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 I-9; The Imperial System

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PostSubject: I-9; The Imperial System   I-9; The Imperial System I_icon_minitimeThu Feb 26, 2015 11:52 pm

I-7; The Imperial System
New Nalla, Site 098 Command Spire
Inter-Stellar Multi-Role Warhead (ISMRW) Test Zone

I-9; The Imperial System Calm_city_by_campanoo-d79sm24

All eyes watched. Whether it be excitement, worry, or concern; the ten ranking individuals on the Hegemony's Imperial High Command were watching a most violent and destructive test take place. Far, far away, a countdown timer was slowly ticking down as they watched a bright purple glow begin to fill the lower atmosphere of UHW-9872; an uninhabitable world in a planetary system even they were not knowledgable of, nor did they wish to be. All they knew was that in twenty seconds a corvette-sized missile was going to leave the Light Stream and perform the most hideous act imaginable..

To detonate in nuclear fire. Yet the countdown continued, and as it neared the single digits, the missile became visible in their holo-display. At six seconds it appeared fully, about forty thousand feet above sea level on UHW-9872, as the Light Stream's purple glow dissipated; leaving the warhead to fall towards the planet's surface...






I-9; The Imperial System Nuke_by_Fejan

The screen flashed a vibrant light. So bright, in fact, that those in the room had to shield their eyes from the overtaxed holo-screen's sudden brilliance. The bright light was followed by silence, as the audio system recording the explosion became damaged, even at such distance from the blast zone. It lasted for a good thirty seconds, before the light slowly dissipated; leaving an image of a massive mushroom cloud billowing into the atmosphere from the camera's position in the upper atmosphere...

A female voice, mechanical and monotone in nature, then speaks from the holo-table as a three-dimensional image of an 'Inter-Stellar Multi-Role Warhead'; a Kal'Bavakorian doomsday weapon of great power and destructive capability. The glowing-blue hologram highlights multiple sections of the devastating weapon including the engine systems, MIRV launch capabilities, and the Light Stream Drive installed into the corvette-sized device. It was a weapon of destructive power that, just three hours ago, was launched from the very facility these gathered Kal'Bavakorians were sitting inside of, and was launched to a planetary system hundreds to thousands of lightyears away. It was being tested for it's capabilities of coming out of the light stream in a planet's atmosphere and, upon doing so without breaking up or crashing into the planet itself, would deploy it's multiple warheads and decimate a small continent-sized area of space.

The voice speaks in conclusion of the test findings.

<:: After the ISMRW program was re-instated by a joint task force between Science and Research Collective, the Svu'Kavsi Intelligence Division, and the Stellar Guardians Naval Division, we found multiple outdated systems from Pre-War times. While they had worked during the Great Interstellar War against our Coalition enemies, we discovered that several of these outdated components put us at a huge disadvantage against current Coalition and Human technologies. Working in tandem with our brothers and sisters, the Svu'Kavsi had detected the most probable contingencies that may take place, and our brethren have updated our ISMRW arsenal to correspond to these emergency situations. As such, this test missile has impacted the enemy target exactly two hours sooner, ninety eight percent closer to the targeted coordinates, decimated more than three times more landmass, and had more than forty percent more destructive energy than Pre-War designs. With these results, these weapon platforms are ready for deployment at a moments notice. ::>

"How many platforms are completed, C-09?" Asked the Imperial Minister of Destructive Arms Zaka Jun'Tir; the individual responsible for the handling and, if the Goddess' damned will demanded it, firing the weapons. The elder Kal places a three-fingered hand on his mask as the other nine individuals in the room listened. These ten Kal'Bavakorians were the most powerful Kals in the Imperial System: Members of the Imperial High Command. They regulated Svu'Kavsi operations, Sentinel Corps assaults, Stellar Guardian deployments, and a host of other military and black operations that expanded in a galactic network. Hegemony operations were large and expansive enough to know the general status of the local cluster at almost all times, and active enough to react in whatever manner they saw fit, should Kal'Bavakorian interests in their galactic sector become threatened. At the moment, the re-appearance of the United Systems Coalition, the bastards that were responsible for the Genocide of Ballo'Krechka and Hallo'Wai, demanded an immediate response.

And these new and improved ISMRWs were just the response they needed, although not entirely the one they were looking for.

"Approximately two thousand seven hundred and ninety three, Minister. All are prepared to fire in under two hour's time, unless prepared beforehand," replied the monotone voice of C-09 from the holo-desk's speakers.

"Very good. We'll have the weapons on standby for the time being, in case the disturbances in the Ahsl'Jal Quadrant become any more heated through the appearance of our... Old foes." Replied the Minister, with an almost sour twist to his voice at the mentioning of their 'foe'. There was no doubt to anyone in the room who he spoke of..

"Let us just pray it never has to come to it. Not again," Says Fleet Grand Master Sasha Mak'Lai; a light sigh escaping her mandibles as her elder form began to rise from her chair. The others followed, almost entirely silent, as the meeting between these powerful beings ending almost as soon as it began. The meeting was simply to view the testing of the weapon; not to debate it's use. The time for that had past after the Interstellar War, with over two billion Kal'Bavakorians lost to the fires of nuclear destruction..

The topic had, in recent years, become a sore one in the thrones of the Hegemony government; one not truly debated anymore. Instead, the weapons were simply seen as a destructive necessity; one that would deter future hostilities through the use of the devastating nuclear weapons. Whether or not anyone agreed with the use of these weapons again, all knew, deep in their aquatic hearts, that they really had no choice anymore. The Kal'Bavakorian people relished honorable combat in the name of their people, their Hegemony, and their Goddess..

But no one found mutually assured destruction very honorable, nor practical.

With that, the nine beings in the room silently made their way out, while C-09's holographic transmission cut out. They had many duties to fulfill; from mining and combat operations on Kakna, to diplomatic operations on Armistice, to intelligence missions across the voids of space..

The Imperial System was alive once more with the sounds of Kal'Bavakor's military might...
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I-9; The Imperial System
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