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 Empire of Tir'uk (WIP)

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PostSubject: Empire of Tir'uk (WIP)   Tue Jul 01, 2014 5:11 am

Formal Name: Empire of Tir'uk
Informal Names: Tir'uk, The Old Ones
Population: 8,000,000,000

Technology Tags:

Artificial and Virtual Intelligence: Due to the complex system of trade routes, cities, personal travel, and general management of city within the Nidan and it's surrounding sister planets. The Empire of Tir'uk began developing VI systems to help manage the city, at first it was trains, then it was transportation in general. Now, after many centuries of technological advancement. They've managed to create artificial life, which behave and think like the Tir'uk.

Most of their soldiers have their own personal VI systems which are linked with their general's VI, to help monitor troops movements and communications in real time. This has offered the Tir a greater sense of military professionalism as well as a dependency on technology.

Advanced Cloaking Systems: Invisibility has been a much desired ability to many races, the Tir are no difference. They had fought a group of semi-intelligent creatures known as the Nokir Niz (Invisible Ones). They were an Apex Predator in their respective territories and posed a very major threat in the Tir's Ancient Era. Though, as their technology advanced, they developed a very primitive form of thermals and actually began to hunt down and eventually pushed the Nokir Niz to extinction.

Though, their former foe inspired a generation and pushes to give Tir's the power of the Nokir Niz, they developed a semi-organic cloak and from there they made an artificial one. Soon, it began to grow in the Tir military. Now, almost every single suit is outfitted with cloaking capabilities.

Environmental Controls/Terraforming: Tir'livsk Nidan is a very rough planet, the winds are rough and sharp, rain has been known to slice skin, and storms happened very often. However, in the 60th Century, they had developed a very complex set of environmental control systems. The winds are not as fierce as they once were (though are still very harsh compared to human standards) and in return the rain is gentle.

Cybernetics: Usually through the direction of a VI, cybernetics has become an art-form within the Tir community, their bodies have begun to adapt to the idea of inorganic and organic materials bonding together. Though, this did not come easily, it came from a time of various tests (many unsuccessful) before they began to master the capabilities of the two bonds.

Energy and Plasma Weapons: (Not much to say here.)


Tir: They are a highly intelligent sentient species, very similar to humans in the sense that they have hair, two eyes, a nose, and a mouth, as well as two arms, and two legs. They have violet blue or a light violet skin tone. Generally only have three types of hair, black, blonde, and a dark purple. They have three fingers on each hand (thumb, index, and middle), as well as three toes. Also, unlike humans, their skin is incredibly tough. Also, the Tir'uk have a lifespan similar to that of humanity, 60 - 100 years.

Male: A male Tir (Tir'oon) is slightly shorter than the average human, however their shoulders are much broader, their bones are thicker and their muscles stronger than humans. They can also see slightly further than humans can. However, they also have some downfalls compared to their human counterparts, they are slower, they have shorter reach.

Female: A female Tir (Tir'un) is shorter than a human female, however, their physical structure is very similar to that of a human female. They do however, like their
male counterpart, have better vision than both humans and Tir'oon.

Homeworld Name: Tir'livsk Nidan.

Homeworld Location:

Homeworld Description:

Tir'livsk Nidan or just Nidan (Home) is very similar to Earth, it is 73% ocean, 14% forest, 2% desert, 8% mountains, 7% ice. After thousands of years of industrialization most of the world's natural forests have been destroyed, though after a lumber and ecological crisis in the late 73rd Century they began to designate natural zones which are completely untouched.

After 12 more centuries, the world has begun to rise from it's ecological crisis, many of the rivers and streams have been cleared of waste and ancient animals who were believed to be extinct have begun to appear.

Winds have been known to hit 300 kilometers an hour and in some of the worst storms, 700 kilometers an hour.

Political System: The Empire was originally a Monarchy through the 23rd to 31st Centuries, before due to popular opinion, elections were held, the Royal Family was turned into a celebrity and an icon more than an actual political power. Ever since then, the Empire has been a Democratic-Republic with a mixed economy.

Rumo'livik (Prime Minister)

The Rumo'livik holds authority over the nation's state of war, given the ability to declare war, if they feel as though it is required. They also manage the Tir Lovik, Admir'lov and the Geno'isk.

Tir Lovik (Tir Council)

They manage the domestic issues, foreign issues, diplomatic issues, judicial issues, as well as economic issues. They hold 1/3rd rule over the well being of the Empire.

Admir'lov (Admiral of the Navy)

They hold control over the Navy, including its Fleet, it's staff, and it's technology. They hold 1/3rd rule over the well being of the Empire.

Geno'isk (General of the Ground Forces)

They command the Ground Forces of the Empire of Tir'uk, which includes it's staff, it's equipment, support craft, and it's technology. They hold 1/3rd rule over the well being of the Empire.


