.' Planet_by_hatemind-d6vcba4

The untouched world of Nathari, in the Hallo'Wai System. The Hallo'Wai System will soon be home to the final chain of Alliance colonies in foreign space through a joint operation with the Inter-Space Conglomerate. Due to the planets colder climate, it will not require extensive terraforming and gene modification.

The Alliance of Kal'Bavakorian Nations has, after uniting almost ten Standard Years ago, begun extensive and aggressive colonization of foreign space almost immediately afterthe Light Stream Drive was discovered. While the people of the Alliance, including senior members of Alliance Colonial Administration, have always believed there to be sentient life amongst the stars, the ramifications of extensive colonization by Kal'Bavakorians has never fully been realized until now. Worlds colonized by Kal'Bavakorians have been forced to undergo extensive, detailed terraforming operations in order to make then livable, or even comfortable, for extensive growth. Entire indigenous populations must be genetically modified, or die in the face of planetary change. Scribes of the Alliance Science Collective have begun extensive genome tampering in order to ensure that select populations of indigenous species on these worlds continue to live, without changing their physical bodies and mental stability, with the most recent and extensive of these operations currently taking place on Amarath; a quickly developing industrial world in the Oasis System.

This does not include the transgressions of other foreign, sentient powers. A standard week ago, Alliance Military Command, in joint operation with the Empress of the Alliance and the Colonial Administration, announced the discovery of a foreign species of space faring sentients known as 'Humans', or more informally, 'Mankind'. A split race of techno-barbaric beings which have been recorded as radically different and constantly warring; they have recently represented a threat to mining and diplomatic operations in the Alpha  Mining Sector.

When questioned regarding the violent and often fatal consequences presented with these aggressive pushes for planets, the High Lord of the Colonies Haras Talir'Navar responded calmly:

"We live in a time and era where, as a species, we can no longer support our massive population and large resource needs on our homeworld without decimating it. I say this with the utmost truth, and the utmost sincerety; if we are to survive as a race, then we must be quicker, smarter, more advanced, and more cunning than our rivaling species. Therefore, we must explore every avenue and every possible shortcut in order to prevail. As the Colonial Administrator of these Allied Kal'Bavakorian Nations, I have taken upon myself to give our people the land and resources to succeed. It is up to our brothers and sisters in the Science Collective and the Military Command to use these resources, develop them, and protect them to ensure a continuation of our way of life."

Recent developments to reverse the negative effects of harsh colonialism by the Alliance include: The Science and Scribe Collective actively ensuring greater protection of indigenous species, the Alliance Military Command establishing the Alliance Stellar Marine Corps to defend Alliance worlds throughout the cosmos, and the Colonial Administration promising to halt further colonizing operations in the near future; hoping to stop the expenditure of already thinned colonial resources.

This has been a constant issue worrying the Colonial Administration, and the Alliance as a whole, since the first colonies were settled on foreign worlds. The act of halting colonization, in tangent with other unnamed Alliance operations, hopes to replenish and quickly increase the reserve of Alliance colonial resources. One of the few currently active initiatives has gone as far as to ground and mothball two large Homeworld-Class Colonial Transport Craft; large starships that carry colonists to new worlds, and are dismantled to form the first settlements on said world. The grounding of these vehicles will save the Alliance hundreds of billions of credits in fuel, manpower, food and water, and other resources; items needed on already settled Alliance worlds, as well as the Home System itself.

The Alliance appears to be addressing many issues that have stemmed from the aggressive colonization efforts. Let us hope these continue, and bring about positive returns for the Alliance's many peoples. Peoples who must live with these decisions, and their ramifications every day; be they on Kal'Bavakor, or the vast many worlds beyond.

Written by Data-Net Story Scribe Hay'Nurka

Second Day of Summer Solace, Month of Naush, Standard Year 2987  
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Alliance Data Network: [STORY] 'Consequences of Aggressive Colonization Operations are being Addressed.'
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