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 Alliance Data Network: [BREAKING NEWS] "Reservists Called to Duty."

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Alliance Data Network: [BREAKING NEWS] "Reservists Called to Duty." Empty
PostSubject: Alliance Data Network: [BREAKING NEWS] "Reservists Called to Duty."   Alliance Data Network: [BREAKING NEWS] "Reservists Called to Duty." I_icon_minitimeMon Aug 04, 2014 6:38 pm

Alliance Data Network: [BREAKING NEWS] "Reservists Called to Duty." ANN-1024x576

Hello Citizen; Welcome to Data-Net Station Five, serving Citizens and Civilians in the greater:


If Interested in other Data-Net Stories, Please Input Command to View:

[Alliance Naval Victory in Alpha Sector. Helium is expected to reduce the burden on secondary fuel and energy sources.]

[Grand Admiral Dask'Re and Lady Ambassador Halla'Zah are scheduled to become the first High Lords of the Alliance Navy and Diplomatic Corps, respectively, upon their return to the Home System.]

[Attempts at peace are 'problematic' with human envoys, says Ambassador Jun Si'Val.]


Alliance Data Network: [BREAKING NEWS] "Reservists Called to Duty." Great_Galactic_War

Members of the 132nd Mechanized Infantry Cohort, Third Assault Legion, perform a morning patrol around their headquarters in downtown Cara'Votra, Kal'Bavakor. They are expected to be deployed to the 'Triumphant' for seven months of foreign space operations.

First contact with the alien species known as 'Humanity' has been littered with tense communication, fear, and death. Even with victory in the Alpha Mining Sector, the Alliance Navy's Minister of Public Affairs has declared that they were 'unprepared' for the ferocity of the human attack, and did not expect the human 'Coalition' to even attack in the first place. With multiple investigations taking place regarding the combat techniques and weaponry of their military, as well as recovered technology from the battle, the Alliance High Council has taken steps to prepare our people for a second attack closer to the home front.

The first measures the High Council has taken to ensure the safety of Kal'Bavakorians around the local cluster have been to increase spending to defense and combat programs. Once-poorly maintained orbital and planetary batteries have been activating across the planetary grid of Kal'Bavakor; the first stress test of these weapons before activation across the planetary systems. Representatives of the Turran-based Imperial Ya'Gush Arms Company and Yu'Olvan-based company HardLight Defense have reported a sudden influx of contracts from the Alliance Military, although they were unable to comment on the details of these contracts. Of course, there must be new soldiers to bear these weapons and armor, and the High Council has made a second series of general orders to replenish such a need. A further call for one million new Legionnaires and Stellar Marines for immediate active duty in the Alliance Military has taken place; prompting the activation of reservist cohorts, as well as the induction of planetary militias and government defense forces, into the Alliance Military.

Alliance Data Network: [BREAKING NEWS] "Reservists Called to Duty." KuatDriveYards_EGTW

An up-close shot of the Sivaron Shipyards, orbiting the planet Sivaron in the Amarath System.

The Alliance Legion and Stellar Marine divisions are not the only military forces to receive upgrades to manpower and weaponry. The Kal'Bavakor-based Foundry and the Amarath-based Sivaron Shipyards have begun doubling their production capabilities due to a recent influx of indentured servants, prison and volunteer workers. While older craft currently deployed are being re-called for upgrades to their general systems; ships recently constructed with these new upgrades already installed are quickly being deployed to fill the spaces left by their older counterparts. Other craft are quickly being prepared for deployment to reinforce forward installations without proper defense, such as the Alpha Mining Sector, or outer Alliance colonies and outposts. The Alliance Navy is expected to almost double its size in the next few weeks once all of these craft have been completed or refitted.

Many critics are declaring that this rapid re-activation of the Alliance Military could cause further tension with hostile alien species, and may bring about a true war. Other say this show of force may deter the aliens from further conflict. A small minority, made up mostly of politicians from Pre-War Hugresh and Free Alliance nations, declare the alien attack is being used as a pedestal from which the Alliance High Council and the Empress can seize increasing amounts of power away from the nation-states. All sides agree, however, that the Alliance is attempting to restore its military to strengths rivaling that of the previous decade. In support of the across-the-board military build up, and fighting the critics of her actions, the Empress herself declared in a short speech:

"The alien threat still reigns true. We may have defeated them, but we have suffered the loss of many of Kalla's children in the process. We must be prepared for further attacks, and we must be ready to counter these hostilities, should they take place. Our weapons must be stronger, our senses heightened, and we must always be vigilant, and aware and of what lies ahead.  If this means increasing our grand armies and fleets to their once immense sizes, then we shall do so. This does not mean we shall not pursue peace with the alien species among the stars, but also does not mean we shall bow before them."

Regardless of criticism, the Empress has made it clear that neither she, nor her supportive government, will back down from this military build up. Only time will tell if this plan is salvation, or terror, to the Kal'Bavakorian people as a whole.

- Data-Net Scribe Mara Ta'Zouna; Ninth Day of Summer Solstace, Month of Karava.
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Alliance Data Network: [BREAKING NEWS] "Reservists Called to Duty."
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