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 05L, Gemina Terra

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PostSubject: 05L, Gemina Terra   05L, Gemina Terra I_icon_minitimeFri Aug 08, 2014 1:32 am

05L, Gemina Terra The_Ring_by_taenaron

When one first enters this system, it doesn't appear to be particularly remarkable; a main sequence yellow dwarf of approximately four fifths the sun's mass with respective luminosity, orbited by a number of of planets. Whilst the first three are hardly worthy of note, the fourth and fifth are quite remarkable. Binary planets are a rare phenomena to be found in the galaxy, but to find a binary planet within the habitable zone is an even greater calculation against the odds, yet this seems to be the case here.

Locked in orbit with each other, the two planets are situated within the comfortable 'goldilocks' region of the system's habitable zone, both with atmospheres. The first of the two happens to be the smallest at about three quarters Earth's mass and holds a thick nitrogen-oxygen atmosphere with a slight greenhouse effect, courtesy of the thick jungle which covers 83% of its combined landmasses. Worth mentioning, however, is the fact that it has a weaker magnetic field than Earth due to its poorer metallic core, leading to the majority of the planet's native species having developed a means of counteracting the greater surface exposure to solar radiation, either through a natural exoskeleton or healing cellular damage overnight. Consequentally, it's of significant research merit to anyone exploring the system.

Elsewise, the latter of the two - also the largest - is approximately 1.31 Earth masses and possesses an atmosphere of nitrogen and carbon, with smaller amounts of oxygen, and it appears to possess its own ring comprised of both n natural debris and the remains artificial constructs which appear to have been abandoned for some time. Planetside, the surface is of habitable temperatures though the lowered oxygen content makes the use of rebreathers a necessity. Unlike it's smaller twin, life is in less abundance here; primitive lifeforms mostly based in the planet's oceans, though what's also interesting is the fact that there are several artifical constructs situated across strategic locations throughout the planet - remnants of a colony or outpost of some sorts. At a guess, one might assume that the planet was visited by another civilisation within the past millenium with the intention of terraforming it, though the reason behind their dissapearance is altogether an unknown factor.

Whatever the case, the binary planet would most definitely prove to be a treasure trove of information for anyone willing to invest in expeditions to both of its components. Further out are other planets of little note, though the seventh planet - a gas giant of approximately two thirds of Saturn's mass - has an atmospheric composition consisting largely of Helium-3. Ancient constructs with the same origins as those found with the binary planet can be found in the gas giant's orbit, with evidence suggesting that they were once fuelling stations.

All in all, a second glance at this system proves there's more than a few factors here that make it worth investigating - also evidenced by the small naval garrison left on the smaller Earth-like world.

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PostSubject: Re: 05L, Gemina Terra   05L, Gemina Terra I_icon_minitimeWed Aug 13, 2014 1:42 pm

05L, Gemina Terra
Orbit around 7th Planet, "Munus"
Operation Red Sun Rising Battle Group, 1st Offensive Fleet,
Aboard the Imperial Dreadnought, Jupiter
Command Bridge

Red Sun Rising. That was the name of the battle group given to the large congregation of ships aimed at expanding the Imperium's holds in the galaxy. The task force made a swift victory out of Mojave and it aimed at doing the same. Really the fleet consisted of the warships from the 1st Offensive fleet along with some extra ships from the 2nd Defensive fleet. However, the battle group also held a wide variety of colony ships, scientific ships, exploration ships, and mining ships.

The fleet stationed itself around the seventh planet, which the Imperium has named "Munus". The intel gathered by Delta Team and the Medusa on Talarin had led them to this system. A supposed treasure trove of information about this ancient society, alongside a gas giant that contained the vital isotope Helium-3. While the scientific discovery of the ancient society was promising, the discovery of the gas giant and the acquisition of it, were the Imperium's goals. The capture of this system, and particularly gave the Imperium some heavy negotiating power within the inter-galactic community. That is why the Imperium gave the battlegroup extra warships and Orbital defensive stations to protect the planet.

"I want to set up a permiter around this planet. I want the explosives ships to begin dropping all their stealth mines to protect this planet. Make sure colonization ships towing the orbital defense platforms to begin putting them into orbit of the planet. The scientific ships can start exploring the local alien structures with drone escorts as soon as they scan them and make sure there aren't any living creatures on it. Send the Chariot, the Io, the Cremona, the Netum, the Marathon, and the Artaxta to secure the two other planets. Deploy mines around each."

Grand Admiral Tytos scanned the holographic image of the entire solar system, following the movement of the very large fleet all over the system. The Imperium could not have been the only nation that knew of this system, but no one had even thought to tap into it yet. Regardless of who knew about it, it seemed as though the Imperium had laid claim to it. He tapped a few commands onto the holoimage and he saw the mining ships begin to set up their operations on the gas giant.
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05L, Gemina Terra
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