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PostSubject: Kal'Bavakorian Interplanetary Data-Net    Kal'Bavakorian Interplanetary Data-Net  I_icon_minitimeWed Mar 11, 2015 6:11 pm

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Hello Citizen; Welcome to Data-Net Uplink 34-2, serving Citizens and Civilians in the:

[Home System]
[Second Celestial Sector; Kal'Bavakor: Quadrant 8]

If Interested in other Data-Net Stories, Please Input Command to View:

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Alien Rights Activist And Critic of Imperial Family Found Dead Outside Home

Kal'Bavakorian Interplanetary Data-Net  Latest?cb=20120611164529&path-prefix=es

Photo taken of Shaval from the beaches of Vakira.

Interspecies Rights Activist Undak Sa'Til, pictured here in his combat uniform from his time in the Alliance Frontiersmen, was discovered dead today in Shaval two days before he was scheduled to lead a protest against the Hegemony's policies towards new spacefaring species.

Sa'Til was found dead outside his home by Guardsmen at 0972 Kal'Bavakorian time after neighbors reported four acceleration weapon shots in the local neighborhood to the Shaval detachment.

"I ran outside with my pistol, but the shka'cjha had already disappeared," said neighbor Shahai Zi'Naia. "I went over to check on Undak, but he was already gone."

Sa'Til was found by Guardsmen with three gunshots to his torso and one to his head and was killed immediately by his wounds, responding officials said.

The Shaval Guardsmen are in the process of using local cameras as well as Sa'Til's retina burns and limbic system to determine the identity of the killer.

"We will find the murderer, of this we have no doubt," said local guardsman commander Juka Ni'Tari. "Gone are the days of murdering for differing opinions and ideals. This is a new Kal'Bavakor, and these guardsmen will not stand for this madness."

Sa'Til was a profound critic of the Hegemony's policies towards new spacefaring species that have rose during Kal'Bavakor's absence in galactic politics, and has lead several protests and riots in Mel against these policies. Sa'Til was focusing this new protest on the Hegemony's past of taking Heliosa (Helium-3) reserves from these new spacefaring species.

While Sa'Til had noted these policies were responsible for the quick return of Kal'Bavakor to the galactic scene, he was adamant that taking these resources from these species was not the right way to go about this. Sa'Til's time in the Frontiersmen, which deploys volunteers to new worlds to interact with alien species, record information about alien planets and look for new colonization sites, was said to be his greatest influence in his decision to become an activist.

His family, friends, and members of his clan will be preparing his last rites and will perform a sea burial under the protection of Shaval's Guardsmen later this week.

The Empress herself has planned to release a statement later this day on the matter.

Written by Data-Net Story Scribe Hay Nurka

Second Day of Summer Solace, Month of Naush, Standard Year 3007
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Kal'Bavakorian Interplanetary Data-Net
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