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 03M; The Imperium Sector

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PostSubject: 03M; The Imperium Sector   Wed Jul 30, 2014 7:00 pm

Sector 03M,Red Sun Imperial System

The seat of the Red Sun Empire. At the center of this system lies the red sun it self, slightly smaller than the sun that shines down on earth. The size of the galaxy consists of 5 planets and around 26 satellites orbiting them.

The closest planet to the sun, Astolla, is about the size of Titan. It contains no atmosphere so the temprature varries wildly depending on your location on the planet. It is a barren planet with very little useful resources.

Slightly further away from the sun, and much larger, lies the planet Eopreon. This planet is the second largest in the system and has 12 moons orbiting it. It contains no resources of significant value. The atmosphere is mostly methane.

The third farthest planet away is the most notable, Olympus. Located right in the Goldilocks zone it is a planet slightly smaller than Earth, consisting temperate climates and covered with about 45% water at the surface. Olympus is thriving with fauna and animal life. However, the local animal and plant life is extremely hostile and aggressive. The singular moon, Aeaea, was also a capable of life, and had the environment of a thick rain forest. It is resource rich, however it has been almost mined clean of any sort of fuel source. Both Olympus and its moon are completely free of any sort of foreign inhabitants. No one who is not born and raised on the planet or its moon, or of the Imperium are able to visit there. It is heavily guarded with almost 80 orbital defense platforms defending Olympus, and about 30 orbiting Aeaea. The 1st Defensive fleet also maintains a very steady position around the home planet.

The fourth and largest planet in the system is Epicrus, a gas giant larger than Jupiter. It contains 13 satellites, and the planet is mostly icy gas. One of the planet's moons, Ophelia, was rich in Helium-3 and was the home to an incredibly large mining operation that has fueled the Imperium for the past century. Ophelia is uninhabitable and is covered in ice, however its Helium-3 deposits caused the RSI to invest a lot of time and money into the moon for resource extraction. However, the moon is running out of the precious resource, and it is not long before it is all depleted. It has barely enough to support he empire for two years without any outside sources.

The final planet is a small icy rock barren world known as Dio. It serves primarily as the entry point for any foreign vessels entering the system. Anyone who wishes to trade will only get as far as this planet in the system. Orbital trade stations rotate around the planet and traders must drop their goods off their, and receive their payment on these stations as well. From the station, and Imperial approved freighter captain, who is born in the Imperium, will transport the goods to its final destination.

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PostSubject: Re: 03M; The Imperium Sector   Sun Aug 17, 2014 5:02 pm

03M, Imperium Sector
High Orbit around Olympus
Imperium Navy Assembly Station

The Imperium Minister of Defense, Thomas Acland, approached the viewing station of the facility. Hundreds of thousands of droids worked non-stop building and testing the newest ships added to the Imperial fleet. Production had been increased by almost 150% in the last few months, in anticipation of a coming war. Chief Warrant Officer Mendez joined the Minister and stood at attention. She was from the Ballistics Corps.

"The ship is ready if you'd like to see it sir."

"I would."

The pair walked through the mostly empty command and living center of the entire station. This small portion was where most of the supervisors lived and worked throughout their career here on the Imperium Navy Assembly Station. The entire station was enormous, and there where 6 of them orbiting Olympus and its moon.  They were the work horses that outfitted and built the Imperium's fleets. Millions of drones worked on the stations and provided all of the labor that was needed. The duo finally reached the observatory of the station. Looking out the two saw the newest ship exiting the station.

The Nike-Class Missile Cruiser. It was developed by both the Navy and the Ballistics Corps in order to fill the need to have a vessel to deliver ISBMs to enemy worlds. The ship was lightly armed besides the large ISBMs it carried. The IBC needed the ship because they weren't able to develop a system where the missiles could be launched from the ground and make it all the way to a foreign planet. Thus, the Nike was created. It would soon join the first fleet in the Germina sector.

Surface of Olympus,
Beneath City of Athiana

Brigadier General Dupont briskly walked through the enormous sized bunker miles beneath the surface of the planet. It could have been the size of a small city. As they walked droids could be seen all around, welding, carrying crates and installing new equipment. He walked accompanied by a pair of armed drones, and the project manager who was briefing him on the bunker itself.

"This bunker hasn't been used in almost 50 years now, it will need a lot of work to get it expanded. We also need to change out the AI core, install new air scrubbers, and change out the water filters, this could take-"

"We need this done quickly."

"I understand that sir, but I'm going to need more droids."

"I'll get you whatever you need, just have this facility done."

The General stepped onto the elevator and the doors slammed shut. The elevator shot upwards towards the surface leaving the project manager to continue his work in relative piece.
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03M; The Imperium Sector
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