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 [C7] Haster System

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PostSubject: [C7] Haster System    [C7] Haster System  I_icon_minitimeFri Feb 20, 2015 3:26 am

On the periphery of C7 Colonising fleet Bravo verges into the territory of the habitable system. With combatant teams of carriers and fighters escorting the colony HQ ship. Leader of the colony team, Captain Lorust; a  tall and well groomed for a Nagarian that is still rather fresh in  terms of experience. He argues with his subordinates over landing procedure.

[C7] Haster System  6VQdond

Lorust shouts to the command room occupants :" Who cares about the perimeter scans! Who cares of landing recon! Tal wants this colony fast and last time I checked I'm the Captain, I'm the OC of this operation. We land when we get within drop distances."

Lieutenant: " Sir, Gaskas wants updates on fleet stock and distance replies every 3 hours."

Lorust: " The only message I give Gaskas is that I took the planet and everything is going as planned."

Lieutenant: " Sir, the Nakar want signalling in terms of cordons AORs."

Lorust shows with his tone of voice he is finished with others input: "There is absolutely no chance of me handing this planet over the Nakar. If we get there first and secure the area we call the shots whenever we amm....set up."

The ships came to a halt in orbit of the planet. Almost before the ships halted Lorust orders the drop parties to arm up and ready pods. The CSM rolled his eyes and alarmed the landing party of infantry and battle suit pods.  Sirens and tones of different notification alarms screamed throughout the assembly area.  Most of the crew thought they would have more time as recon would usually be carried out and give them at least a three hour rest period for personal admin. Crewmen, some still half dressed ran to the assembly area clearly rushed and in a gaggle of chaotic troops. Within 15 minutes Lorust  called for pods to deploy. The message carried up that the entire force wasn't mobilised. Lorust insisted that the pods that were ready were to be deployed immediately. With that, one quarter of the drop force of mostly infantry shot to the ground in vessels. Mass panic and movement in the assembly area cause only a trickle of forces being shot to the planet. Most crewmen and corporals were worried they were going to be demoted for missing timing windows.

Two Ranger NCOs on the assembly area of the ship shouting amongst the chaos.

Corporal: " What the fuck do you mean now? Half the squad isn't even here!"

Staff Sergeant : " OC wants your men dropped 5 minutes ago Corporal, switch on and get into gear!"

The 'battle group' that landed were scattered, in jungles, mountains and even in lakes in the dense, natural terrain of the planet. Some pods exploded on impact of hard rock terrain which fried or crushed the rangers inside. Others would also be submerged in water and would have to await rescue if the O2 supply lasted them. The squads with acceptable landing zones exited the vessels.  Most that were fortunate to land in plains were met with silence others in the jungle were not so lucky.

Ranger squad R1-3C of 15 Nagarians landed 40 miles away from any other platoon. When they exited the vessel, they observed the lush green jungle, with vines and tall grass and crowded with 25 foot high trees. The noise of breaking stalks and rustling grass made the jungle almost seem alive.

Corporal Herecyak: " Alright, stay close, flamethrowers on point and create a snap ambush while I get coms."

Private: " Boss, we left the flamers at the armoury."

Corporal: " They'll do an awful lot of good there won't they? Just make the ambush."

The squad waited in stand-to position for ten minutes. The movement in the dense foliage was becoming louder; creating a crescendo of natural movement. There were steps like battle drums to an unseen force. Out of the thick hedges and down from the trees, large reptilian monster-like creatures swarmed the men. The creatures were 7 feet tall and squealed a fearful noise as they ran for the line of rangers.

[C7] Haster System  1f4EmdO

Corporal Herecyak ordered his men to fire: "Squad contact front! Watch and shoot! Watch and shoot!"

The wave of hostile natives where almost meshed with gun fire of Light support weapons, assault rifles and heavy machine guns. However the waves where unrelenting. A Nagarian that stopped to reload had had his entire rib cage ripped from his chest. The squad form a circle of fire power and allocated fire arcs to eliminate anything around the landing vessel.

