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 [11E] The Glorious Pyongyong System

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PostSubject: [11E] The Glorious Pyongyong System   Wed Feb 25, 2015 10:24 pm

Pyongyang System
Imperial Palace
Parade Ground

Thousands of soldiers marched with their legs high, heads up and assault rifles pointed forward in their bulky green gear, followed by tanks. It seemed the regime had not changed much, and the Monday march was the same. The Supreme Leader sat content, sipping at a glass of fine whisky as the boots slamming into the ground perfectly accompanied the live performance of the band playing some classical historic greats. On each side of him; 20 generals, covered in so much medals both their legs were covered in brass. ICBM launchers wheeled past as the music reached a climax, with crewmen waving like they were on too much mood effecting drugs. The March even went so far as to have space launch vehicles towing the large gunships of the people to which the hundreds of now quiet crowds cheered triumphantly at the successful army of the great nation!

Everyone was happy, everyone turned to see the main spectacle of the show, the ground rumbled and white smoke appeared in the distance as a Korean ship pierced the sky. People cheered and waved the red and blue flags as the marching band as a whole saluted. Just as the missile took to the skies the Korean stealth corps marched past, with every other boot their optical camouflage activated, making them look like they were rapidly fading in and out of the road, the citizens particularly loved this.

One thing was clear though, the Korean diplomatic mission was headed to one place, the Armistice Station. Onto glory. For the Supreme Leader, and the Glorious Korea!

// Might add more to this later, really just doing this to get into the RP!
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PostSubject: Re: [11E] The Glorious Pyongyong System   Mon Mar 02, 2015 5:14 pm

Pyongyang System
5km Above Pyongyang I
Rally Point Su

It was an early morning. People were sleeping amongst the hum of crickets and the whistle of the wind through the reeds and palm trees. The air was hot and dry, but the sun was on the horizon, coating the hills in a flat orange blanket on an otherwise blue-grey sky. The farmers cutting the fields with their tools and gathering simple objects was accommodated by the mechanical humming of large crop harvesters. Large machines resembling shipyards hovered over the fields in a skeletal frame, glowing an odd purple colour in the pre-dawn light, illuminating the fields in a perfect pattern to be seen from the skies. Many individuals in bright yellow hard harts were scuttled around, waking up and going about their business. Some were on bicycles, bustling around the village, others, they simply stood on their doorstep and yawned.

The fields were divided by grids of drainage in the form of pipes of various shapes, colours and sizes. The pipes all led back into the village, where they went through a small cylindrical object which seemed to purify the water. This water was then pumped through the centre of the village in a crystal clear form. The village itself was based off large concrete squares in a modular format, the village itself was three feet from the ground for flood protection. The village was made to a prefabricated standard, with the addition of more concrete foundation blocks easy enough to rapidly expand the village literally overnight. However this quiet village had a purpose. A large transport ship, carrying a bulky cargo bay on the front of a smaller vessel, clearly towing the vehicle soared over the town, missing it at first. From the sky the prefabs were extremely difficult to spot, and even harder to tell the difference between. It was only with the exceptional navigation technology of the Koreans Defence Network that such a village was ever pinpointed. The villagers watched as both the sun rose and the cargo ship descended. Many children and bystanders looked towards the ship to see what was going on, and when a small platoon of soldiers came out, the people were happy to see the big-state government come down to their small-town world. A Sergeant in a green BDU looked up and down the anticipating villagers as the wind picked up and ruffled their clothes. Dirt was kicked up as the sergeant produced a data tablet and tapped on it, the people knew what was coming. Government announcements in newer prefabs were often received better when the military directly delivered messages as opposed to the old tannoy system. However the tannoy was still in the village in the case of an emergency. The sergeant breathed in deep and lowered his head as to not strain his voice whilst he was speaking.

“By order of Supreme Leader, Maesong-Wil, the denizens of this village must come forth and volunteer, if they wish, to be part of the recent explorative efforts into the surrounding systems, to help lead this nation into the glorious future, for which there will be no denying the righteous Republic of Korea.”

He let the sentence hang in the air for quite some time leaving a good 20 seconds before people decided what they were going to do. It was a long process, a laborious process, often people didn’t want to go, and the ride out to most villages seemed pointless, especially when many saw the life they had at the minute as so good and so rewarding. To the sergeant’s advantage, many from this village signed up, including a large proportion of disgruntled youth; wishing to “get out of town.” As per usual they were promised insurance and compensation on the government’s part should their voyage not go as they had originally intended it to go. Nonetheless the Korean citizens got on board the large cargo vessel to find it chalked full of already seated Korean settlers gathered from the planet. The sergeant accounted for the people he had taken from the village, everyone had to fill out a form in the cargo-ship as it moved onto the next village, over the next coming weeks the form would be handed into the Korean Peoples Central Office of Labour Replacement. The forms entitled to their jobs, their livelihood and what their day to day trends were. Within three weeks, the same cargo ship would return to the village, replacing the labour force with automated droids who would do all the same roles, even human-only roles such as cooking, cleaning and entertaining children.

Above orbit of Pyongyang, fighter squadrons of elite combatants and veterans of many hours of simulation, and even galactic mercenary work were flying in perfect claw formations. Amongst these viciously thorough fighter patrols included deep detection satellites, running tirelessly among overcharged cyro-cooled reactors, scanning continuously. However, among this vicious piranha pack of detection was a group of civilian carrier ships, a cruise liner, some harbour class ships, shipyard materials and even some blatant optical disruption and disturbed camo military-freighters. These ships were flying eagerly through the formations. Once this massive horde of metal vessels reached a point they were comfortable with after their chemical boosters had allowed them to drift into their positions, (assisted only by light oxygen releases in order to balance and push the ships) they began to arrive at their rally points.

“Okay, this is Divenose-12. Coms: check. Systems: Check. Hardware accounted for. Citizen manifests show slight discrepancies, but nothing unheard of. This is looking good, spooling drives, 15 minutes to jump time.”

“Divenose-12 this is Saeyung-6 Flotilla, everything’s green on our side, happy to hear about you, spooling, 10 minutes to zero hour, we will hold drive at full capacity on limited cryo injection, over.”

“Divenose-12 this is the Saeyung 3 Flotilla, we are in the same boat as 6, over.”
After some time had passed all drives were spooled and the anticipation was in the air.

“Saeyung-6 contact Razor 3 and tell them we are good to proceed without escort, we appreciate the escort thus far, approaching window…. Wrapping.” As the Korean code for jump had been uttered the whole fleet disappeared in a machinegun of subtle jumps like sand in an hour glass, one last screen of 30 fighters went over their location to make sure nobody had been left behind, then went back to refuel planetside.
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[11E] The Glorious Pyongyong System
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