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 Important, popular, and mysterious places.

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Important, popular, and mysterious places. Empty
PostSubject: Important, popular, and mysterious places.   Important, popular, and mysterious places. I_icon_minitimeSun Jan 05, 2014 4:41 am

The Armistice Station.

Important, popular, and mysterious places. Qr_space_station_by_talros-d6rwuwj

Created in the same system as the old Galactic Council, it evolved from a meeting place for peace talks into a new Galactic Council itself. In the aftermath of the many great wars that ensued in the past few centuries, many nations are looking to represent themselves diplomatically again. The station is heavily guarded by a joint fleet effort, and is one of the most well defended space station known of.


Important, popular, and mysterious places. Apocalyptic_Earth_by_dannybob

Turned into an endless wasteland with few safe havens, it is used by the humans as a place to for inter-racial diplomacy. Few people live there, and while no human nation claims Sol as home anymore, they are known to be fiercely protective of their ancestor's home planet.

XE-52, "Waterworld"

Important, popular, and mysterious places. Chriscold08

If you were to take a look at this world, you would see nothing unusual. An ocean covered planet, who's 10 percent of landmass is mostly swamp. Primitive life forms with no form of intelligent. At first glance. The secrets of this planet lie in the deep.

A dead civilization, long extinct crustacean-like beings, which live on the bottom of the endless ocean. It's technological secrets are sought after by treasure hunters, government agents, and researchers. They don their expensive suits and their equipment and search for the relics this race left behind.

Talarin, homeworld of the Alarei.

Important, popular, and mysterious places. End_of_an_era_by_w_hc-d4pj6br

The Alarei's homeworld, much like Sol, has been turned into a wasteland. Once a vast city-planet holding a technological monopoly over the civilizations of Amongst the Stars, it is now reduced to ash. The Alarei were masters of many sciences and technologies, and thusly have attracted the attention of many tech hunters. One would notice that the majority of Talarin's hunters are of Zelenu origin, the stocky slavic cyborgs inhabit every nook and cranny of the capital. Living like rats, they scavenge what few pieces of unknown tech and scraps of machinery to whatever company offers the highest price for it.

Why they are attracted to Talarin is actually quite a simple answer: The Alarei were known for their near perfect integration with the machines they used in every day life, and this has a great pull on the cybernetically driven Zelenu culture. With the Zelenu crime families and gangs getting involved in Talarin, the government followed. Now Socialist Republic's forces patrol the decrepit streets and orbit the system, unofficially claiming it. All who enter Talarin must have a special permit identifying they are an official tech hunter, scientist, or official from their respective government.

This planet is highly dangerous even without the trigger happy Zelenu grunts and the cut throat gang members. There are heavy windstorms that could blow a 18 wheeler onto its side, pockets of radiation, and mutated animals. But, those who bring back something from the depths of Talarin are usually greatly rewarded for it.

Klub Navadniy.

Important, popular, and mysterious places. Sb96

The party center of the galaxy, backed by a cold blooded Zelenu mob boss. It discriminates against no race, follows no government's laws, and is a prime place for doing crime. It is a space station orbiting a gas giant, protected by old, hijacked Zeleniyan naval ships, and houses several compartments and decks. Patrons can park their personal transportation in one of the many hangar decks, go party on one of several club decks, or go to specialized rooms with the environment catered to a specific race. Or they can participate in the death matches for everyone's entertainment, which pay out in several million Zeleniyan rubles.

Regardless of the crime influence, the good food, good drinks, and good drugs draws in individuals of several different racial backgrounds to party like its 2399.

The Tefeull Mining Field.

Important, popular, and mysterious places. 1336642831968

Known as the Tefeull Mining Field by the humans, this place goes by several names. The gold filled void, the rocks of power, the generator belt. It is an asteroid field containing the largest known deposit of helium-3 in the known galaxy, and it is heavily disputed.
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Important, popular, and mysterious places.
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