Corporal: " R1-0A! This is R1-3C, contact all sides. Man down! Requesting immediate-"

(The message cuts off with signalling fuzz.)

This was the same with many squads that landed in the jungles. They were met with an array of different life forms some with more intelligent than carnivorous reptilian hives. The command room in the orbit observed the signal modules that  were constantly battered with messages of troops violently requesting support or even just last messages of obvious massacre. Lorust looks at the holograph of the AOR and the spread of forces. His mind filled with anger and worry.

The leader of ground force Operations was MIA. And the position of command led to Major Larkin. He had managed to assemble salvageable outfits of soldiers and armour assets and set up and declared a concentrated landing space, a sentry line and a patrol harbour. The major was a very experienced 2nd in command and he showed to the observer in the sky his clear ability to lead men by the front in a calm, collected and professional manner. Rescue teams were sent out into zones that were briefly declared 'manageable'. With the patrol harbour and ground HQ established, the mission was still accomplished but with great loss of soldiers and assets. The recovery of this mess would take some time.

Meanwhile in the command room, Lorust aware of his responsibility of the mess of a colonising mission he finally accepted the pending call of naval command. The video message appeared on a communication screen in the room.

Gaskas and other admirals and Army colonels and brigadiers stood beside him.

Gaskas enquired: " Lorust do mind updating me at any time of the month of do I have to travel to your command room and ask personally?"

Lorust answered with a child-like fear: "Sir ,  I awaited my replies as I was indisposed coordinating landing parties."

Gaskas: "I've seen the feed of the landing spread. Do you understand how disastrous that was?"

Lorust: "Commander Gaskas I-"

Gaskas became more annoyed with every syllable Lorust spoke: "Stop talking, there are thousands of men on the planet missing, dead or dying. A GFC missing, and an improvised harbour area in who knows where. Consider yourself done, Lorust. Mistakes are made, ignoring me, your subordinates advice and the Nakar part of this operation is no mistake. You will be relieved of duty and sent back to Nargosa. I leave Lieutenant Horllanga in charge, he will be promoted. Understand?"

Before Lorust had time to utter the words " Yes Sir, Lorust out" the message cut off. He was led out by NCOs of the Ship guard. Horllanga took duty immediately and started to organise the force on the planet's surface. When Lorust arrived in Nargosa he was executed privately within 3 days for his crimes of incompetence and as a message to further officers to ignore protocol. The colonising of C7 was underway however the digging and logging companies wouldn't be deployed until several weeks later. The companies had reorganised into what was now Camp Haster, with one fifth of the original force dead or missing.
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[C7] Haster System  Empty
PostSubject: Re: [C7] Haster System    [C7] Haster System  I_icon_minitimeFri Mar 13, 2015 4:08 pm

Haster System
Safe Void
Fleet Command

The Nakar Production Capital, the Faramon. Within the Haster System the Tals had only seen to occupy one planet, and the Nakar, as always, were looking to extort. Their naval vessels were in the upper atmosphere and they were monitoring the situation from far outside orbit. Their ships had launched many fighters in military parade around the Production Capital Flagship. Two probes were released from either side of the flagship and shot to both ends of the system, if someone was lurking, the Nakar wanted to know. The huge production ships were adept builders, what they had accomplished in the last few months was ingenious, jump gates, planetary control spines, and their progress was ever updating. Having been launched from the ship like hornets from a nest, these ships of different classes, small and big began picking at the Production Capital. They were building and disassembling modules around the ship, using nearby debris and rock clusters to speed up production. Power was supplied by the large energy ships accompanying the flagship. Something was clear however, something was being planned.

The Nakar flagship remained silent next to its Tal-Nagarian companions. It seemed they hadn't taken to having their advice ignored too well, and we obviously just snooping around the system, question is, what would they find, what would they see, and what would be there for them?
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[C7] Haster System
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