Approximately 8,523 years ago, a civilization was built on an Alien planet, the Tir, however, the term Tir would not be coined until around the 6th Century, they were relatively unfamiliar with the world around them, various different threats posed to them, including uncontrollable winds, powerful storms, and a number of dangerous predators.

However, just like any other sentient being, they learned to adapt and evolve in their surroundings, they began to dig into the ground to hide from the weather, hunting in the day, hiding in the night. However, as years progressed, they began to push out onto the mainland, constructing bunker-like buildings on the surface. An Empire was born, despite all of this, the species had split into various other nations, the Empire of Tir'uk was born, the Loo'thrak rose up, along with the, City of Tir'loon, Coalition of Tir, and a number of smaller nations.

In the 15th Century, only three nations remained, the Empire of Tir'uk having moved and conquered the City of Tir'loon, as well as a number of smaller nations surrounding their borders. The Loo'thrak were considered the most powerful of all nations, having formed an alliance with the Coalition, it appeared that they would be the dominating factor if a war were to come. However, amazingly enough, the world stayed in a state of relative peace for roughly twenty seven centuries, something that was unheard of in human civilizations.

In the 42nd century, a war unlike any other had been formed, the Tir race had united and began a number of technological advancements, towns turned into cities, what were once huts, were now spiraling sky-scrapers, Nuri'ki (a tamed animal the Tir used as a "horse" of sorts) were replaced with cars. The planet was beginning to take form, just as the Tir had taken form, the Tir were as much a product of their planet as their product was of them. They had changed from their original appearance which was lost in time.

However, despite their prosperity, tensions between the Empire of Tir'uk and the Coalition of Tir Nations had grown to the breaking point, historians claim it started because of the similarities in their names, and the Coalition was constantly raiding border towns. Then one day, it all snapped when the Empire intercepted a message between the Loo'thrak and the Coalition

Message to King Mor'ilik of Loo'thrak,

We have come to terms that it is time that the state of peace in our nation, must end, the Empire is a border between our great nations and because of this, we must attack, and unite our nations once and for all.

From, Prime Minister Nigon'livisk.

The Empire was outraged, riots broke out in cities that bordered the Coalition, the Loo'thrak escalated to the breaking point, many of the Loo'thrak's citizens having come from the Empire. Peace was ending, the King attempted to please his subjects by cutting all ties to the Coalition, however, this only enraged immigrants from the Coalition as well and Loo'thrak broke out into a full-scale revolution. However, despite all of this, the Coalition remained silent, until they launched their invasion on, 4,239 and invaded the region known as Ooth'rakil, the Coalition was completely unprepared for what they found, twelve divisions of Tir'uk Infantry, heavily entrenched, supported by three divisions of long-range artillery. The Coalition forces were destroyed within a matter of weeks.

The war had begun and seemingly ended within a month of it's beginning, the Coalition was dumb-founded, the Tir'uk ecstatic, however Rumo'livik Igik'lo'vi reminded them that the war was not over, it was just beginning.

"People of Tir'uk, do not be fooled by our victory over the Coalition's First, Second, and Third Armies in the Ooth'rakil. We have not seen war a war of this magnitude in twenty seven centuries. Nidan /owes/ us this war, and the Empire is fully prepared to fight it."

So, three months after the Coalition's defeat, five of the Empire's armies moved into three regions belonging to the Coalition, Nir'un, Tir'livuso, and the Nidan'isivik. The Coalition had desperately tried to rebuild their army, but instead their leaders panicked, forcing millions of untrained Tir'oon into the fight. The Tir'uk Army began to refer to them as the "Tir'oosk'vi (A Tir form of sheep), because they were slaughtered. Despite the Coalition's best efforts, after nearly thirty seven million deaths, the Coalition's Capital, Tir'oovi, was occupied. The war was seemingly over, however, far West in Loo'thrak war continued.

Since the invasion of the Coalition home-land, a rebel army from Loo'thrak had begun raiding bordering nations in the Empire.

Military Specifications:Such as standard operating procedure, and TTPs (Tactics Techniques and Procedures)

Military Composition: Size of active duty and reserve components of the nation/race’s armed forces.

Hero Character: (Limit: 1) Name, race, age, position, allegiance, appearance and backstory of said character.

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PostSubject: Re: Empire of Tir'uk (WIP)   Tue Jul 01, 2014 4:41 pm

Just to let you know, these aliens seem to have an appearance almost exactly the same as a Kal. Up to you if you wanna change it. Either way, keep it up!
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PostSubject: Re: Empire of Tir'uk (WIP)   Wed Jul 02, 2014 4:44 am

Welcome buddy.
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PostSubject: Re: Empire of Tir'uk (WIP)   Wed Jul 02, 2014 2:57 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Empire of Tir'uk (WIP)   Wed Jul 09, 2014 4:36 am

Keep it up; eager to
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PostSubject: Re: Empire of Tir'uk (WIP)   Wed Jul 09, 2014 6:29 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Empire of Tir'uk (WIP)   

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Empire of Tir'uk (WIP)
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