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 ??? - Upon This Mountain; Upon This Olympus

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??? - Upon This Mountain; Upon This Olympus Empty
PostSubject: ??? - Upon This Mountain; Upon This Olympus   ??? - Upon This Mountain; Upon This Olympus I_icon_minitimeMon Jul 14, 2014 6:42 pm

??? - Upon This Mountain; Upon This Olympus Adf6dbc7b6

"Is there a problem?", one asked.
"No. No, I'm fine," another answered. "I thought I sensed a leak."
"Are you sure it's nothing?"
"I'm sure it's nothing."

Then, the two basked in new-found silence once more; each sitting on seats of unrefined rock. Their hollow eyes were of little giveaway to their feelings, their emotions. They just sat, stuffed corpses of bone and steel reflecting upon everything and nothing. For that was their purpose upon this mountain; this Olympus of fallen gods, of struggles forgotten and direction unknown. Their sad existence only further accentuated by their surroundings of cold and worn stone shrouded in ultimate fog. It was a place of desolation that made one assume that fear or dread should be felt; yet instead there was only a quiet peace, a feeling of closure.

Another approached, not bothered with formulating any kind of greeting, instead joining the others on a seat of his own.
"...I went to see the new species again."
"Have they progressed past the stage we last found them in?"
"Any sign of what their forms will be?"
"Hm. Shame."
"Mhm.", "Yeah."
"What of the other?"
"Uncertain, but it looks like they'll be of use."

Silence returned, the fog-covered triad returning to their equally foggy thoughts for another while.

"...Have any of you seen ζ recently?"
"No.", "Yeah, a while back."
"Hmm, good. Where did your paths intertwine?"
"Abandoned planet. We ran into each other; ζ was with some military official."
"Do you remember which race?"
"No. Could've been the previous arch-species."


"...I think I might visit Q51."
"Oh.", "I wonder how the anthropoids have progressed."
"Exactly. In fact I think I'll go there now"
"Okay.", "Be well, θ."

One figure rose, and disappeared within the curtain of clouds surrounding the circle of stone seats. And once more there was silence.


Time was devoid in this place. An abysmal cosmic anomaly where none had ever fallen and none would ever fall. Where falsehoods were equal to truths and all that existed elsewhere had here been drowned in the reigning winds of infinity. A place of oddities and impossibilities, where all one held dear and true would have to be released from care in order to even so much as breathe. And in this forsaken place, this manifestation of heaven and hell, the triad remained, and went, and returned, and went, and returned. Sometimes one went unseen for eons. Sometimes the triad became a duo or a quartet, or more or less. Sometimes there was no one. Sometimes there was everyone. But for now there were two, and they sat.
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??? - Upon This Mountain; Upon This Olympus
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