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 The King in the Cavern

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The King in the Cavern Empty
PostSubject: The King in the Cavern   The King in the Cavern I_icon_minitimeMon Jul 07, 2014 2:03 am

On a relatively unknown radio station, a slow song starts playing; its vocals beautifully haunting and the background bass-guitar deeply reverberating against the static casing of the music's entirety.

In a cavern of solitude
A boy's cry did rang
Echoes of begging
Oh how loudly angels sang

With a hint of permission
The King remained still
Allowing the theater
Of the boy without will

So the boy he kept crying
For mercy and life
Yet the King he did nothing
But unsheathe his knife

And so with a slash
Of the butcher transgressed
The King sat there smiling
At the boy's neck accessed

The King in the cavern
How unending his rule
With servants and wives
Who're nothing but tools
Nothing but tools
Nothing but tools
Nothing but tools
Nothing but t-

Notably, as the song progresses, the bass-guitar turns into oddly-pitched -and ill-tuned violins; the vocalist ending up screaming "NOTHING BUT TOOLS" at the top of their lungs as if about to combust. Eventually, the song turns into notes and noises of pure horror; and after repeating the final line multiple times, each more horrendously executed than the other, the song cuts off mid-sentence, and the radio station appears to have gone off-air.
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The King in the Cavern
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