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 Common Technologies.

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General Technologies.

These technologies are available to normal people and citizens of your civilization, that is, if you allow them to have it.

Space Flight/Primitive FTL:
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Depending on the economy of your civilization, most citizens should have access to a space faring ship with some form of civilian grade FTL. Most countries have public transport that travels inbetween planets and stations, allowing for trade, tourism, and interracial contact.

Tachyon transmissions:

The most widespread method of communication between governments and civillians. Tachyons are particles that travel with superluminal velocities, and so can be used to deliver messages with very small, almost meaningless delays across vast distances, and larger packets of information if the technology supports it. A 50LY transmission will have a 0.005ms lag. It is cheap, and it can send tons of data; but it is not secure. Anyone can pick such a transmission up, and this means that it is dangerous to use; in addition, it can be detected both when transmitting and when receiving. Ships in stealth put themselves at risk when communicating.

Basic Neural implants:
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Several nations, especially humans, have began to offer basic neural and optical implants. These usually serve no real purpose other than improved eyesight and the ability to work with computers better than.

Medical and Biological Technologies.

Cybernetic implants and augmentation:
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The science of applying inorganic material to living tissue is an art mastered by few. The humans acquired the technology of advanced cybernetics through an unknown Zeleniyan scientist, but it is a very expensive process that few people can afford. Some have deemed this a controversial process, and have laws placed against it.

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From simple tweaks of muscle density to cross specie splicing. While there have been great strides made in the last few centuries, many human countries still place great limitations on genetic manipulation. It is used as a valid medical procedure for increasing the length of someone's life.

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Common Technologies.
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