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 The Voice of the Imperium; Invasion of the Mojave System

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PostSubject: The Voice of the Imperium; Invasion of the Mojave System   Sat Aug 02, 2014 4:02 am

The Voice of The Imperium

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Imperial capture of Mojave System, increase in needed Army personnel

The Barren Crest, Mojave

With the swift invasion and capture of the Mojave system by the combined effort of all of the Imperial's armed forces, the system has been successfully pacified. The Imperium has captured and removed over tens of thousands of pirates, drug smugglers and suppliers, arms dealers, slavers, and many other criminals living on the planet. Incredibly large amounts of drugs, illegal firearms, illegal starships, and even stolen Helium-3 has been found on the planet. The invasion took less than 72 hours and over 100,000 slaves were freed from captivity and many joined the Imperium on the planet in establishing a newer, safer Mojave system. Many were given jobs working on the new mining operations taking place all over the system, and were given food, shelter, and currency in order to start their new lives as citizens of the Red Sun Imperium.

Marine ground forces have been steadily withdrawing from the planet and have been being systematically replaced by combat droids and reinforcements from the Army. With a need for more active duty soldiers, the Ministry of Defense has declared an opening of positions within the Army for Imperial citizens aged 24-40. Within hours of this declaration the Army's rank were reinforced significantly, and Ministry closed recruiting at around the transfer of 90,000 men and women from reserve duty to active duty. Many prepare as they ready for their transfer to Mojave to act as a peacekeeping force on the planet.
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The Voice of the Imperium; Invasion of the Mojave System
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